Sunday, May 30, 2010

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"Skin Collision Past" from Skin Collision Past (2010)

Friday before last, a few of us went to see some local acts, celebrating the release of the Wild Moccasins' debut full-length (after an EP last year), Skin Collision Past. There's the title track, and here: live at the record release party that went down last weekend.

The show and the album both lived up to the band's growing reputation for that local brand of indie, H-Pop. I wouldn't say it's better than the EP, which I liked a lot, but maybe so - no real drop in quality though, and there's a bit more to it. If I get deeper, maybe some YouTube clips later.

"Hot Saturday Night" from Summer Exposure comp (2009)

After collecting a few recent local comps with some quality glammy rock from Roky Moon & Bolt, and a growing live rep, I was ready to finally witness them in person. I'd heard they were working on a rock opera, and it ended up that most of the songs sounded a lot alike to me. Unfortunately, it seemed more Meat Loaf than T. Rex. Maybe if I knew more of the songs at all, but it kinda dragged towards the end there...

"Wishing Well" from Mexican Easter EP (2010)

The first act was Giant Princess, who I've seen listed for a lot of live shows I'd missed. Based on one spin of their self-titled, 100% free-to-download debut album (also streaming or download at bandcamp), I wasn't totally psyched for their brand of '90s lo-fi indie. Turned out, they were much more what I was up for, and I picked up their new Mexican Easter cassette EP, which is also streaming at their bandcamp page. Kind of a '90s lo-fi indie-rock heroes thing, like a Sebadoh or a Pavement... even a little Flaming Lips maybe. Something like that, which bodes well for the songcraft - if you like that kinda stuff!

<a href="">wishing well by Giant Princess</a>

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