Monday, December 5, 2011

Voice of the Seven Thunders (#7, 2010)

Rick Tomlinson
I'm not entirely sure why I ordered this. I know very little about the previous incarnation as Voice of the Seven Woods, although I had an impression of it as Six Organs-type drone-folk (which might even be accurate). I want to say I was ordering Set Phazer to Stun (#15) to get the Rough Trade bonus disc, and just added this one on a whim. But it's awesome!

"The Burning Mountain" from Voice of the Seven Thunders (2010)

Dat bass!!

"Disappearances" from Voice of the Seven Thunders (2010)

Veering between hard-charging lead guitar rock-out and quiet finger-picked acoustic folk interludes, with very slight vocals, each song just keeps topping the one before - or at least throwing a loop or two. The drone roots lie deeply beneath everything, mainly in its instrumental raga-rock nature...

But to me this doesn't seem like outsider music for the most part. Just rock jams from a guitar band - somewhere between the epic heavy-psychedelia of Earthless (#3, 2008) and the feel-good hippie grooves of The Yellow Moon Band (#8, 2009).

"Out of the Smoke" from Voice of the Seven Thunders (2010)

At least someone did something, thank you! This record feels like a journey through many twists and turns, ups and downs. Heavy guitar work-outs will settle into some quiet moments, folky balladeering will ramp up into blistering rockitude. But always with something beckoning you onward, towards the next step.

"Dalälven" from Voice of the Seven Thunders (2010)

Since no-one else was going to do it, I had to learn some all-new free video software - so maybe not my best work. "Dalälven" is pretty much sui generis on the album, being more of an avant dronescape.

"Set Fire to the Forest" from Voice of the Seven Thunders (2010)

Outrageously rockin'... The whole way.

Voice of the Seven Thunders

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