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Rifts Bonus Sadly

So here we are, wrapping things up. Leyland Kirby took 3 cd's just to fit in his trilogy of double-albums, so only a few points of interest there (some repeated for emphasis). But Oneohtrix Point Never had some room on a 2nd cd for additional music, and I'll cover that.

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Sadly The Future Is No Longer What It Was
Just a few notes here. There's a bonus 2xCD supposedly due sometimes March 2010, with different versions, mixes and outtakes. I guess kind of like the 7th disc of Theoretically Pure Anterograde Amnesia (#1, Ambient 2005). You can check on the bonus package here, and here is one of those bonus cuts...

"The Darkness That Separates Remembering From Not" from Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was 2xCD bonus set (2010)

A good way to keep up with Leyland Kirby goings-on is at his History Always Favours the Winners blog. It's for things like news about releases, free music downloads, commentary, or the Sadly artist and artwork. I'd also like to re-plug the original Free Music post, which points you to a lot of cool stuff from the Caretaker just waiting to be downloaded.

What else? You could check out the Disquiet MP3 Discussion Group's 2-page discussion of Sadly, The Future Is No Longer... Two pages!!

I got my ltd-ed 6xLP package, and I'm a little concerned. It looks like the three LP covers are fastened to one another. So only the first cover and third back are actually visible, without ripping them apart. Not exactly what I was expecting from the photo, but I'm checking on it... [Boomkat helpfully clarified that the spot-glue could be carefully detached without damage. And they were correct!]

Also, I think I'm going to do a 2009 Top 10 Drone/Ambient.
Watch for it!

With the extra space on Disc 2 of Rifts, Daniel Lopatin was able to pick out various songs to highlight. So this back stretch doesn't have the unity of a single album, but features a variety of high-level stuff.

Oh, I don't think I'd ever mentioned that the whole set is available at Lala. Might have been worth doing already, but maybe better late anyway. Alright, here it is!

"Lovegirls Precinct"
A short and relatively upbeat song, the title of which reminds me of Blade Runner or some other cyberpunk urban dystopia. Originally from a 2009 split-cassette with Outer Space, an Emeralds-related project.

"Ships Without Meaning"
Much longer and floatier, really pleasant actually. Appears on the Ruined Lives cassette (2008). Tracklist also shows "Actual Air," which appears on Rifts in place of a different (or differently-titled) Betrayed in the Octagon tune.

"Terminator Lake"
I like the heavy, almost distorted, waveforms chugging in the background. And then the laser-blast finale certainly lives up to the title.

"Transmat Memories"
There is a 2008 cassette by this title, which this is likely an except from. It's pretty busy, with patterns overlapping and clashing. Don't think I could take 30 minutes sustained at that level.

"A Pact Between Strangers"
Quite a relief, much less frenetic and more harmonious.

"When I Get Back from New York"
Another edit for YouTube, only 7.5 of the 16.5 minute track. The full tune is suprisingly engaging, for the longest track of the set. I prefer it to either of the "Woe Is the Transgression" pieces on Octagon. Last two of these originally appeared on A Pact Between Strangers CDr (2008).

"I Know Its Taking Pictures from Another Plane (Inside Your Sun)"
What?!?! Acoustic guitar, vocals? I... what? From the Young Beidnahga CDr (2009). So, both collections end on an unexpected note.

I'm also on the lookout for the ltd-ed, OOP Memory Vague dvd (2009) from Root Strata. Here's the tracklist, with non-Rifts videos provided.

1 "Zones Without People" [already linked]

2 "Angel" from Memory Vague dvd (2009)

3 "Ships Without Meaning"
4 "Memory Vague"
5 "Nest 9500"
6 "Chandelier's Dream"
7 "Unmaking The World"
8 "Heart Of A Champion"
9 "Radiation"
10 "Computer Vision" [already linked]

11 "Nobody Here" from Memory Vague dvd (2009)

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Rifts (gatefold interior)

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