Saturday, September 26, 2009

Three Who Would Jam

These full lists and post lengths are getting a little out-of-control. So, I think a set of shorter, genre-specific collections are in order. (Plus, I'm really digging the video-making part...)

These are three jambands that might not be on your standard jammer radar (no usual suspects here). The Yellow Moon Band is more sunny and hippy. Causa Sui is more spacey and kraut-y, but with bongos and free saxophone... and Tia Carrera is more Texan and heavy ("freestyle metal" - think Earthless).

"Polaris > Chimney"
The Yellow Moon Band (UK)
Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World (2009)
Also available: "Maybach"

"Sun in June"
Causa Sui (Denmark)
Summer Sessions, Vol. 1 (2008, OOP)
Also available: "Red Valley" (from Vol. 3)

"Heaven" [edit]
The Tia Carrera (Austin, TX, USA)
Heaven/Hell EP (2007)
Also available: some live jam.

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