Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coversong #622: The Sonik Beatles

Warhol George
From a tribute compilation, Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father (1988), Sonic Youth's cover of George Harrison's sitar/violin "Within You, Without You"... in my opinion, the original album's centerpiece. It's not quite their threatened cover of The White Album in its entirety, to which Pussy Galore met the challenge with Exile on Main Street (1986, OOP). It's currently available on the deluxe 2xCD re-issue of Daydream Nation (1988), but has never been enough to get me to buy a 2nd copy.

So... that also reminded me of the Lucky Sperms' (Sonic Youth + Mike Watt) minimalist mash-up of "Tomorrow Never Knows/Glass Onion" (1991). It was the b-side to their Ecstatic Peace! single, with Daniel Johnston's "Walking the Cow." So, I went ahead and made a video for that - wait, which song am I talking about now?

Also, that's my own personal vinyl you're hearing there - over the interweb... We're living in the future!!

Credits roll...

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