Saturday, May 26, 2012

This Thing's Stuck on ON

The new Pong records are here! The new PONG records are here!!

"Interpol" from Live at The Continental Club (2012)

PONG (#1 Live Shows of 2010, #3 of 2010, #1 of 2005) are finally on vinyl & finally with a live album. Recorded live at the Continental Club (thus the title) on November 14, 2009 - it's the bootleg that my actual bootlegs have never lived up to...


By the way, that song "Interpol" originally appeard on Pong's long-OOP debut CD, Killer Lifestyle (# ???, 2002)... I'm happy to report that some CD's are still available at Amazon, including new copies for under $10!

Really sweet packaging for the limited-edition vinyl, with Soviet space concept art, including the glossy inner sleeve. Also comes with a handy CD inserted as well (+2 tracks). First 50 copies are autographed with customized artistic expressions - of which bonus is radical for super-fans.

I'm real happy!

Full tracklist:
"Rocket Fuel"
"Killer Lifestyle"
"Secret Meat"
"Suicide Cat"
"Interpol" [above]
"Click O.K." [CD]
"Applesauce" [CD]
"Bubble City" (f.k.a. "The Owl")

"We Are All Still Here" live in Austin - March 24, 2012

Extra bonus: An unreleased recent song, performed live in the oddest Pong venue I've heard of - this one's not on the new live record nor any previous studio ones. I like it, just hadn't yet found an opportunity to post it up.

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