Sunday, May 9, 2010

YouTube Home-Brew Video Index!!!

Just in case anyone ever wants to catch up on random videos that I've made. 150 at time of posting!

Right now, they're pretty much in order of creation/posting - but I reserve the right to tinker with useful index approaches. Band names, link to post originally featuring, and the song name links to video.

Top 10 of 2008
Beyond the Wizards Sleeve [post]: "Don't Cry Girl" (first ever!)
Dragontears [post]: "Sunrise"
The Pillbugs [post]: "Sound Man"
Dungen [post]: "Det Tar Tid"
Grails [post]: "Predestination Blues"
Space Debris [post]: "Japanese Girl"
Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer [post]: "Camptown Races"
The Alps [post]: "Labyrinths"
Black Mountain [post]: "Evil Ways"

Harvestman [post]: "The Hawk of Achill"

Zodiac [post]: "The Mysterious Galaxy"

Free Music series kick-off
The Caretaker [post]: "memory six / seven"
Thru Black Holes Band [post]: "Smoking Glass Wreckage of the Alien Octopus Face"
Cloudkicker [post]: "Ever Thus to Deadbeats"
maudlin of the Well [post]: "Rose Quartz Turning to Glass"

The Mike Gunn [post]: "Dry Nod"

Zombi [post]: "Orion / Cetus"

Jamming bands
The Yellow Moon Band [post]: "Polaris / Chimney"
Causa Sui [post]: "Sun in June"
Tia Carrera [post]: "Heaven"

Peter King [post]: "African Dialects"
The Harbours Band [post]: "Koma Mosi"

Butthole Surfers [post]: "Boiled Dove"

Linus Pauling Quartet [post]: "Alien Abduction"
Linus Pauling Quartet [post]: "40 oz."
Linus Pauling Quartet [post]: "Waiting for the Axe to Fall"

Rodan [post]: How The Winter Was Passed 7"

Folk Music
John Fahey [post]: "The Yellow Princess / View (East from the Top of the Riggs Road/B&O Trestle)"
Gary Higgins [post]: "Thicker Than A Smokey"

Lucky Sperms [post]: "Tomorrow Never Knows / Glass Onion"

Baroness [post]: "The Birthing (live at Roadburn)"

Ennio Morricone [post]: "Ricreazione Divertita"

House of Low Culture [post]: "Another Tragic One: Hands Sold by Poachers"

Steel Pole Bath Tub [post]: "Arizona Garbage Truck / Voodoo Chile"

Os Haxixins [post]: "E Se as Pedras Cairem"

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve [post]: "Bubble Burst"

Ween [post]: "Powder Blue (with Ali)"

Boris [post]: "My Rain / Shine"
Boris [post]: "You Laughed Like A Water Mark / Fuzzy Reactor"

Eyvind Kang [post]: "Aquilas"
Eyvind Kang [post]: four from Athlantis

Flying Werewolf [post]: "Awesome Mind Powers / Dracula's Hair"
Winechuggers [post]: "Long Circuitous Path"
Brown Betty [post]: Bumpa Rumpa Rama EP part 1 / part 2

Guapo [post]: "The Heliotrope"
Guapo [post]: "The Selenotrope"

Zombi [post]: "Night Rhythms" part 1 / part 2
Zombi [post]: "Legacy"

Linus Pauling Quartet [post]: "Linus Theme"

Torche [post]: three from In Return EP

Embryo [post]: "Radio Marrakesch/Orient Express"

AEthenor [post]: "Deep in Ocean Sunk the Lamp of Light I"
AEthenor [post]: "Deep in Ocean Sunk the Lamp of Light III / IV"

Sinoia Caves [post]: "Through the Valley / The Wicker Chair"
Sinoia Caves [post]: "Evil Ball"
Pink Mountaintops [post]: "Comas / Cold Criminals"

The Angelic Process [post]: "Trance to the Sun / Mouvement: With Mouthfulls Of Blood"

Fujiya & Miyagi [post]: "Conductor 71"
Fujiya & Miyagi [post]: "Cassettesingle"

Six Organs of Admittance [post]: "You Can Always See The Sun" part 1 / part 2
Six Organs of Admittance [post]: "Ursa Minor / Cover Your Wounds with the Sky"

