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INGNODWETRUST, et cetera... -
GNOD (#3, 2011)

Brief note: For those of you who were fans of the #5 Record of 2010, I just want to re-iterate (from the recent Gnod catch-up) about their free net-label release(s). After downloading, I realized that Gnod plus Fonik's Supercluster parts one and two (2009) includes early live takes on proto-bits of "Run-A-Round" (end of part one) and "Well Hang" (start of part two). Two songs I just happened to make videos for!

After last year's Top 10 collaboration and the Early Days download fest, I was ready to pick up new Gnod as they came out. Over the course of 2011, that meant 6 massive epics over 5 sides of delicious vinyl.

"Vatican" from INGNODWETRUST (2011)

I always incorrectly think of "Vatican" as the A-side for some reason. Maybe I played it backwards the first time, or maybe just because it's a bit more upbeat (and shorter). I've probably said it before, but this really brings back late-'80s memories of Butthole Surfers: the tribal grind, the bullhorn FX, the vocaltronix, the Rembrandt synths.

The Pupilar Dub remix takes it to BHS slow-"Graveyard" territory. And there's a completely different beat-ambient drumz-n-glitch remix as well.

"Tony's First Communion" [part 2] from INGNODWETRUST (2011)

This "Communion" was updated from "Tony's First Disco" for the Catholic theme. A 20-minute bad-trip slow-march through Apocalyptic jungles of noise detritus. I'm virtually positive here's an Ireland 2011 live edition, maybe. If not, same kinda thing.

I forgot to mention when that ROTA interview identified "Tony" as Tony Conrad... that I had always assumed a different Tony's first "Disco" and "Communion": Tony Manero.

Chaudelande Volume 1
I kind of already put all 3 songs from Chaudelande in this blog post - but in case you missed it... Also, Volume 2 (2012) is now available for order.

"Tron" live at Supernormal Festival 2011

I consider this the big Gnod hit of the year - in terms of being seen frequently on podcast mixes and in being a live (YouTube) go-to favorite. Catchy, and rockin'. The studio version is lead-off track on Chaudelande Volume 1 - and here's an Edinburgh 2012 performance.

"Visions of Load" from Chaudelande Volume 1 (2011)

The other song on this side comes even more bite-sized, at under 9 minutes - almost punk rock. That's a peppy electro-drone that's worked over from several directions. One particular audio artifact I really dig sounds somewhat like a SONAR ping. It pops up a few times, occasionally stretched out slower. I like that sound.

The side-long closer's title "The Vertical Dead" reminds me of zombies, so it seems appropriate to be a crawling nightmare freak-out, even after a muted rhythm sneaks in after about half of its 17-minutes.

A Middle Sex split
I'd finally about given up on being able to present any of the split-LP with A Middle Sex, then I found the label's Bandcamp. Thanks much, Blackest Rainbow!

This song name always (always) makes me think of Faust's "Why Don't You Eat Carrots?" The actual music goes back to what I consider "middle-period" Gnod - quiet, subdued drone but still very weird, with lots of minor details shifting through.

I don't really know A Middle Sex, but they hold up their end of the split-12" bargain. "Polytheism" breaks down into a few distinct sections with mostly jarring transitions, and each piece sounds worthy. Not sure whether or how they fit together, but maybe that's the point.

Gnod - The Long And Short Of It (Sample) by clrrd

And I missed the super-limited (50) cassette release, The Long and Short of It (2011) - on Colour Ride. But it never hurts to hear a couple minutes of bonus GNOD!

I've now got a t-shirt like this:


Genre - Rumbling Drone-Groove Psych
Official/Tumblr -
Myspace -
Location - Salford, England

Review - Head Heritage
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - GNOD

Woods Family Jams

Woods is of course terrific. Initially discovered on an Austin road trip to see Dungen, for whom they opened (#4 Live Show, 2009). They have since hit my top 10 albums twice! #6 in 2010, and #7 last year.

