Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Euphonious Kraut Metronomy

Part one of two in a series of synth stabs!

Jonas Reinhardt (the album)
So, I finally got the Jonas Reinhardt self-titled album - different than the iTunes EP. The EP is a single for "Modern By Nature's Reward," which I've posted a couple of times already.

I recycled some unused videos for Shawn Lee (curse you, Warner Bros!), and now here's a song from each of these great releases.

"How to Adjust People" from Jonas Reinhardt (2008)

I think I've decided this was the song that was playing before Maserati's set. The whole story of how I learned about the group can now be told! I was just sitting around, waiting... and waiting... when a new song on the PA really caught my ear. After checking it out a bit, I decided that I needed to figure out who and what it was.

The only person around to ask was the guy working the merch table, so I went over and asked him if the pre-Maserati music was the club's or the band's. He said it was the band's, and answered my question about the song playing that it was "some German guy" or "some guy with a German name." I suggested Klaus Shulze and Irmin Schmidt, I think. And he thought maybe it was one or the other.

Just about that time, I recognized the drummer walking through the room, and went and asked him. He was really enthusiastic to tell me it was Jonas Reinhardt, and not a guy - but a band with a guy's name! Anyway, great story over.

"Downright Cabal" from Modern By Nature's Reward EP (2008)

I'm pairing this post with the next in the series to contrast some aspects of synthesizer-based approaches. So, Jonas Reinhard is on the structured, rhythmically Krauty end of the comparison. Their songs jump out fairly groove-y, do a few things really well, keep it movin', then wrap it all up. Although they're trippy-esque, you don't really lose where you are in the whole thing. I get a lot out of their use of sequencer arrays for the beats. Sounds good!

Even live!!

Next up... a different part of the synth-music topography.

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