Friday, February 10, 2012

Hubble Telescope Discovers Sphinx on Pluto's Moon (Vol. 8)

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Once again, I'm rushing to provide this for your weekend, and before mine. And as always, these are freely & legitimately available MP3's from all over the World Wide Web.

Because of the Megaupload shutdown, I have moved all the blog compilations over to RapidShare - where they should be currently available.
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Vol 8
But here we are, the newest of the new... Split amongst the upcoming and previous Austin Psych Fests, and also a bunch of random other stuff - check it out!!

Hubble Telescope Discovers Sphinx on Pluto's Moon (Vol. 8) (2012)

Since I'm running out of time now, the tracklist details & comments will be even more spare than usual (for now). Subject to later updates...

01 "Black Smoke Rise" - Wooden Shjips (from APF5 mixtape)
02 "Adam Roberts" - Cave (from Brooklyn Vegan)
03 "Last Shuttle to the Red Planet" - Food Pyramid (from Altered Zones)
04 "Replicate" - Disappears (from Pitchfork)
05 "Off The Wall" - Lee Ranaldo (from Stereogum)
06 "Inside/Outside" - Woodsman (from Altered Zones)

07 "Black Pullet Blues" - The Cult of Dom Keller (follow on Facebook)

Gracias especial to The Cult of Dom Keller for providing this MP3 for inclusion!! As I've mentioned before, I got to meet these dudes (and see play) at the last Austin Psych Fest. This one's from their newest EP3 (#15, 2011), which you can - and should - buy from either The Committee to Keep Music Evil or their own Bandcamp. Along with other prime releases!

08 "Holdin' on to Black Metal" - My Morning Jacket (from KEXP)
09 "Druganaut" - Black Mountain (from Jagjaguwar Records)
10 "Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)" - Peaking Lights (from Brooklyn Vegan)
11 "Crete" - Sun Araw (from the late, lamented Altered Zones)
12 "In Our Way" - Starving Weirdos (from

13 "Overdrive" - Indian Jewelry (from
14 "Mantis" - Psychic Ills (from Stereogum)
15 "Transmission Six-Sunken Village" - Pye Corner Audio (from artist's Bandcamp)
16 "Rising Below" - Dirty Three (from Pitchfork)
17 "Sombre Reptiles" - My Education (from
18 "Low Earth Orbit" - Co-Pilot (from The

19 "Fractured Skies" - Parts and Labor (from Jagjaguwar Records)
20 "Man Who Made Sauce" - Harold Borup (from artist's Bandcamp)
21 "Christopher" - Amen Dunes (from Altered Zones)
22 "Bleachy Head" - Veronica Falls (from KEXP)
23 "Modern Art" - Black Lips (Paste Magazine)
24 "Summer Bummer" - the band in Heaven (from artist's Bandcamp)
25 "Suzerain (A Letter to the Judge)" - Nightlands (from Brooklyn Vegan)

26 "Vomit" - Girls (from Stereogum)
27 "Paranoid Plant" - To Lost Sheep (from artist's Bandcamp)
28 "Penobska Oakwalk" - Quilt (from Brooklyn Vegan)
29 "Woolgathering" - MMOSS (from I Guess I'm
30 Elegy for Beach Friday promo - Bee Mask (from Altered Zones)

31 "Alien Observer" - Grouper (from Altered Zones)
32 "Fleeting Dreams" - The Caretaker (from Altered Zones)
33 "Dark into Light" - AM and Shawn Lee (from KEXP)
34 "Ecstatic Dancer" - Fujiya & Miyagi (from Brooklyn Vegan)
35 "Hot New Jam from '73" - Fresh Millions (from artist's Bandcamp)

36 "The Visitor" (Fennesz remix) - Miracle (from Pitchfork)
37 "Time Lapse" - Woodsman (from Altered Zones)
38 "Diaryland" - Hong Kong in the '60s (from KEXP)
39 "Interpol" - Pong (from band's official website)
40 "Unmarked Reel Two Track One" - Pye Corner Audio (from artist's Bandcamp)
41 "Thousand Square" - Mountains (from Thrill Jockey Records)
42 "Only Pharoah" - Jonas Reinhardt (from the artist's SoundCloud)

43 "Soaring Yellow / Glowing Net" - Mist (from Altered Zones)
44 "Synthesist" - Harald Grosskopf (from Altered Zones)
45 Live '72 mix - Conrad Schnitzler (from Altered Zones)
46 "Out of the Eye" - Woods (from APF5 mixtape)


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