Snailface [post]: "Botanomancer (Sap Cave of the Magi)"
Krallice [post]: "The Mountain"

Badgerlore [post]: "Stone Stick Earth Brick"

Teeth of the Sea [post]: "Only Fools on Horse"
Teeth of the Sea [post]: "Latin Inches / Coraniaid"
Teeth of the Sea [post]: "Dreadnought"

Mandingo [post]: "Black Rite"

The Yellow Moon Band [post]: "Window / Lunadelica"

Causa Sui [post]: "Visions of Summer " part 1 / part 2 / part 3

The Time & Space Machine [post]: "Children of the Sun / Zeitghost"
The Time & Space Machine [post]: "Time & Space Taxi / Only Dreaming"
The Time & Space Machine [post]: "Through (Your Mind)"

Harvestman [post]: "Karlsteine"
Harvestman [post]: "Birch-Wood Bower / Music of the Dark Torrent"
Harvestman [post]: "Carved in Aspen / Light Cycle"

Zombi [post]: "Long Mirrored Corridor"

Broadcast and The Focus Group [post]: "a few from Investigate Witch Cults of The Radio Age

White Rainbow [post]: "Major Spillage"

Jonas Reinhardt [post]: "How to Adjust People"
Jonas Reinhardt [post]: "Downright Cabal"

Grouper [post]: "Tidal Wave"

Space Debris [post]: "Bolivia"
Where The Moon Came From [post]: "Pangaea, parts 1 and 2"
The Mathletes [post]: five from Jest & Earnest

Bardo Pond [post]: "Bufo Periglendes (Golden Toad) Parts I-III" part 1 / part 2
Somnivore [post]: "Sought By Few, Scared By Many (Karelia, 1818)"
White Rainbow [post]: "Germany"

Leyland Kirby & Oneohtrix Point Never
Leyland Kirby [post]: "The Sound of Music Vanishing"
Leyland Kirby [post]: "The Beauty Of The Impending Tragedy Of My Existence"
Leyland Kirby [post]: "Tonight Is The Last Night Of The World"
Oneohtrix Point Never [post]: "Behind the Bank / Eyeballs"
Oneohtrix Point Never [post]: "Betrayed in the Octagon"
Oneohtrix Point Never [post]: "Parallel Minds"

Leyland Kirby [post]: "Not Even Nostalgia Is As Good As It Used To Be"
Leyland Kirby [post]: "And Nothing Comes Between The Sadness And The Scream"
Leyland Kirby [post]: "I've Hummed This Tune To All The Girls I've Known"

Leyland Kirby [post]: "Stralauer Peninsula" part 1 / part 2

Oneohtrix Point Never [post]: "Terminator Lake"
Oneohtrix Point Never [post]: "I Know Its Taking Pictures From Another Plane - Inside Your Sun"

First Crew to the Moon [post]: "The Sun Lights Up the Shadows of Your Mind"
Endle St. Cloud [post]: "Come Through"

Expo '70 [post]: "Your Beard Is Growing Psychic"
Earthmonkey [post]: "Samsara Tsunami"
Philippe Petit [post]: "In Tokyo Henry Spencer is Fine [edit]"

Bad Livers [post]: "Lust for Life / Jeffro's Dream"

Space Debris [post]: "Long Distance Voyager"

Oren Ambarchi [post]: "Remedios the Beauty" [edit]
Oren Ambarchi [post]: "Girl with the Silver Eyes"

Ed Hall [post]: "Dirt / Sister Ruth"

Escobarb by Pong
Pong [post]: "Rocket Fuel"
Pong [post]: "Laika"
Pong [post]: "Suicide Cat"
Pong [post]: "Superwrong"

Pong [post]: "Applesauce"
Pong [post]: "Umbrella"
Pong [post]: "Sunshine"
Pong [post]: "Escobarb"

Sublime Frequencies
Various Iraqi Artists [post]: three from Choubi Choubi!
Group Inerane [post]: "Nadan al Kazawnin / Telilite"
Various Algerian Artists [post]: two from 1970's Algerian Proto-Rai Underground
Various Thai Artists [post]: four from Shadow Music of Thailand

