Sunday, November 28, 2010

O yeah! That's Who I Forgot...

This actually happens quite a bit with me. I'll read about or hear something intringuing, but then not follow up right away. Then later, I'll vaguely remember that I forgot about something possibly cool. But I can't remember enough details anymore. So there I was, trying to think of some solo or duo studio project, kind of electro-, but not exactly... maybe British? Something with swords... maybe daggers?

Fjree Feather EP
Not Religious Knives: I'd checked them out. Sounded like something I'd like, but it never stuck. Emerald Swords? The only thing I could find was this highly ridiculous powermetal song by Rhapsody (of Fire?). Probably just under the influence of the terrific Emeralds gang. Double Swords, Double Daggers? Nope. Maybe I was thinking of Double Leopards, a band I do really like, that happened to evolve into Religious Knives.

"Rattling Cage" single [and its B-side: "Hjurt"]

Then came news from the invaluable Boomkat of a 2xCD re-issue of Forest Swords' Dagger Paths EP (2010). That's it!! So, I went ahead and listened to a few tracks on the internet, bought the digital download of the more recent 7" single, and ordered up the expanded EP re-issue.

"Miarches" from Dagger Paths (2010)

Which brings me to another phenomenon... The EP was already a collection of previously released cassette singles. Yes, cassingles! So, even though I've actually got in my possession a few recent, great albums - this post is a lot easier, because there's lots of songs already available to plug in. Sure, I like making the videos, but who am I to argue with easier availability?

"Glory Gongs" from Dagger Paths (2010)

These last two videos are apparently made by Forest Swords himself. I think he's a producer from Liverpool, which to me signals electronic-type music. Which it is, sort of... On top of the studio trickery, there's piled on a lot of other stuff that I'm into: Morricone/surf ultra-reverbed guitars, psychedelic-rock overload, spacy drones, spooky hauntology samples - awesome, right?

"Trust Your Blood" from Fjree Feather EP (2009)

If I remember my thought process correctly, this was the song that actually tipped the tables towards ordering. It's from a previous EP that I couldn't find anywhere, but maybe it's on the expanded re-issue. We'll see... but it showed the kind of diversity of sound that I look for in an artist like this. What it most reminds me of is Demdike Stare, another UK producer(s) studio project that mixes up lots of different sounds in an electronic stew.

Okay, it looks like the expanded edition is sold out, but the regular EP is still available for digital download. If you want to check out some other songs, here are the rest from Dagger Paths: "Hoylake Misst", "Visits", "If Your Girl", and "The Light." Looking forward to it!

Dagger Paths EP
Hey, check it out! has the tracklist for the 2xCD expanded edition. Looks like it features a 23:27 "Remixtape" track, some actual remixes, the 7", and the 2009 EP. So why not? Here's a couple more of the Fjree Feather EP tracks: "Down Steps", "Red Rocks Fogg."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Focus on Broadcast

Broadcast + The Focus Group - on Ghost Box, where they belong...

This is like ... Investigates Witch Cults of The Radio Age (#6, 2009 Drone/Ambient) at forty-five/thirds-percent speed!! Right?

"Inside Out," "The Song Before" and "Tuesday's Offering" from
Ghost Box Study Series 04: 'Familiar Shapes and Noises'(2010)

As with the rest of the 7" series, that's my vinyl yer listenin' to. Enjoy!!

Study Series 04

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Belbury Mordant Studies

By popular demand (YouTube comments, that is), here's some more of those hauntological sonic experiments on high-quality vinyl. This, the third installment of the Ghost Box Study Series of 7" single collaborations. First there was the first, and then the second one.

Now hears this!

"Swingalong" and "Inn Ohm the Park" from
Ghost Box Study Series 03: 'Welcome to Godalming'(2010)

That's Belbury Poly on the Side A track - we've talked about them somewhat beforehand (#4, 2004). Side B is from Mordant Music.

According to this article, he is "an artist and a label that have been responsible for some of the strangest, most innovative and downright beautiful music of the last few years." Check it!

Ghost Box SS03