Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gnodding Out with Hills of White

I'm gonna grab the temporary opportunity to get a post up. Here's some good stuff off the groovy collaboration Gnod Drop Out with White Hills II (2010). We've met White Hills before. Gnod adds some British avant-electronics to their American space-rock stylings. I'd been trying to find this one to order online, even with all the the international intrigue and expense. But one day, it just appeared at Vinal Edge! Similar story to the White Hills cd - I luck out there a lot.

Gnod Drop Out II
This is a double-LP only, not yet available on CD that I know of. So you get some pops & crackles on the audio...

"Run-A-Round" from Gnod Drop Out with White Hills (2010)

Other than some brief intro's and interludes, it's mostly long-form jam-outs kinda like that. This tune's the first one, after a lil' free acoustic pick-and-scrape.

"Well Hang" from Gnod Drop Out with White Hills (2010)

Psych-out forever!! Sort of a middle ground here - kinda krauty, a bit of mellow drift, but still quite spacy. Goes well with fish or fowl.

Gnod/White Hills - Drop Out

Thanks to Hypetrak!! Definitely a standout... gradual builds and shifts with synth burbles to flavor the pathways. The bass 'n' drums are good enough for me, but phase 2 brings in some kinetic synth riffing, then the final turn unleashes the guitar freak-out. I think that SoundCloud track is downloadable.

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