Sunday, November 21, 2010

Belbury Mordant Studies

By popular demand (YouTube comments, that is), here's some more of those hauntological sonic experiments on high-quality vinyl. This, the third installment of the Ghost Box Study Series of 7" single collaborations. First there was the first, and then the second one.

Now hears this!

"Swingalong" and "Inn Ohm the Park" from
Ghost Box Study Series 03: 'Welcome to Godalming'(2010)

That's Belbury Poly on the Side A track - we've talked about them somewhat beforehand (#4, 2004). Side B is from Mordant Music.

According to this article, he is "an artist and a label that have been responsible for some of the strangest, most innovative and downright beautiful music of the last few years." Check it!

Ghost Box SS03

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