Sunday, August 1, 2010

Totems of the Pacific Northwest

I liked the Master Musicians of Bukkake's Totem One so much, I named it the #11 overall (Non-Metal) album of 2009. Unfortunately the sequel, aptly named Totem Two (2010), doesn't quite reach those levels. However, I'm coming around to some of its charms after a slow start.

"Patmos" from Totem Two (2010)

A slow start, much like the record itself. The first two tracks are too repetitive for their length, or too long for their repititions. I was starting to get the idea this was like a bonus disc of leftovers and outtakes. But things get more interesting after that. I put the last track up there first, because it's really sweet. The middle three songs do some different things, and are short enough that I think I can fit all of them on one clip... and so I do.

"The Heresy of Origen," "Coincidentia Oppositorum," and
"The Crystal Reformation" from Totem Two (2010)

"Origen" is almost church-like with its sacred organ plus tasteful electronics. Then the conincidence of opposites is kinda classical with its cinema strings and mournful trombone. Then the symphony of guitar feedback and ritual cymbals interlude gets closer to normal Bukkake territory. Anyway, if I can eventually dig into the first 20 minutes of this one, that would help the situation.

But I think One would still have a significant edge. Here's some songs from last year's release...

"People of the Drifting Houses" from Totem One (2009)

"Eaglewolf" from Totem One (2009)

Possible exchoes of the majestic Owlbear?? Here's "Schism/Prism (live)" again. And also the performance from Roadburn Festival '08 in two parts [Part 1 / Part 2].

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