"To Clean" from Songs of Shame (2009)

This 7.9 review from Pitchfork is worth quoting for the close parallels to my experience:
When I first caught on to Woods with 2009's Songs of Shame, ... [it] was immediately enjoyable, as it spun together strands of folk-rock, ramshackle indie, and sunshine pop into something that felt handmade and fresh. But listening to it, I didn't peg Woods as the kind of band that would keep turning out remarkably well-realized and consistent albums on a yearly basis... Two years and two full-lengths later, "consistent album band" describes Woods very well.

"Any Other Day" from Sun and Shade (2011)

That review was for the newest one, which is a superb record. Even though I've only seen them the one time, I'm pretty sure they're still a quality live act. After all, they might be the NYCtaper mainstays - with recordings from 8/13/2011, 7/13/2011, 2/4/2011, 6/25/2010, 5/13/2010, 3/12/2010, 6/15/2009, and 2/6/2009. So I've been able to keep up.

Woods is also playing Houston the weekend of Austin Psych Fest - Sunday, 4/29, at Rudyard's. With MMOSS even!

"Death Rattles" from At Echo Lake (2010)

So for the live show, I'm expecting the usual great extended jammed-out version of "I Was Gone." And I'm also hoping to catch a "Military Madness," which is a Graham Nash cover. From the way the daily fest line-ups are listed, it looks like they'll be towards the end of Saturday night, but before Pink Mountaintops, The Telescopes, Olivia Tremor Control, and The Black Lips - although some of those might be on the Beauty Bar stage (or maybe Woods is).

Jeremy Earl Showpaper
Check it out... Woodsist Festival 2012 (in Big Sur, CA) will feature several Austin Psych 5 alumni - plus Michael Hurley!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jukebox O' Thee Oh Sees

Coming to Austin Psych Fest 5: Thee Oh Sees are from San Francisco, and the main singer had been in Coachwhips (who were noisy punx). Sometimes they're still a little noisy & sometimes prettier. The songs don't come off as especially druggy, but the people sure do!

"Contraption/Soul Desert" [live] from Carrion Crawler/The Dream (2011)

That's live at Seattle's KEXP, and you can actually download the MP3 here. Second part is a CAN cover - so bonus points!

"I Need Seed" from Castlemania (2010)

A lil' more jaunty there's.

"Gilded Cunt" from Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion DVD (2008)

That's the LP/DVD combo that I got at the #10 Live Show of 2009. I like it.

Thee Oh Sees
Some free music at Free Music Archive.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video Eye of the Psychic Ills

I just realized that I don't really know anything about NYC's Psychic Ills. I used to know that they made moody lava-lamp-shaped droneworks. But anymore, I just don't know... Well, I do know they're playing Austin Psych Fest just shy of 1 month from now!

"Mind Daze" from Hazed Dream (2011)

Last album (probably) came out on the ever-intriguing Sacred Bones Records. A little more rock than I remember from back when... which probably benefits the live show. Like on this 10/31/2011 NYCtaper recording.

"Mantis" from Mirror Eye (2009)

This particular drone will forevermore remind me of the uncalled-for 1.4 review that Pitchfork threw down. That's also how I discovered White Rainbow (#2, Drone/Ambient 2009)! Story also relates to the overall #10 Release of 2009.

"Eyes Closed" from Mirror Eye (2009)

I think I like the old-school style a bit more.

Psychic Ills
So then I thought to myself: "Self, Revolt of the Apes has become your new Altered Zones. Wonder if they have a Psychic Ills post you could link to. I wonder... I wonder..."

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Austin Psych Line-Up (Round 2)

First you got the original APF5 mega-post. Then we started the daily jukebox - now under the new Austin Psych Fest tag. And just today they came out with more Austin Psych Fest acts, and each day's line-up (although not full schedules). Whooo!

The already-revealed (and awesome) news that the Meat Puppets will be playing has been covered here. They opened up the #2 Live Shows of 2010. In related news... I'm gonna dump a bunch of videos for the newly-annouced artists. GO!!

