Monday, March 1, 2010

Lust for Iggy Bluegrass 7"s for Life

Bad Livers were/are extremely super-excellent, and they're the only bluegrass act I've ever really listened to. I can't believe the only time I've mentioned them so far was in the 3 Who Would Open for Butthole Surfers post! The selling point, in addition to valiantly defending their share of a bill with the Buttholes and Pigface, is their non-trad cover tunes.

The previous post had their Johnny Cash/Motorhead medley, and here we have their raw-power 7" cover of Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life!" With b-side of total hoedown-throwdown "Jeffro's Dream." I didn't realize until now that this 7" (1991) came out a full year before their debut album, Delusions of Banjeur (1992). I would have thought the opposite...

Bad Livers live stuff can be downloaded free from, shows from 1991 to 2009. So, you should do that! The 8/12/91 Saxon Pub show is my favorite so far.

Lust for Life
Here's some more Livers trivia for you. They did a bunch of the soundtrack music for The Newton Boys (1998) movie from Richard Linklater. Per Wikipedia, Danny Barnes did some guest work on the Dave Matthews Band's big album last year. Weird.

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Mark Rubin said...

Glad you dug it. Bless you for listening.