Friday, September 25, 2009


Been looking for a good reason for this one...

Zombi is a synth/drums duo, now from Chicago, who play horror-soundtrack-inspired neo-prog instrumentals. Great as it sounds! Due to the band name, they're mostly identified with Italian horror soundtracks - specifically Goblin's work for Dario Argento. But the biggest influence I hear is John Carpenter's synth work for his own films. Tangerine Dream gets brought up so much in interviews, that I'm looking forward to checking them out too.

So far, I like all the records. The first couple of EP's are the most derivative, with shorter "sequences." Cosmos (2004) and Surface to Air (2006) start introducing a bit more proggy epic-ness, Cosmos probably being my favorite... just barely. The newest, Spirit Animal (2009), is really epic - bringing in the whole multi-part suites and even guitars!

This is them performing live about a month ago, in their former hometown Pittsburgh. The song is "Infinity" off their OOP split-EP with Maserati (2009). It's their only one with an extended drum solo, but also their only video I could find. This song was playing on my iPod when I got in the car today - and while driving home, I was actually wondering if they ever played it live. Weird!

You can also stream this year's full album, Spirit Animal!

And... Zombi will be playing two more shows this December -
pack yer bags!!

12/18/09 ~ Santo’s Party House ~ New York, NY
12/19/09 ~ Johnny Brenda’s ~ Philadelphia, PA

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