Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Children of the Sun" and Volume Two
The Time & Space Machine (#6, 2009)

Sorry for the delay - internet outage makes internet blog posting rough. Fortunately, I had some alchemical components for some video-makin'...

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, #1 in 2008! But here, it is only the Richard Norris half, as The Time & Space Machine. And here, he's tweaking and compiling more purely classic '60s psychedelic pop, rather than the BTWS genre grab-bag. Let's start with this year's 7" single: "Children of the Sun" b/w "Zeitghost."

"Children of the Sun" & "Zeitghost" from the 7" (2009)

Totally groovy and hippy, and irony-free! The B-side was originally on Volume One (2008), which is also worth it. Great stuff, and I think Top 10 standing alone. But this year, the Machine also gave us Volume Two!

"Time & Space Taxi" and "Only Dreaming" from Volume Two (2009)

Even before putting them in a video together, I linked the first two tracks... in my mind! The spacily floating astral taxi'ing seems to lead naturally into the nightmare freakout of bizarre nugget unearthing. That's one hell of a retro-cover-reimagining being remixed and compiled. I'm almost afraid to find out who did that. Volume Two also boasts a hearty slice of exploitation-a-go-go organ 'n' audio-collage, "Psychedelic Circus." There are a couple more songs on the EP, but the final homebrew from Two is the closing epic: "Through (Your Mind)." [Full credit: I did nothing creative with the source video loop, by Alonzo E. Houston, found here.]

And then, right as I was starting to prepare the preliminary Top 10, BAM!! The Time & Space Machine released another EP, You Are the One (Nov 2009). I haven't spent as much time with it, but it goes a little closer to traditional remix electronica for what I seek. Here's the title track. Still pretty spacey psych, so we'll see... Let's just call it a bonus gift for the holidays. It does have a song called "More Cowbell," which I found unexpected.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something in my dash to catch up, but it's probably not The Time & Space Machine's remix work for modern bands. So far, like BTWS, the new-music mixes just don't really grab me (although I haven't heard his one for The Yellow Moon Band yet).

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