Wood-land [post]: "Towhee (Deadfolk remix) / Temple Dust.IN THE LIGHT"
Wood-land [post]: "Stone Circle / Spirit Bridge"
Wood-land [post]: "Rippling Through Time / Return to Lost Cottage"

Popol Vuh [post]: "Hüter Der Schwelle / Der Ruf"

Space Debris [post]: "Green Skies"
Space Debris [post]: "Phobos Was Here"

Snailface [post]: "Fishy Man-Goat Terrifies Couples Parked at Lake Worth / Mogollon"

Cloudland Canyon [post]: "White Woman"
Cloudland Canyon [post]: "Heme"

Ghost [post]: "God Took A Picture of His Illness on the Ground"
Ghost [post]: "Aramaic Barbarous Dawn / Leave the World!"
Ghost [post]: "Feed"

Mercury Rev [post]: "If You Want Me To Stay"

The Pillbugs [post]: "Your Taste Is Mellow/Wild Bird"
The Pillbugs [post]: "Climb the Walls/I Wake Up"
The Pillbugs [post]: "And the Days Go By/Gus of the Fire Brigade"

Belbury Poly [post]: "A Thin Place"
Belbury Poly [post]: "Insect Prospectus/A Warning/Thorn"
Belbury Poly [post]: "The Absolute Everywhere"

Isis [post]: "Syndic Calls"

Unknown artist [post]: "Koi Basti"

Emeralds [post]: "Diotima"
Emeralds [post]: "Overboard"

Earth/Tribes of Neurot split [post]: "Filament/The Forest That Shelters"

White Hills [post]: "We Will Rise"
White Hills [post]: "Let the Right One In"

Flaming Lips [post]: "One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning (live)"

Giant Princess [post]: "Wishing Well"
Roky Moon & Bolt [post]: "Hot Saturday Night"

Michael Haaga [post]: "Same Old Strings/Looking Beyond"
Michael Haaga [post]: "Four Letter Words"
Michael Haaga [post]: "Serious/Supernaive"
Michael Haaga [post]: "Belong"

Linus Pauling Quartet/ST 37 split [post]: "Monster/Lactating Purple"

Study Series 01 [post]: "The Young People/Portals and Parallels"
Study Series 02 [post]: "New Dimensions In/Seasons Change"
Study Series 03 [post]: "Swingalong/Inn Ohm the Lake"
Study Series 04 [post]: "Inside Out/The Song Before/Tuesday's Offering"

Grails [post]: "Black Tar Frequencies"

The Alps [post]: "Drop In"
The Alps [post]: "Crossing the Sands"

Robedoor [post]: "Empty Temple"
Robedoor [post]: "Pagan Drugs/Dragon Fang Burnout "

Master Musicians of Bukkake [post]: "Patmos"
Master Musicians of Bukkake [post]: "The Heresy of Origen/Coincidentia Oppositorum/The Crystal Reformation"

White Hills with Gnod [post]: "Run-A-Round"
White Hills with Gnod [post]: "Well Hang"

Teeth of the Sea [post]: "In the Space Capsule (Love Theme)"
King DJ [post]: "Escape from New York (Bottin remix)"

Harvestman [post]: "Harvestmesse/Trinity"
Harvestman [post]: "Don't Play with Water/Dead Flowers"
Harvestman [post]: "The Watcher"
Minsk [post]: "Children of the Sun"

Halo Manash [post]: "Consummation - Bathed in Sacred Fire"

Linus Pauling Quartet [post]: "Lost It All"

Dragontears [post]: "No Salvation"
Dragontears [post]: "Astral Flash/Space Fuck"

Dandy Warhols [post]: "Musée du Nougat"

Imaginary Softwoods [post]: "C2 (33⅓ rpm)"
Imaginary Softwoods [post]: "C2 (45 rpm)"
Mist [post]: "Soaring Yellow / Glowing Net"
Colored Mushroom and the Medicine Rocks [post]: "Sea Channels"

The Alps [post]: "Saturno Contro"

Voice of the Seven Thunders [post]: "Dalälven"

Grails [post]: "Deep Snow"

Woodsman [post]: "Manual Controls / Chants"

Pong [post]: "Interpol (live)"

House of Low Culture [post]: "Off You Go"

Leyland Kirby [post]: "The watcher and the watched"

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