Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Travels into Several Remote Nations...
The Yellow Moon Band (#8, 2009)

The music-making effort from the organizers of the Green Man Festival is The Yellow Moon Band. They are jangly, folky, poppy retro-jammers. At one time they would have been popular, but now they are only great!

"Polaris > Chimney" from Travels to Several Remote... (2009)

The Yellow Moon Band makes almost exclusively instrumental music. Breaking the mold for such acts, when they do actually go vocal, it's even better. "Polaris" heads for the open roads, chooglin' down with only the lodestar as a guide, free as a Haight VW bus. There's a little "ba ba badda ba" singin', which I guess sorta prepares you for "Chimney" (live at Summer Sundae 2009). But not entirely. You'd think a band capable of harmonizing sweetly would be almost voice-centric, but the rest is jams.

At Green Man Festival 2009 [playlist]

The next one, "Entangled," plays all relaxed and shuffly with just a bit of edge on the lead guitar. It's the first song of the festival playlist up there. "Maybach" is quite a bit more rocking, with the VW bus traded in for... well, I guess a Maybach (official video directly below). It's even got a little psych pitstop.

"Maybach" from Travels to Several Remote... (2009)

A couple more songs follow the same kind of vibe: '60s twin-guitar ourobouros, sunny dynamics, the groove. "Domini" plays out over a longer, almost Krautrock stretch. The last two are embedded below... "Window" parks the driving rhythms and lets the steelish guitars bask in Hippy Meadow. Finally, "Lunadelica" does the exact opposite, to the extent of even mimicking com-sat space-trip pulse-tone.

"Window > Lunadelica" from Travels to Several Remote... (2009)

A few of these songs have been released on EP's and singles with some remixes from the electro-underworld (festivals will do that to you). For those not into the style, the formula may prove too much. But I definitely have a soft spot for this particular genre's workouts.

Travels into Several Remote Nations
Official - theyellowmoonband.com/
Myspace - myspace.com/theyellowmoonband
Purchase - Boomkat (UK)
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Genre - Groovy Jams for Psych Folk
Location - Britain
Review - Tuned Into Music

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