Monday, July 19, 2010

Ghost Box Study Series

Very nice new series of Ghost Box collaborations. You don't see 180g vinyl in a 7" too often... Here's the first, a collaboration between Moon Wiring Club and Belbury Poly (#4, 2004, and #17 of 2009). Kind of on the funky end of the Belbury spectrum, but I'm likin' it!

"The Young People" and "Portals and Parallels" from
Ghost Box Study Series 01: 'Youth and Recreation' (2010)

So sayeth the sleeve:
The first in the Ghost Box Study Series sees the result of a cultural exchange project between members of the Belbury Youth Club and the Clinkskell Orphanage Brass Band. 'Youth and Recreation' is an exciting experiment in sound and language transmission across briefly invoked hocus portals.

Belbury Youth and Recreation Wiring Club
(As with all the 7" series, my personal vinyl copy was the upload...)

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