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Gongs to the Tempel -
Astral Headspace, Vol. 7

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All the way to #7! If you've missed any, all our promotional .mp3 compilations can be found on the menu at right, under "Astral Headspace Comps." Maybe worth a look?

I tried to build this one mainly around the 2011 Year End lists (albums + live), with some other notables that may or may not fit it. You make the call!

Gongs to the Tempel
A few quick notes, then we'll get into it real basic. You can hear the music by downloading...

Looking at the sources for various tunes, I think it's clear that Altered Zones will be missed. The site was truly a standby for this blog for AZ's entire, brief existence. They still have .mp3's available for now...

I was totally happy to find the Self-Titled Mag SoundCloud archives - whatta bonanza!

And finally, major thanks this time to NYC Taper for filling in the promo .mp3 gaps - and really for everything. Extra-great website for legit live recordings! You should be visiting there religiously.

So, here it is:

Gongs to the Tempel - Astral Headspace, Vol. 7

I might fill in some more info after this weekend, but I wanted to rush this out while it's still hot!

1. "Pushing Onlys" (live) - Woods (#7 Album, 2011 & #4 Live, 2009)
from NYC Taper's 6/17/11 recording

2. "Lazy Bones" - Wooden Shjips
from Self-Titled Mag SoundCloud collection

3. "Baby Missiles" - The War on Drugs (potential misses 2011)
from the Pitchfork review

4. "Insects" - Woodsman (#2, 2011 & live at APF4: #4 Live)
from Altered Zones (w/ live version!)

5. "I Led Three Lives" - Grails (#1 Album, 2011)
from Temporary Residence Ltd label of quality

6. "Instant Light" (edit) - The Alps (#16 album, 2011)
from Root Strata records

7. "Acetone" - ST 37 (played at Austin Psych Fest: #4 Live)
from Emperor Jones records

8. "Black Grease" (live) - The Black Angels (Honorable Mention 2011, curated APF4, plus co-#4 Live)
another NYC Taper gig

9. "If Only" (live) - Queens of the Stone Age (co-#6, Live 2011)
more from NYC Taper

10. "Benediction" - Thurston Moore (2011 Honorable Mention)
from the Pitchfork review

11. "Abrus precatorius" - Botanist
Discovered via weird notables on Pitchfork 2011 Metal list, .mp3 off of the artist's website!

12. "Dream Tassels" (edit) - Æthenor (all En Form for Blå snippets here on #13 album, 2011)
always from VHF Records

13. "We Have Visitors" - Pye Corner Audio (co-#19, 2011 Albums)
again with the Altered Zones?

14. "World 13" - Jonas Reinhardt (something other than #9 of 2011)
Check it out at the artist's SoundCloud!

15. "Sunstar" - Miracle (co-#5, 2011)
on the Forkcast at Pitchfork

16. "Song for Reinier Lucassen's Sphinx" - Trouble Books & Mark McGuire (the latter made #18, 2011)
yes, it's Altered Zones.

17. "Goddess Eyes" - Julia Holter
in the Self-Titled Mag SoundCloud archives (Boomkat's #1 album of the year!)

18. "Almost Grew My Hair" (live) - Grails (reigning #1 Album)
You really should already have this NYC Taper show!

19. "We Got the System to Fight the System" (live) - Maserati (#3 Live, 2011 & #1 records, 2010)
This one too! (NYC Taper, I mean...)

20. "In Circles" - Woodsman (still #2, 2011 & co-#4, Live 2011)
a good place to look: was Altered Zones

21. "Turiya" - Barn Owl (#8 album, 2011)
Cool video here at Altered Zones

22. "Laudanum Tusk" (edit) - Æthenor
another snippet from VHF Records

23. "I Might" (live) - Wilco (#7, Live 2011 & Honorable Mention)
lotsa the Wilco at NYC Taper

24. "Chinatown" - Destroyer
all yer Lite Rock faves are at Pitchfork

25. "Last Night at the Jetty" - Panda Bear (#10, 2007)
Pitchfork covers Panda?!

26. "Tiny gradations of loss" - The Caretaker (#10 albums, 2011)
good coverage from Altered Zones (with bonus vid!)

27. "Remember Us" - Leyland Kirby (#10 albums, 2011)
back to Self-Titled Mag's SoundCloud with you!

28. "Night Gallery III" - Sun Araw and Eternal Tapestry
from Altered Zones

29. "Mind Fry" - Edibles (who are all these peoples?!)
from Altered Zones II

30. "Get Lost" - Mark McGuire (#18 album, 2011)
from Altered Zones o' course!

31. "Batteries May Drain" - Steve Hauschildt (probable oversights 2011)
one of many on Altered Zones

32. "Slow Oscillations" - Zombi (core-#5, 2011 album)
free remix EP at Amazon

33. "Neukoln" - Jonas Reinhardt (from #9 album, 2011)
another gem outta Self-Titled Mag's SoundCloud (Bowie cover!)

34. "Vivarium" (edit) - Æthenor
last one from VHF Records...

35. "Dust" - Evan Caminiti (part of #8 albums, 2011)
from Altered Zones article

36. "Before You Go" - Charalambides (leftover for next year)
last one from the Self-Titled Mag SoundCloud revue

37. "Solid State" (live) - Robedoor (#11 album, 2011)
this one's on the WFMU blog

38. "Where's Jasper?" & "Visions of Load" - Gnod (#3 of 2011)
unearthed from the artist's SoundCloud!

Let me know if you run into any issues or errors. Like that typo I made in the blog name in a previous comp title... heh heh heh.

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