Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ghost Box Study Series 02

I've already posted the first installation in the series - a collaboration between Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club. Here's the 2nd, another collaboration... this time between The Advisory Circle and Hong Kong in the 60s.

"New Dimensions In" and "Seasons Change" from
Ghost Box Study Series 02: 'Cycles and Seasons'(2010)

Right in the old Ghost Box wheelhouse. Percolating, nostalgic, a lil' bit youthful, a lil' bit creepy and/or sad. I've posted briefly before on The Advisory Circle, but Hong Kong in the 60s is all new to me. So I dug up what I could find of their other stuff...

"Winter Symphony" from Happy Christmas 2009 EP (2009)

This is an obscure Beach Boys cover, from a FREE-ly downloadable EP - which you can grab from here! (It's #058.)

"Footsteps" from Willow Pattern Songs EP (2009)

Also released this year as a single... More than your typical hauntology. Maybe a little somewhat in the style of Broadcast, who also collaborated with a Ghost Box artist (for #6 of Drone/Ambient 2009). Or a bit Stereolab (#2, 1996) - some kind of history-conscious British electronic band with female sing-song vocals...

Ghost Box Study Series 02

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