"Meat Step Lively" by Thee Oh Sees, from Help (2009)

The #10 Live Show of 2009.

"Summer Of All Dead Souls" from Tao of the Dead (2011)

... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead will be playing selections from Pink Floyd's Meddle (1971). Sweet psych album!

"Starvation" from Power Plant (1968)

The Golden Dawn are slated to play their 1968 album Power Plant! Texas psych classics from the 1960s.

"Silence on a Crowded Train" by The Entrance Band, from Prayer of Death (2008)

Love that song/video! I think I've posted it like 3 or 4 times already. Entrance were the major out-of-the-blue pleasant suprise from the 2nd Free Press Summer Fest (#8, 2010).

"Here We Go" by The Asteroid #4, from An Amazing Dream (2006)

Closely edged out of the inaugural Top 10 list at the last minute.

"Giving It All Away" by Dead Confederate, from Sugar, Sugar (2010)

From Athens, GA...

"Caught Crow" by Blue Angel Lounge, from Narcotica (2010)

Germans who have worked with Anton from BJTM.

"Cadillac" by The Vacant Lots, from "Confusion" single (2011)

"Godman" by Singapore Sling, from Perversity, Desperation & Death (2010)


"Darker than Black" by Wall of Death

Paris. This was a much more international announcement than expected.

"Early Morning" by Feathers, from Hunter's Moon (2011)

This Feathers is from Brisbane - not 100% that it will be the same Feathers.

"Millennium Crux" by New Fumes, from Bump and Assassination (2011)

"Big Mother" by Feeding People, from Peace, Victory & The Devil (2011)

"Let Me Know" by The Paperhead, from The Paperhead (2011)

Brooklyn Raga Association - Live at Zebulon Cafe - March 29, 2011 from Northern Spy Records on Vimeo.

"Where Nothing Begins" by Ancient River, from Let It Live (2012)

"Constant Waves" by The Ripe, from Into Your Ears (2012)

"Strange Transmission" by Strangers Family Band, from Strangers Family Band EP (2009)

"Shadows on Behalf" by The Stepkids, from The Stepkids (2011)

Holy Wave, live at The Mohawk - Austin, TX - 06/28/2011

"If I Stay Too Long" by Al Lover, from Distorted Reverberations (of Reverberating Distortion): Psychedelic Reinterpretations of Contemporary Rock 'n Roll (2011)

"Wait for Us" by Mind Spiders, from Meltdown (2012)

Monday, March 26, 2012

La-La-La d'Allah-Las

I don't know much about the Allah-Las. '60s garage stylings from Los Angeles, California.

Catamaran from Allah Las on Vimeo.

That's the A-side of the only physical release to my knowledge: a 7" single from last year (2011). Available via Bandcamp or from the label.

"Long Journey" - b-side of 7" (2011)

That's the B-side. The band's official website is just running a Tumblr nowadays. But some pretty killer songs (Love, Popol Vuh) posted there.

"Don’t Wanna Hear No More" by The Allah-Las

There's a demo on MySpace, but I don't really know... Uhhh, here's a recent interview. Sorry, but I'm outta info and gotta run.

There's apparently going to be an upcoming video for "Tell Me What’s On Your Mind" - so be on the lookout!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

MMOSS Growing Video

I learned that MMOSS are from New Hampshire from reading this
Revolt of the Apes interview. They and their buddies, Quilt, will be playing at the upcoming Austin Psych Fest 5.

Additional artists and complete schedule expected in a matter of days!

"Wander" from Bandcamp single (2011)

I think that's the most recent thing showing on the MMOSS Bandcamp. No, wait... "Another Day" was a couple months later.

"Grow Down" from i (2010)

That's the first real song on their first real full length. Then comes "Woolgathering," which I think was the first thing I'd heard from them. Another, more droney tune is called "...And I Do Set My Bow in the Clouds."

They seem more garage-y live, as on this performance of "Hedge Creeper."

