Monday, May 24, 2010

At Echo Lake, Woods.

At Echo Lake
Do we have the summer album on our hands? I say thee, yeeaaahh... I guess since Animal Collective sampled with permission a Grateful Dead song , Pitchfork is gonna start throwing around the Workingman's Dead references like fast 'n' furious. O well...

"Suffering Season" from At Echo Lake (2010)

After their opening the #4 Live Show of 2009 (for Dungen) and my liking the previous album a lot, it wasn't going to take a Grateful invocation for me to pick up At Echo Lake (2010).

"Blood Dries Darker" from At Echo Lake (2010)

This one's actually the opener, but the one above will apparently be the calling card tune for now.

"Pick Up" from At Echo Lake (2010)

Do a lot of the songs sound like others from Songs of Shame (2009)? Pretty much, but not in a bad way. They're different songs - but clearly in the same vein, the same voice.

"Death Rattles" from At Echo Lake (2010)

Okay, that's a bit of the album. I expect to be enjoying it for the next season, which in Houston will surely involve suffering.

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