Monday, June 24, 2013

Gimme Ed Hall Night Long

Guess who's coming to Houston... Ed Hall: #2, 1993 & #2, 1990 & #10, 1988 & general all-time favorite!!

O yeah, good ol' Rudyard's on 7/19! The next night - at Austin's Delta Lumber & Millworks - also features Brown Whörnet and Gorch Fock... plus Pocket FishRmen, Tim Kerr's "Freedom" piece, MIGAS, and more.

"Hearty Tom Foolery" Ed Hall - live 2012

Most recently, there was the #2 Live Show of 2012. It was a retro label showcase, playing classics such as "White House Girls," "Blue Poland," "Reading," "Pollution," and even "Gilbert." Killer.

Can't wait for the DVD of the show! (They also played a couple of shows in Louisiana afterwards, but I can't find any evidence...)

"Bullshit" Ed Hall - live 2003

Further back were the previous reunion gigs, one of which I actually made it to. These were 2 nights back 10 years ago, at the dearly departed Room 710 in Austin. Check out "White House Girls" (again), and "Reading" (again!)...

Can't wait for the DVD of the shows!!

Live in L.A. - 1993

Hey, I'm gonna pick just some live videos for each year I can find...

1996: Austin Music Awards
1995: Missoula, MT (multi-part document!)
1994: Harvey's (Houston)
1993: [embedded above]
1992: Norman, OK (several chapters!)
1991: lost in the mists of legendry...

Ed Hall part 2 from ggeisler on Vimeo.

1990 (?): Mexic-Arte (Austin) on Halloween
1989 (?): Main St. Saloon (Lubbock)
1988 & back: even more legendary...

So awesome... Be there. RAWK!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

HaHa Sound - Broadcast (#7, 2003)

I really just don't have much to say these days, I suppose.

I was introduced to Broadcast super-late, with ... and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age (#6 Drone/Ambient, 2009) - which I've enjoyed a lot. HaHa Sound is a terrific album of radiophonic experimental pop, with some folkish nods, and even a little Stereolabic krautiness.

As promised, here are some excellent external YouTube videos for most of the album - Broadcast fans make the effort!

"Colour Me In" from Haha Sound (2003)

Do I have a track-by-track gimmick? Not yet I don't!

Uhhh, I'm sure I've done this before... But since I'm posting user-content videos, how about user-submitted lyrical interpretation? At least until they run dry.

It is the living, subconscious dream of perfection that we all have, be it a person, a beautiful place, a meaning, or state of being. We need to set the ideal, and set out to find it.

"Pendulum" from Haha Sound (2003)

A common SongMeanings take:
This song is about tripping.

"Before We Begin" from Haha Sound (2003)

Socratic debate over at SongMeanings:
is it about making love?
I think it's more about coming back into a relationship
Strangely enough, this theory doesn't show up nearly as much as you'd imagine. Might say something about lyric freaks - I dunno, I just listen to the sounds, man.

"Valerie" from Haha Sound (2003)

Factual trivia à la SongMeanings take:
This song is on the Skins soundtrack and is a cover of the theme from the Czech film "Valerie and her Week of Wonders" but with English words.

"Man Is Not A Bird" from Haha Sound (2003)

Only lyrics at SongMeanings-dot-net:
The sky is faint, their tears remain
In me the rain has stopped falling
The fading light, walls barely white
In me the night has stopped calling

I will not lament with the sky
No longer feel night on the inside

Here in this room, no more a tomb
Thoughts of you conclude without ending
Caution will keep, worries still speak
Fewer the leaves are descending

I will not lament with the sky
No longer feel night on the inside

Here in this room, no more a tomb
Thoughts of you conclude without ending

The lonely distance and time
The only tears falling outside
I will not lament with the sky
No longer feel night on the inside

The lonely distance and time
The only tears falling outside

Probably about tripping...

"Minim" from Haha Sound (2003)

The grammar lessons of SongMeanings:
Very close. "Ändern" is in the infinitive (with poetic gapped "sich", )so a better translation is probably "Man and wind are quick to change."
I guess that's how they punctuate & parenthesize in German, huh?

"Lunch Hour Pops" from Haha Sound (2003)

Pretty sure this is some drug code:
This song is so, so cute!! Love her voice ...

Haha, nice try! "Black Umbrellas" is instrumental.

"Ominous Cloud" from Haha Sound (2003)

Only lyrics at SongMeanings... Despite fleeting moments of true liberty and happiness, the horizon is often darkened by potential misfortune, and you must learn when to prepare for the inevitable & when to celebrate the good times as long as possible.

Rhythmic interlude: "Distorsion"

I believe that "Oh How I Miss You" represents an effort by the speaker to communicate just how much she misses the object of the song ("you").

"The Little Bell" from Haha Sound (2003)

Acclamation via SongMeanings:
I absolutely love the analogies here. Broadcast is amazing

I was somehow expecting a lot of in-depth analysis from Broadcast fans, like the extra effort on some of the videos.

"Winter Now" from Haha Sound (2003)

Rest in Peace

And someone made their video for "Hawk" private, and there are no comments over at SongMeanings - so great job! If you've got Spotify, try here. Otherwise:
Sow the seeds
Of everything to be
Safe in sleep
I winter in my dreams

Speak your words
Define your grief for me
Out of reach
Some things just can not be

Now is the winter of our beautiful bummer...

haha Sound

Genre - Hauntological Art-Pop
Official/Myspace -
Location - Birmingham, UK

Review - Treble Zine
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

Saturday, June 1, 2013

FPSF V, Day 1

So we're up to the fifth annual Free Press Summer Fest, here in Houston.

I've been every year (at least a little bit)... What might I see today?

"Can I See Your Clock" by Jandek, from Six and Six (1981)

Obviously, first is Jandek (#3 Live, 2009) - mainly because they put him on so early in the day. Should be interesting what he comes up for a festival crowd. Mike Watt's playing with him, as well as some Texas jazz drummer.

"Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta" by Geto Boys, from Uncut Dope (1992)

More local superstars! In addition to the obvious mainstream hits, I'm hoping they play "Mind of a Lunatic," "Fuck A War," "Chuckie," "Straight Gangterism," plenty of those nasty raps.

Why are Quad City DJ's playing at the same time?

"They Don't Know" by Paul Wall (feat. Bun B) from The Peoples Champ (2005)

I guess Saturday is for hip-hop. The People's Champ playing at the same time as Japandroids? I think I'll survive. Action Bronson also playing later. Ehh, might go see Arctic Monkeys just to mix it up.

"Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service, from Give Up (2003)

Tonight's nominal headliner reunion, but come on...

"Search and Destroy" by The Stooges, from Raw Power (1973)

Yeah, c'mon now. The Stooges (#4, 1969 and #2, 1973) are in town. Truly, that's where I'll be!