They also have their own Tumblr too. You can name-your-prices at Bandcamp, or buy something physical!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sun Araw Explosion

Cameron Stallones, the guitarist for Magic Lantern (#41, 2010), does his own thing as Sun Araw. It involves expansive guitar and misc workouts over beds of dense, looped dub tectonics.

Sun Ark
Can't totally get a bead on him - my opinion on some material can vary from mildly interesting to totally awesome. And on some others, I can go from not my thing all the way to mild irritation.

"Deep Cover" from On Patrol (2010)

That's the official one, but I also love this other video made for it! I think I'd probably start with On Patrol, containing that one and "Beat Cop" and "High Slide." The Quietus did this interview around that time.

AT DELPHI - SUN ARAW from Daniel Brantley on Vimeo.

That's from the most recent full release Ancient Romans (2011), barring a few minor self-cassettes - or anything that I've missed. There's also an official, Stallones-directed video from "Impluvium." But it's kinda weird.

Beach Head
Just a couple more, I think...

"Horse Steppin'" from Beach Head (2008)

That and "Last Chants" (from Off Duty, 2010) are on the mellow end of the spectrum.

Boat Trip
Lots and lots of labels have put out Sun Araw, but I'll just pick Drag City for being most recent. You can also sometimes find cassettes and other stuff on his official website.

Houston Abstros
Oh, one more thing - gotta represent Houston. Fairly recent 7" with some Teenage Fanclub cover, among probably something else...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Night Beats Jukebox

The Night Beats, Texans in Seattle playing in the classic Texas garage-psych style.

"H-Bomb" from H-Bomb EP (2010)

So good they named their debut EP after it!

"They Came In Through the Window" from H-Bomb EP (2010)

Ceci n'est pas une Austinist interview (before APF3)...

"A Night with Nefertiti" from split-10" (2011)

That one's from Night Beats' split with UFO Club out on the Reverberation Appreciation Society (Psych Fest-related label).

"Ain't Dumbo" from Night Beats (2011)

I also found this psych comp, which looks pretty sweet! You can download some of the tracks, including The Night Beats', from SoundCloud.

Night Beats
Self-titled and H-Bomb EP both available from Trouble in Mind records.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Headdress of Filmstrips

I'm going to post a bit more than usual, because finding these older videos was an act of paleovideology! Searches for "Headdress" yield a load of non-relevant returns.

"Skydye" from Turquoise (2007)

Headdress flies the freak-folk flag! Via extended-yet-mellow guitar jams.

"Arizona" from Turquoise (2007)

Desert tambourine of mystical Spaghetti, western-style.

"Blanket of Golden Fields" from Turquoise (2007)

These are all 5 years old, but Headdress has a more recent album Lunes (2009). Not sure of anything since then, though...

Live in a church in Marfa, TX (2007)

And 2007 in an Austin club...

Live at SXSW (2010)

Per their Tumblr, Austin Psych Fest will be their "First Live Session in 2 Years!!!" So, maybe since SXSW 2010?

Last album's out from No Quarter Records (both are on Amazon MP3).

Headdress - The Lost White Brother - LIVE - WFMU/Aquarius Records Showcase SXSW 2010 by Headdress

Can't find the album version of this tune, but there's also a live patio performance on YouTube.

Time & Space, Once & Again

Before we get to the music... In searching for album covers, I came across this art magazine, with a Luke Insect Studio feature. Very nice images!! Possibly worth a purchase, if psych design is your thing. Like the Stussy t-shirts.

Taste the Lazer
Wow, there certainly has been a tidal wave of new releases and pre-orders of interest recently! Good news... except for my bank account.

Coming up soon March 26th - new from The Time & Space Machine (#15, 2010): Taste the Lazer, 2xLP or CD! TTASM is one of the two guys from Beyond the Wizards Sleeve (#1, 2008), and the styles are mostly similar ('60s-style freak-beat psych-rock), although BTWS focused more on re-edits of actual period tunes. Time & Space more often does original works, probably including tons of obscurish samples.

