Sunday, May 23, 2010

More of the Emeralds

I talked about Ohio's synth-improvisation trio Emeralds in a previous post... I still don't go back to What Happened (2009) very much. But someone finally re-released (on cd) last year's self-titled on from Emeralds, called Emeralds (2009). Since I preferred "Geode," I went ahead and picked it up.

"Overboard (Off the Deep End)" from Emeralds (2009)

The first song sounds more reminiscent of stuff on What Happened - but improved. Burble...

"Geode" from Emeralds (2009)

This was the song I'd heard, from this video - included in the earlier post on the band.

"Diotima" from Emeralds (2009)

And this is why Wikipedia calls it "ambient/kosmiche/progressive electronic music" - niiice.

The final song is 18 minutes of mellow drift appropriate for a tune named "Passing Away." New album just relaeased on Editions Mego, CD or 2xLP. Looks cheaper at Boomkat...

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