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Jelatinous Xube PsychmyX ~
Astral Headspace, Vol. 10

Sorry for being so lazy recently. I've been working on a theme for the next blog comp - first it was best of 2012, then Indonesian post-rock, then role-playing soundtracks... but in the end, this new one could only be for the next Austin Psych Fest.

Following the original partial line-up announcement, they've now put out the full schedule - yeah! Newly added?

Moving Sidewalks (Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top) ~ Os Mutantes ~
Roky Erickson ~ The Raveonettes ~ OM ~ Silver Apples ~
Kaleidoscope (UK) ~ Tamaryn ~ Suuns ~ Besnard Lakes ~
Indian Jewelry ~ Bass Drum of Death ~ Night Beats ~
No Joy ~ Young Magic ~ Wall of Death ~ Holy Wave ~
Ride into the Sun ~ Hearts in Space


This ended up as an interesting collection. Previous comps have featured a lot of this year's artists - which you can explore via the brand-new index, or the links in the "Astral Headspace Comps" section to the right. So we have a lot of newcomers & deep cuts. Plus a Flammarion woodcut cover concept!

Jelatinous Xube PsychmyX ~ Vol. 10
[current download link]
... which will eventually appear only at the Comp Index.

1. "Rad Times" - Black Bananas
New project from Jennifer of Royal Trux! MP3 from Pitchfork.

2. "Tiny Spiders" - The Soft Moon
Psych Fest semi-regulars return for another round in Austin. MP3 straight outta Stereogum. The Soft Moon also appeared on blog-comp-series Vol. 5.

3. "See Forever (revisited)" - Indian Jewelry
Houston's own(ly) Psych Fest troopers, this MP3 off from band's Soundcloud... Indian Jewelry also also appeared on blog-comp-series Vol. 5, and also also also Vol. 6 and Vol. 8. The latest album Peel It (#16, 2012) available from the Psych Fest label: Reveberation Appreciation Society.

4. "Oscillations (1968)" [edit] - Silver Apples
Really old-school, the various Silver Apples snippets here come from the official website. Silver Apples appeared on blog-comp Vol. 5, live with Grails!

5. "It Will Never Be" - White Fence
Been hearing a lot about this dude - sounds prolific. MP3 was from Pitchfork.

6. "Puppet on a String" - Night Beats
Seattle Texas-garage rockers, MP3 from PressWolf Soundcloud. You can also get their record via Psych Fest label.

7. "Sea Lion Goth Blues" - The Growlers
Growlers!!! I forget, probably from PureHoney Soundcloud.

8. "Corvalis" - DIIV
Dive, diV,D11v? MP3 from Pitchfork - also had one o' theirs on the previous comp.

9. "I Am Blind" - Elephant Stone
Someone told me this dude plays sitar for The Black Angels - and I heard he's from Canadia. Sounds good. MP3 de The Decibel Tolls. Okay, new album on R.A.S. label too.

10. "Streams of Sorrow" [edit]- Silver Apples with Sonic Boom
Or Spectrum, or that guy from Spacemen 3... (also playing Psych Fest!) From their collaboration EP A Lake of Teardrops (1998).

11. "Good Clues" - Gary War
Don't know much, except that he covers APP for a totem. Also from New Raytheonport (2008), whole album on the Internet Archive.

12. "Golden Truth" - Holy Wave
Another one with a new release on the Psych Fest label. I think they've been added to the expanding Maserati/Soft Moon tour, coming to Houston in... March, I think? Snagged the MP3 from ReverbNation. March 12th at Fitzgerald's!

13. "Burning Mirrors" - Lumerians
Lumerians are veterans of an earlier Psych Fest event, and also appeared on blog-comp-series Vol. 6. This MP3 track comes from Prefix Mag.

14. "Now (revisited)" - The Holydrug Couple
I thought I'd put the Holydruggers on a comp before, but looks like it was just a Chilean-themed Facebook collection post. MP3 from the band Soundcloud - could have also gone with one of the free versions of "Ancient Land" available from their Bandcamp.

15. "Special A" - Ttotals
Just did a Google. Looks like the keywords are "Nashville" and "duo." Would you like to know more? (That was a Starship Troopers film reference!) Got this tune from band's Soundcloud.

16. "Lovefingers" [edit] - Silver Apples
Another sample from the 1968 s/t album!

17. "100" - Vinyl Williams
HA! This guy's stage name made me think he was like a hip-hop DJ or something. Not even... apparently it's a play on his true given name. MP3 from the vinyl soundcloud (which should totally be a thing).

18. "Spoon" - Boris
Boris are from Japan, this MP3 is from Pitchfork. They appeared on comps Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. First two! Also my #6 Album of 2007.

19. "She Owns the Streets" - The Raveonettes
I was going to guess France, but no! Denmark... since 2001? Huh. MP3 from Filter Magazine. "Copenhagen" is a fun word to say, just roll it around in your mouth.

20. "All Tangled Up" - Woodsman
Hey, full circular. I discovered Woodsman while prepping for Austin Psych Fest 2011 (#4 Live, 2011), and then they ended up as my #2 Albums of 2011. And due to their free-music generosity, they wound up on blog-comp-series Vol. 5, Vol. 6, Vol. 7, Vol. 8, and Vol. 9. And now, thanks to Stereogum, Volume 10.

21. "Dia 36" (Os Mutantes cover) - The Trip
Since Os Mutantes (#15, 1969) pre-date free MP3 downloads, I found this Brazilian group/duo covering their fellow Brasileiros from their Soundcloud.

22. "Aldhechen Manin" - Tinariwen
Last year's Psych Fest (#1 Live, 2012) featured Bombino, a quite-jammin' Tuareg band. Well, Tinariwen were the originators! MP3 downloaded from band's Soundcloud.

23. "Cremation Ghat II" - OM
Let's see... Om were the rhythm section of the legendary Sleep, and stuck it out when that band split. Later the drummer bailed, and was replaced by Emil Amos (of Grails, Holy Sons). I believe they're still just a duo now. Another from Stereogum MP3.

24. "Anthem" [edit] - Silver Apples with Jimi
From their collaboration back in the late-'60s! I wonder if The Simeon enjoys watching Super Troopers (2001)...

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