[N]orris has this to say about the lp:
i've been thinking more about how the record is going to sound live, when the five piece live time and space machine band hits gigs and festivals next year. the result is a looser, more played record, with tracks like 'black rainbow' typifying the sound - hypnotic, motorik, psychedelic grooves and sounds that will be stretched, twisted, expanded on stage.

As I understand, it will probably include "Pill Party in India" - recently released on 12”, and recently covered in this space.

Turns You On
I somehow missed last year's compilation of tracks from the vinyl-only Volume series (2008-2010, including #6, 2009). Here's a Pinpoint review, which clarifies the nature of the re-edit.

Maybe a little heavy on the least-rare Volume 3, but still fairly essential. Per Rough Trade store, the Turns You On CD (2011) includes:

1 "Fire & Ice" from Volume 3 (2010)

2 "Odyssey" (from Volume 3)

3 "Lesson One" from Volume One (2008)

4 "Elektra Rising" (from Volume 3)

And then a string of wayback classics...

5 "Psychedelic Circus" from Volume Two (2009)

6 "Amorous Ways" (from Volume One)

Heady advice!

7 "River Theme" (from Volume One)

8 "The Joys of Living Un-Hung Up" from Volume One (2008)

9 "Somebody Help Me" (from Volume 3)

10 "Through (Your Mind)" from Volume Two (2009)

Tooooo trippy.

11 "Only Dreaming" (from Volume Two)

12 "Time & Space Taxi" from Volume Two (2009)

"You're astral taxiing..." The last two embedded YouTube's were Astral home-brews, maybe obviously. I think the middle volume is probably my favorite.

13 "La La La" (from Volume Two)

14 "Cosmic Cowboy Rides Again"from Volume 3 (2010)

15 "Buffalo Roam" (from Volume One)

Yeah, somewhat mandatory I'd think! Worthwhile stuff. If you can find the Richard Norris mix for FACT Mag (2010), it contains both "Buffalo Roam" and "River Theme" (missing above) - seek it.

Woolfy vs Projections Neeve remix
Whoa, whoa, what? Did I just discover yet another TTASM collection? New Masters, Vol. 2: The Time & Space Machine (2010), technically from Richard Norris - at Amazons US & obviously UK, even on iTunes.

Not sure I can fully recommend this, but maybe some individual tracks or leads on different artists. Beyond the Wizards Sleeve's similar Re-Animations, Vol. 1 (2009) had some decent stuff, but it never became a personal favorite. So it's Time & Space Machine remixes of others' singles? Right.

But no Primal Scream? Or Tame Impala? Or even Doves? Embedding the most promising tracks, linking the rest...

1 Woolfy vs Projections – "Neeve"

Chilltrontic dance with some kinda Balearic conga action.

2 A Mountain Of One – "Bones"
Can only find a TTASM remix of "Ride"... which is kinda awesome. Not too sure about that other song.

Space - Carry On, Turn Me On (TTASM remix) by megarico

Originally from the actual late-'70s! Straight-up space-disco.

4 Visti and Meyland – "Stars"

5 Bastila – "Ghosts"

"Arguably the most important news you'll hear all week is that a band have finally gone and merged early 90s baggy with math-rock guitars and the suffocating MDMA-haze of nu-rave." Nope... for both really.

6 Yellow Moon Band – "Polaris"

Even as a big fan of the original (from #8 Release of 2009), this doesn't do a whole lot for me.

7 Psychic Sherpa – "Different Light"

This, on the other hand... I'd been waiting for news since Norris posted something from Psychic Sherpa on his SoundCloud, since removed. Once the track was deleted, I forgot the name, and now I don't know if anything else ever came of it. Quick internet search indicates that this is still all.

As the old, pre-MP3 movie quote goes, "I'd buy that for a dollar!!"

8 Sorcerer – "Chemise"

Modern space-disco. That's the original, embedded for official-video greatness. Sorcerer's official website and SoundCloud (with some free downloads)...

