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Foreverything II /
Astral Headspace, Vol. 6

FYI - All download links have been corraled into a Comp Index post, or in the COMPS section to the right.

And here is your Volume 6, or maybe Number five, pt. 2? I had/have so many promo mp3's recently that I'm crankin' these out like quickly.

We also still have infinite free downloads of: Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, and Vol. 4.

Foreverything II
[Cover image from open-source Flickr project Glitchbot]

Foreverything II / Astral Headspace, Vol. 6 (click to download) brings you more 30 tracks of that patented musical exploration. Once more at 2½ hours, it covers a lot of ground - with a bit more Metals than the previous installation.

Song titles, where linked, will take you to someplace you can check it out right now.

Foreverything II / Astral Headspace, Vol. 6 (2011)

1. "Shrunken Heads" - Zombi (co-#2, 2009)
- Through closer, extended listening, I am warming up more and more to the new Zombi album, Escape Velocity. Available now from Relapse Records, with the preview track from Stereogum.

2. "Eos, The Dawn" - Jonas Reinhardt
- Still on my to-do list, new record with awesome title Music for the Tactile Dome (2011). Mp3 from Altered Zones.

3. "Disco Party in the Castle of Love (Tonight)" - Emperor Penguin (#4, 2005) [live]
- Just found a stash of a few Emperor Penguin mp3's available at Epitonic. Comedic synth/guitar duo, about which more info both before and later too.

4. "Dolemite" - Original Soundtrack Theme
- Rudy Ray Moore was just the best! This mp3, weirdly enough, from Relapse Records.

5. "Mazes" - Moon Duo
- I ran across this one at Altered Zones. I have no idea, but sounds pretty cool.

6. "Saturday" - Oneida
- Kinda shocked there's no video or anything for this song, except the .mp3 courtesy of the very generous and excellent Jagjaguwar Records. I had an Oneida post brewing even before the new album dropped. Soon...

7. "Atlanta Brook" - Lumerians
- I think the first band we saw at Austin Psych Fest. This is another file from Altered Zones (AZ). Here's a separate song from a different site...

8. "Sons of Stone" - The People's Temple
- Similar to Moon Duo, I've never even heard of these people (or their temple). From Pitchfork's Playlist, and it sounds like hippies.

9. "Oars" - My Education [live]
- I had heard quite a bit about My Education, but never followed up. They were really, really great opening for Maserati here. The mp3 comes through the band via their page.

10. "Abyssal Odyssey" [edit] - Brainworlds
- And the solo guitar/drone project of Maserati's newest touring guitarist, available at CoCoArt label.

11. "Up All Night" - Grails (#19, 2010)
- You probably know how I dig Grails. This is a mellower, new-style tune from last year's new Black Tar Prophecies EP. Several Grails mp3's are (still) floating around at Brooklyn Vegan.

12. "Shadowland" - Barn Owl (#11, 2010)
- New Barn Owl! To-do!! The mp3 was from Stereogum. Album's on Thrill Jockey.

13. "The Epidural" - Gnod (co-#5, 2010)
- It's from Abstehen Der Ohren & Live Birth (2007), one of a few early-days albums offered up free at their Tumbler. I think I have another Gnod post in me, with a new album en route from the U.K.

14. "Beatnik Life" - Thru Black Holes Band
- It's from The Oracle of Space & Time (1992), one of many distributed freely by Aural Innovations. I continue to enjoy these albums whenever I grab a new one - still in 1992 now.

15. "Prophecy of the White Camel / Namoutarre" - Master Musicians of Bukkake (#37, 2010)
- I was going to also include a Sublime Frequencies track for comparison, but didn't find any worth doing. This is not the real thing. Downloaded from A.Z. of course.

16. "13th Floor" [excerpt] - Mondo Generator
- The QOTSA song "Tension Head" released by the singer's main band, at the time played by 3 Kyuss alumni (Oliveri-Homme-Bjork). Extended snippet from Southern Lord mp3 page.

17. "White Wings" - Minsk (co-#12, 2010)
- Getting into the metal. I think Minsk considers themselves psychedelic metal. This one is definitely from Relapse Records.

18. "The Clearing" - Krallice (#13, Metal Next Ten 2009)
- Got this from Brooklyn Vegan, because Krallice are the hipster-approved & reviewed urban melodic technical progressive Black Metal band...

19. "In Stable" - Ludicra
- This is what I think of when I hear the term "Black & Roll," not sure if that is accurate though. This mp3 came from Stereogum.

20. "Devilution" - High on Fire [live]
- Saw these guys a year or so back, and their raw heaviness reminds me of the mighty Motörhead. Another label sample from Relapse Records!

21. "Stack Collision with Heap" - ST 37
- ST 37 is related to My Education via one overlapping member. I've gone up and down with this band, but I've been on an upswing for awhile now. Downloaded from the Emperor Jones archives. Here's another song from that same album.

22. "WTT" - The Diamond Center [live]
- Unfortunately missed them both with White Hills and at Austin Psych Fest - bad timing on my part. I did get this CD, and it's real cool. Mp3 from band's website.

23. "Serfer" - Woodsman
- Lots of Woodsman mp3's grabbed from this Altered Zones band profile, in preparation for Austin Psych Fest - where they jammed it up!

24. "Swans" - Indian Jewelry
- Houston. Represent!! Enigmatic but out-there band of the '00s. Check 'em out through the We Are Free label.

25. "Yellow Echoesz" - Cloudland Canyon (#30, 2010)
- One of the better tracks from from last year's Fin Eaves, nabbed from this Altered Zones band profile. Too bad to be disappointed at Psych Fest live performance, but it was truly a mess...

26. "White Light" - Arp
- Solo gig from a member of The Alps (#4, 2010). Mp3's available from Brooklyn Vegan.

27. "Zones without People" - Oneohtrix Point Never (#39, 2010)
- This one was from The Village Voice, as far as I can tell. Don't have the complete evidence chain-of-custody documentation. Early last year, I went through OPN's trilogy collection, in case you missed that.

28. "Challenger Deep" - Zombi (#1, 2006)
- Last one today from Relapse promos. Here's a massive video for another track off Surface to Air (2006).

29. "RW" [excerpt] - The Psychic Paramount
- I'm leaning towards getting this one, the CD is at Sound Exchange. Mp3 promotion is doing its job!! File's from Brooklyn Vegan.

30. "Vilna" - Weidorje [full song]
- Some actual Zeuhl from actual Europe from the actual '70s!! Last one today, from Altered Zones - a guest post from neo-Zeuhlers Ga'an.

Prog Archives gives their Zeuhl definition, with examples:
Zeuhl is an adjective in Kobaïan, the language written by Christian Vander, drummer and founder of the French band Magma.

Pronunciation: zEU(h)l, while the EU are like a French E with a slight U, and the (h) is a semi-silent letter which is an integrated part of the EU, totaling in a "syllable and a half".

The word means celestial, although many times it is misunderstood as meaning "celestial music", since the members of Magma describe the genre of their music as Zeuhl. Zeuhl Wortz, though, means Music of the universal might.

The genre is a mixture of musical genres like Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Modernism and Fusion. Common elements: oppressive or discipline-conveying feel, marching themes, throbbing bass, an ethereal piano or Rhodes piano, and brass instruments.

Here is my inexpert opinion!

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