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Index of Top 10 Lists

In honor of new linkings to albums on Lala, where available, and adding in some locations - I'm going to house the running list of Top 10's here.

The control strip at right was getting a bit clogged. I'm only going to leave the most recent lists displayed there, one 21st century list and one 20th. The Index link will always lead here, and here will be updated as we go.

So check it out, see what you've missed!

The Time & Space Machine, 2009
The 21st Century:

A Tentative Top Twenty of 2013 [12-27-2013]

Y'know, I probably should have just made this list alphabetical and unnumbered.

Top 10 Studio of 2012 [1-1-2013]
Top 10 Repertoire/etc... of 2012 [1-3-2013]
Top 10 Free/Internet Releases of 2012 [1-6-2013]
Top 10 Live Shows of 2012 [1-12-2013]

The first time I actually waited until the year had actually ended, and a solid one overall - got a few lists goin' for it.

Top 10 Albums of 2011 [1-1-2012]
Next 10 Albums of 2011 [12-31-2011]
Top 15+ Live Shows of 2011 [1-5-2012]

There were a lot of technical issues in 2011, which maybe wouldn't have interfered with the music - but definitely interfered with the blogging (and the flow). Anyway, any year with music is a good year! Not gonna comptete with the posting extravaganza from last round, but there's some good stuff in them links. The live gigs especially were exceptional!

Top 10 Records of 2010 [12-30-2010]
Next 10 Records of 2010 [12-29-2010]
#21-30 Records of 2010 [12-27-2010]
#31-40 Records of 2010 [12-25-2010]
#41-50 10 Records of 2010 [12-24-2010]
Top 10 Free Internet Albums of 2010 [12-15-2010]
Top 10 Free Internet Podcast/Mixes of 2010 [12-12-2010]
10 Top-Notch Album Covers from 2010 [1-12-2011]
Top 10 Live Shows of 2010 [1-13-2011]

The biggest blowout yet! (As of this writing...) A main list of fifty-plus new releases, two sets of free downloadable material, a survey of other quality year-end lists, et cetera... et cetera... I even threw in two lists of 20 albums I might have shoulda gotten in 2010: metal and non-metal.

Top 10 Releases of 2009 [all of Dec 2009]
Next 10 Metal of 2009 [12-3-2009]
Next 10 Non-Metal of 2009 [12-10-2009]
Top 10 Live Shows of 2009 [12-27-2009]
Top 10 Drone/Ambient of 2009 [3-14-2010]

The mega-party to round up the first "year" of Astral Headspace. Top 10 Releases is overall. The Next 10's are genre-specific-ish, after the genre-free main ten. And live shows are awesome! And drones added later...

Top 10 Discoveries of 2008 [9-10-2009]

The concept and post that kicked it all off. One of a very few lists (so far) not ranking record albums. This one ranks musical acts discovered in 2008, and focuses on their 2008 record albums. Subtle difference... Was originally intended for the original idea for a podcast, way back in spring 2009.

Top 10 Albums of 2007 [10-4-2009]
2007 Omissions [10-24-2009]

Where we begin our epic quest to rank and list the entirety of the rock 'n' roll era, year-by-year. Since it was only the 2nd Top Ten, I excluded any acts that were in my 2008 Top Ten discoveries. In retrospect, a mistake... The 21st century is being covered in an orderly (reverse) fashion. It gets chaotic further back.

Top 10 Records of 2006 [11-1-2009]

The quest continues...

Top 10 New Releases of 2005 [1-28-2010]
Top 10 Drone/Ambient of 2005 [1-31-2010]
Top 10 Repertoire of 2005 [2-8-2010]

When putting together "the" Top 10 for 2005, I realized that no congruent list would be worthwhile. So there's a main ten, which is fairly poor. A compilations-live-repertoire list, which is great but I wouldn't have made without a supporting cast. And a drone-ambient-ish one, which is top-notch. Only 21st century year so far where each Top 10 album didn't get its own post. Those of you who lived through Jan 2010 were all sick of the droning by this point, remember?!

Top 10 Albums of 2004 [3-3-2010]

A great year, with a diverse list of terrific records. Lots of personal favorites.

Top 10 Records of 2003 [8-12-2011]

What can I say? Here are 10 awesome albums - the best 10 of this year in fact. A lot of familiar faces, and some left-field selections too.

Top 10 Releases of 2002 [12-21-2013]

Hey, I remember these guys - they're the ones that Astral Headspace guy is always (always) talking about!!

The 20th Century...

The 20th century would be handled differently. A preordained cyclical order of years from 1966 to 1999 was generated randomly. Each cycle contains one year from each decade, but otherwise the order is scrambled entirely. But it's a roadmap that will be followed.

Mercury Rev, 1995
The 1990s
Top 10 Albums of 1996 [8-13-2010]

Much like the previous year - split between the few good albums I could afford at the time, and the few good albums I've picked up since. Fairly diverse offerings.

Top 10 Music of 1995 [11-7-2009]

The first historical year is kind of a weird one. I was dirt poor at the time, and it's not a time period I've since picked up a lot from. Some quality stuff nevertheless.

Top 10 Records of 1993 [2-27-2010]

A great year for indie rock bands and indies-gone-major. Some of the usual suspects, but that's why I like 'em!

Top 10 Releases of 1990 [12-23-2012]

More of the usual suspects, because some of my all-time favorites were peaking then. Either that, or I was in college, finally 21, and on the scene...

Bongwater, 1988
Top 10 Albums of 1988 [11-26-2009]

It was a very good year, for college boys... listening to college music.

Top 10 Music of 1987 [7-9-2012]

First 20th century Top 10 in almost two years! 25 years ago, this is when it was... I was graduating from high school, moving out "on my own," and it was an important musical time for me. (Aren't they all?) Great stuff, mostly of the post-punk / indie variety.

Top 40 Top 40 Songs of 1982 [2-5-2010]

It was a very good year, for 12-year-olds... sitting in front of the Mtv.

Top 10 Albums of 1980 [12-15-2013]

They year punk broke... apart.

Can, 1972
The seventies
Top 10 Records of 1974 [7-28-2012]

Kinda weird that despite the randomized order, the '70s lists are progressing along the normal temporal path (so far). It has given the decade's review a different flavour - for me at least. Anyway, it's the '70s. Will there be Bowie? Krautrock? Maybe the odd inexplicable dorky selection? Sure, probably!

Top 10 Albums of 1973 [4-11-2010]

What an explosion of progressive styles of prog rock. Except for The Stooges... absolutely no prog for them! ZZ Top would be a stretch too.

Top 10 Releases of 1972 [11-16-2009]

Kraut, Glam, Rock and/or Roll!!!

Love, 1966
The '60s
Top 20 Albums of 1969 [1-15-2013]

It's the year of my birth, and an appropriately huge mega-post. Lotsa hippies & weirdos & superstars too!

Top 10 Records of 1966 [2-15-2010]

This looks to be as far back as the Astral Headspace Time Machine will go. Unless I run out of ideas...

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