Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pleasant Taste, Some Monsterism

Might not get to a compilations list, but we'll see... So, I'll just point out here that Pete Fowler has done two! "Who's Pete Fowler?" you might very well ask. Well, he's done most of the artwork for Super Furry Animals, and he's got something called Monsterism Island: a comic book, toy line, website, and compilation album series.

The first one, The Sounds of Monsterism Island (2005), focused more on Exotica, late-'60s electronic and experimental pop, with a little garage-y rock and obscure funk thrown in. This year brought us A Psychedelic Guide to Monsterism Island, including more recent electronic weirdness like Ghost Box hauntologists and spacier DJ's.

Some Monsterism playlist, on YouTube

Anyway, I made a big ol' mash-up-mix playlist: 33 songs, just for fun!! [Click here to open in a new window.] The first half (17) are tunes that actually appear on the records. Couldn't find any others, so the second half is representative alternates by other artists included. The artist names link to some kind of informational site.

Couldn't believe Mandingo's "Black Rite" (1973) wasn't out there, so I had to make one myself! Embedded below at #15...

1. "The Island" The Millennium [song on v.1: Sounds...]
2. "Quiet Village" Martin Denny [Moog version on v.1: Sounds...]
3. "Magma On My Mind" Marc Shearer [song on v.2: Guide...]
4. "The Garden Of Earthly Delights" The United States Of America [song on v.1: Sounds...]

5. "Love Without Sound" White Noise [song on v.1: Sounds...]
6. "Fisherman's Jam" Monsters at Work [song on v.2: Guide...]
7. "Sake Rock," plus others by Martin Denny [song on v.1: Sounds...]
8. "Jig-A-Jig" East Of Eden [song on v.1: Sounds...]
9. "Village Strollin'" Wolf People [song on v.2: Guide...]

10. "Indian Bones" Dead Meadow [song on v.1: Sounds...]
11. "The Witch" The Rattles [song on v.1: Sounds...]
12. "Program" Silver Apples [song on v.1: Sounds...]
13. "Till We Merry Meet Again" Circulus [song on v.2: Guide...]
14. "Funky Mary" Aphrodite's Child [song on v.1: Sounds...]

15. "Black Rite" Mandingo [song on v.1: Sounds...]

16. "Ain't Got No Home" Clarence 'Frogman' Henry [song on v.1: Sounds...]
17. "Enchanted Sea" Martin Denny [song on v.1: Sounds...]
18. "You Are The One" The Time & Space Machine [Richard Norris on v.2: Guide...]
19. "Scarlet Ceremony" Belbury Poly [artist on v.2: Guide...]
20. "And The Cuckoo Comes" The Advisory Circle [artist on v.2: Guide...]

21. "Those Eyes" Monsters at Work [artist on v.2: Guide...]
22. "Tiny Space Birds" Amorphous Androgynous [artist on v.2: Guide...]
23. "Lonsome Words" Gruff Rhys [artist on v.2: Guide...]
24. "Free As A Bird" West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band [artist on v.1: Sounds...]

25. "Valley Of No Return" Joe Meek and the Blue Men [artist on v.1: Sounds...]
26. "My World Fell Down" Sagittarius [artist on v.1: Sounds...]
27. "Mister, You're A Better Man Than I" Manfred Mann Chapter Three [artist on v.1: Sounds...]
28. "Ringo Rock" Jerry Dammers Spatial AKA Orchestra [Jerry Dammers on v.2: Guide...]

29. "Receiver" Luke Vibert [artist on v.2: Guide...]
30. "Scrap Book" Jonny Trunk [artist on v.2: Guide...]
31. "Scott Title" Batfinks [artist on v.2: Guide...]
32. "Electro Aggression" John Baker [artist on v.1: Sounds...]
33. "Anything Goes" Harpers Bizarre [artist on v.1: Sounds...]

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