9 Pollyn – "This Little Night"

10 The Mummers - "March Of The Dawn"

Meh(s). I have no idea how I knew that the name Mummers was taken "from the medieval performing troupes who would go from door-to-door wearing masks and costumes, staging plays in rhyme and song and mime." (per Wikipedia)

11 City Reverb – "Ghetto Glamour"

I guess I could see myself listening to this sometimes. According to mgmt, they call it 'Robot Soul'.

That's a whole lotta time & space!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Video Quilt

Quilt are from Boston. They are folky and can sing really well, nice tunes too.

"Young Gold" from Quilt (2011)

We're preeeee-tty... pret-tay mellow!!

"Penobska Oakwalk" from Quilt (2011)

I was kind of surprised by no official single/video status for that one. Seems even more natural than the previous song. Maybe because this one was on an earlier, smaller-scale release? Speaking of earlier, here's some local web-coverage from wayback when.

"Cowboys in the Void" from Quilt (2011)

Along with that tune... those are the ones with free MP3's floating around. Read a more recent article over at The Fader. Here's another nice song: "Utopian Canyon."

Label: Mexican Summer. But earlier cassette was on Burger Records.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Indian Jewelry in the Jukebox

Indian Jewelry - local avant-supergroup - returns for a 2nd consecutive appearance at APF5!

"Guns" from Sufi Headbanger (2012)

Forthcoming?! Who knows? Maybe here, one day, audio record or video disk... Go he ahead, have another.

"Swans" from Free Gold (2008)

Since the user-montaged The Man Who Would Be King video for "Overdrive" has been scrubbed (a common issue), here's another official vid. That tune was on the last blog comp, but apparently RapidShare will now begin causing issues. Need a new home!

"Look Alive" from Totaled (2010)

After John Frankenheimer's Seconds (1966). Whoo!!

"Lapis Lazuli" from Totaled (2010)

Spooky action. Because they're hometown heroes, I'm not sure I'll be able to restrain myself.

Indian Jewelry Oceans

"Oceans" from Totaled (2010)

Galveston is close. There is sand, and very gray water. And papier-mâché!

"SOSOS" from We Are the Wild Beast (2008)

Old-school art-video style, check. Flying V, check. Stroboscopic!

"Excessive Moonlight" from Totaled (2010)

Houston footage overload.

Sufi Headbanger??
There's the band's website. And their SoundCloud (with maybe more Sufi Headbanger). And finally some label action!

O yeah, and their whole YouTube channel.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Missing in the Wood-land

I have been trying to find some way to access the Installation release of Home (2008), the debut album by Wood-land (#5, Drone-Ambient 2009). Of course I already have the Home (Rebuilt) (2009) free download album of remixes, but I've never been able to get all of the original.

"Great Halls of Terror" by Wood-land and Shinobu Nemoto, from Prophetic Dream Stage (2011)

So naturally I find something I wasn't even looking for. The Prophetic Dream Stage CDr (with Shinobu Nemoto), limited to 50 copies! It covers similar ambient-psych ground as Stone Circle (2009), which I definitely loved. I'd normally say start with that one, but c'mon... 50 copies?

After the Leyland Caretaker piano-drift of opener "Man's Manipulation," most of the tunes feature either some variation of the wind-on-microphone noise-drone backdrop or some kind of wall-of-electronics howl. And then the closer "Good Night Confusion" caps it off with hesitant guitar distortion lapping at the shores of The Void. Two tracks feature guest contributions from Wood-land co-conspirators Brian Grainger and PAN.

Prophetic Dream Stage
According to Maglog.JP (via my interpretation of Google Translate & Yahoo! Babelfish):
"Prophetic Dream Stage," a collaboration with WOOD-LAND, was released by moufu-rokuon. Regrettably, the planned release on Attack9 was canceled, so "Prophetic Dream Stage" was released from moufu-rokuon. The contents are dark. There was a limit to the number of songs because Attack9 was an LP release. However, the moufu-rokuon release is a CD version of the nine songs. Why was the Attack9 release canceled? While recording this album, our collaborators WOOD-LAND were sick to death with personal problems. Just before the release of this album, he said, "I have cursed all the people in making this album. Now I have escaped from such resentment. This album will make listeners unhappy... Please destroy it." I did not agree to this course. It was supposed to be, and is released from moufu-rokuon. This album is great. Where else have you heard this kind of sound?

