Thursday, May 27, 2010

White Hills Will Rise

So I was out driving around on the northside recently, and decided to pop into Vinal Edge real quick. Only wanted to check on two specific things, and they had one of them. That's how I ended up getting White Hills' new self-titled cd, White Hills (2010). It's kind of on the mellow end of what I wanted the newest Sylvester Anfang II album to be: groovy space-drone psych, some more rockin', some more mellow.

"Dead" from White Hills (2010)

This track was released on a maxi-single EP thing ahead of the album. Almost picked it up at Waterloo Records last time I was in Austin, but I knew there was a lot of White Hills and wasn't sure what was what. One of a few more rock tunes on the front side.

"Let The Right One In" (Astral edit) from White Hills (2010)

Edited for time, this is missing a couple of minutes at the beginning and some at the end too. I think they do this stuff best, stretched out and in no hurry. Space is a big place after all! Title taken from the Swedish vampire sensation, I do believe.

"We Will Rise" from White Hills (2010)

I wasn't kidding - here's another drifting not-quite-so-epic trancer. I take this one's title as a reverse-Stooges reference.

"Three Quarters" (live 9/10/09) by White Hills

And another heavier track from the album, done live instead... It's good on the album, and I think there's definitely more to get into eslewhere.

White Hills

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