Friday, August 17, 2012

Edward's Lament -
House of Low Culture (#10, 2003)

Craziness. I didn't even remember that I got Edward's Lament from spending an iTunes gift card received for Christmas 2009. And I actually made my own video from the 2001 debut album. Wow...

Edward's Lament
This one's the second House of Low Culture full-length. A little less guitar drone, and a little more field recordings (or something like that) - machine noise.

"On the Upswing" from Edward's Lament (2003)

This seems to be the go-to track off the album, which makes sense. Good entry point, pulls off the extended length, and one of two MP3's downloadable from the record label. Not much more to say...

"Off You Go" from Edward's Lament (2003)

O wait! I actually forgot that I made this video because there was so little out there from this record. (Nice save.) Cybernetic ambient droidwaves, right? Any guitars in that piece have been processed beyond their string tension horizon.

Like I said in the Top 10 list, I honestly cannot explain what about this album draws me back to it. The previous Submarine Immersion Techniques, Vol. 1 (2000) might be actually more 'likeable,' but I put this album on very regularly. And in a fairly wide range of situations - in the car, at work, on the computer, etc... It is a mystery.

"Edward's Lament" from Edward's Lament (2003)

Only a part of the song, which then gets mixed into "C.F.T. (New Circuitry and Continued Evolution)" by Isis (2000) at around the 3:30 point. Pretty cool! Have I already mentioned that Aaron Turner, singer-guitarist for Isis, is also the main dude behind side-project House of Low Culture? That's important.

I actually bought the HOLC debut when I saw Isis (#5 Live Show, 2009)...

You can stream the full version of "Lament" plus the final track ("Thank You, and Good Night!") over at Myspace. Weird, I just checked again, and there are 3 new shorter tracks showing up: "A Temporary Setback" and the 2 "Intrmssn" ones. So that's like everything but the 20-minute silence 'song!'

Edward's promo
Looks like I've actually missed a number of Low Culture releases, so I might need to move on that - at some point...

At this point, HOLC Bandcamp only has the 21-minute "Ice Mole" from the more recent Mammifer split-LP (2010). But I thought you'd still like to know.

Edward's Lament

Genre - Ambient & Guitar Drone
Official/Myspace -
Location - Los Angeles, CA

Review -
Download - Insound, iTunes
Purchase - Neurot Recordings

I even surprised myself with this one. Not sure I'll be able to muster a whole post about it, or even explain why I keep gravitating back to this album. One of the tracks is 18+ minutes of like almost nothing - ironically (?) called "... And Now the Man You've All Been Waiting For!" Quotation marks, ellipsis, and exclamation point most definitely part of the title. I don't want to waste too much precious opinion, but this is the 2nd side project album from one of the guitarists for Isis (#3 of 2004, #3 of 2009, #5 Live Show of 2009). It's an odd mix of guitar drone, machine hum, and some unnameable mood-cluster - doomy, dreamy, desperate, forlorn, peaceful? I shall explore my feelings in more depth...

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