You can still order from Moufu-Rokuon, US$12 / JPyen1200 [shipping included]. And you can also (right-click Save As...) download 90-second clips of each track from there.

"It Was a Tragedy of Microscopic Proportions" by Summons of Shining Ruins, from On the Beach (2011)

I was sent a free copy of Summons of Shining Ruins' On the Beach (2011) with my order. Including that one... I believe that's just another Shinobu Nemoto identity.

Black Lips on Videotape

Black Lips... What?!

"Mr. Driver" from Arabia Mountain (2011)

Well, they are playing the fest. I think I first heard this tune back from Self-Titled Mag's Pizza and a Bottle of Wine mixtape - not that long ago really...

"Modern Art" from Arabia Mountain (2011)

I wouldn't have guessed they were from Atlanta, nor that they're considered "Flower Punk." But there it is.

"Short Fuse" from 200 Million Thousand (2009)

Not sure about that song, but the vidja's gear! "Directed by the Lips own Joe Bradley, and animated by Chris Taylor."

The Black Lips
Potentially find more at the difficult to figure out Vice Records, including whatever Vice Beta is.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lotus Plaza Scopitone

Lotus Plaza split
Lotus Plaza will be another act to play Austin Psych Fest 2012. Here's some soft & dreamy music...

"These Years" from The Floodlight Collective (2009)

Lockett Pundt (Lotus Plaza) is the guitarist for Deerhunter, another one that I never got around to. He apparently wrote their popular song "Desire Lines."

splitzscreen from apollothomas on Vimeo.

That one's "Come Back" from a brand new split with Nice Weekend (2012) - video by Apollo Thomas. I actually just saw this 10" at Sig's Lagoon over this weekend. Here's the B-side which is another Pundt project: "Longest Days."

"Whiteout" from The Floodlight Collective (2009)

I found this interview, which names his 3 biggest musical influences as "probably Stereolab, My Bloody Valentine, and I think Roxy Music on a subliminal level." Well, okay then.

The Floodlight Collective
New one's from something called Audraglint, and others on the legendary Kranky

Scopitone means this thing.

The Story So Far: GNOD #3

Real quick, before we get into the glorious history of Gnod (as I know it).

Upcoming/recent releases per INGNODWETRUST tumblr: Chaudelande Volume 2 (2012), out now on Tamed Records!! Apparently there will also be a future CD edition(s) from the great Rocket Recordings.

Also soon... a split with $hit & $hine - for Rocket's Collisions, v.3 (2012). This follows v.1 (2009, The Heads/White Hills) and v.2 (2011, Oneida/Mugstar).

The Somnambulist's Tale
Less recently, you can get one of last year's tunes on a Committee to Keep Music Evil festive mix (2011) - so please do so! And then year before last, Gnod was the co-#5, 2010. Awesome.

You really shoulda moved on the dump of Early Days material, including the more recent 2009 self-titled LP. Sadly, that was Megaupload (RIP)... maybe someone(s) mirrored these downloads elsewhere?
2007 - Abstehen Der Ohren & Live Birth
2007 - Lord Fear’s Dream, Bulletproof Awareness & Pixiedust
2007 - Never Nothing Ever (Volume III) [self-released]
2008 - The Somnambulist’s Tale (s-sided C100) [sloow tapes]
2008 - Aquarian Downer (White Hills tour cdr)
2009 - Bong Split (cdr) [box records]
2009 - Gnod (lp) [pariah child]
2009 - Sex, Drones & Broken Bones

However, I just yesterday discovered two free Gnod-related netlabel releases. First is Supercluster, parts one and two (2009), from Gnod plus Fonik. Second is the Galaxy Being EP (2010), by Gnod vs Noise Research. Oops, one more: exclusive Gnod track "Energy" is on same label's The Adjacent Sector comp (2010). That's a lotta news!

Galaxy Being EP
GNOD has done a lot of stuff - from super-avant pseudo-improv art-jamming in the early days, to almost electro-acoustical ambient pieces in the middle times, to more noise-psych freak-outs most recently. After the future, but before the past, let's look at where we (they) have been.

Plus, check out this Revolt of the Apes article.

"The Epidural" & "The Crowning" from Abstehen Der Ohren & Live Birth (2007)

As near I can tell, the 1st three (2007) were all CDr and/or cassette self-releases. They sound like mostly live or home recordings (sprawling lo-fi jams), but worth checking out if you can locate them. That first track made it onto our blog MP3 comp #6.

"Sonic Delights of the Earth Inferno" from Lord Fear's Dream, Bulletproof Awareness & Pixiedust (2007)

Volume III: Never Nothing Ever,... has a 30-minute 2007 live version of "Zeitgeist!" Also, a High Flying Lo-Fi Home Recording version of "24 Minutes Over Manchester," which I think might be "Live Birth: Umbilical Tension > The Epidural > The Crowning" from Volume I. Hard to tell...

The Somnambulist's Tale (edit 2) by GNOD

"The Somnambulist's Tale" was a 50-minute side of a ltd-ed (90 copies) c100 cassette from Sloow Tapes, where you can read a description at least. Find another edit and some other tuneage at GNOD's SoundCloud. (Although many of their previously-posted live recordings have been removed...)

"Abstehen, Pts. 1 & 2 " from split-CDr with Bong (2009)

One of these days I'm going to videoize "Subordinate Contact" from the first White Hills collaboration, Aquarian Downer (2009) - but that day is not today.

Gnod are not afraid to recycle, and that video's tune shows up quite a bit. Obviously on Abstehen Der Ohren & Live Birth, but also as "Untitled I" on the self-titled LP (2009). Which includes this track as well...

"Untitled II" from GNOD (2009)

GNOD being the least-inspired album title (as all self-titled names are), I'd go with Sex, Drones & Broken Bones (or secret pathways to hidden lands) as the most. That 2009 CDr contains the tune "Pathway" and some other quality mellower material. Gnod has gotten much noisier of late.

"Off Somewhere in a Dinghy" from Wuste Zeremonie (2009)

You never know what's going to be documented on the cyber-highways. Nothing at all for Aquarian Downer, but 2/3 of this CDr - along with "Thunderbolt Loop" (on MySpace). I haven't found this one yet.

"Tony's First Disco (live)" [part 2] at WERKKAMP, 07/24/2010

The Crystal Pagoda (2009) was released on cassette by Expo 70's Sonic Meditations label. Title track for side A, "Tony's First Disco" on the B. Tony will later have his "First Communion" released in 2011. Before that Revolts of the Apes interview (way up top), I'd never known that "The Crystal Pagoda" was an alternate soundtrack for a crazy film (which I kinda suspect "They Live" might also be)... and that "Tony" somehow comes from Tony Conrad + Faust + Outside the Dream Syndicate. Info!

Science & Industry

Big Chief by GNOD

As with most cassette-only releases, I totally missed Science & Industry (2010). Side A was amusingly named "Deadbeat Disco In Paper Error Shocker!" Side B is right there up above this here.

That's already a lot of music, not even touching on the middle White Hills collaboration Drop Out I (2009), the Robedoor split-7" (2010), and the mysterious possibly-later-period CDr Three Sticks a Penny (????)... plus whatever else. Let's wrap it up!

High Wolf with Gnod - Live by Rocket Recordings

According to the track description: "Live collaboration between members of HIGH WOLF & GNOD. Teeth of the Sea 'Your Mercury' Album launch night at The Lexington, London, 22/11/10." (I believe that's Nov 22 in UK-dating.) Wish I'd been there - wish I could download.

So... two Gnod partners at two straight Austin Psych Fests? What might 2013 hold in store??