Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Now Is The Time When We Dance

I think this was all prompted by that crazy, ersatz-retro Space Disco commercial for McDonald's Hamburger Shoppe. I dunno...

"Inpector Norse" by Todd Terje, from It's The Arps EP (2012)

Heard nothing about this DJ / song all year, until like the last month... then it seemed like everyone was talking about it.

I would like to see that documentary in full.

"Brillar" by Pegasvs, from Pegasvs (2012)

I voted for GOAT (#1, 2012) as Best Rock & Breakthrough Artist in the Rober Awards poll - looks like they won the polls, but not the awards! Anyway, I found this group under Best Hispanic Artist category (Spain).

Just found a more recent video from them.

"Affection" by Crystal Castles, from (III) (2012)

Wow, I don't even know enough to pick a 3rd one to round it out. Guess I will go with the apparent winner of Best Electronica poll: Crystal Castles?

Okay, that's not really dance music. So I actually looked around for anything more appropriate, and... I just... what?! Whatever I found was some of the worst stuff I'd ever heard in years. I don't even... Wow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Post-Education Drink

I saw the Space City Rock review of the most recent release from My Education (opener, #3 Live Show 2011) sometime last month, and I'm clearing out my backlog of blog-post-drafts!

Not sure why the player wants to start with Track #5, but you can play it & buy it over at Bandcamp too. They're instrumental post-rock from Austin, TX - also mostly pretty good.

"A Drink For All My Friends" live May 21, 2011

I'm not sure exactly what the Violinist Sessions are, except for: live music + Denton, TX. Looks worth exploring though - here's the page for the My Education sesh (w/ free D/L too).

Ok, here's the band's official website. And I think I might jump on one of the remaining 50 copies of the vinyl Sound Mass LP (2011).

Monday, January 28, 2013

Surf's Down!

Time to do some blog Spring Cleaning, cleaning house, house-cleaning... on the old leftovers.

According to Facebook, "Ryan of Taifas and JT of The Escatones decided to start a label." Behind this link to Fayetteville's Taifas Bandcamp is some ***NSFW*** cover art, but on a free album download!

Southern Surf Punk and Roll Vol. 1 (2012) is a Free Download from the label Bandcamp. Description & tags would indicate "Texas (Houston), Arkansas, Oklahoma (Tulsa), Nebraska, and Kansas" - which is pretty wide-ranging!

"Open Up Your Mind" from Bad Things Don't EP (2012)

Ft. Smith, Arkansas' Pagiins do the third track, and they have Bandcamp, with a couple of free 2012 EP's.

"All of my friends are Wolfmen" on Chic-A-Go-Go (11/20/2012)

Omaha, Nebraska's Snake Island! seems like a fun band, and I'll rarely pass up an opportunity to feature the Public Access legend Chic-A-Go-Go.

"Politician" at 3rd Squirrel Records (Georgetown, TX)

Video description calls them "Houston based punk/rock/comedy-core/Carlin-core." Art Institutes official media profile is pretty hilarious:
In 1976, Art Institute were getting regular work playing clubs on Houston's Sunset Strip. It was here that they came to the attention of KISS frontman Gene Simmons, who was so impressed with the band that he paid for their first demo tape. In 1978, their self-titled debut album was released, becoming one of the most successful debut albums ever and bringing hard rock into the musical mainstream.

I think I heard they'd recently broken up. Drag...

I think I'll just push this one out now - grab the free comp & see what you like!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Since we were recently talking about related matters...

Rifts (2009) was already a collection of sci-fi electronic material from earlier Oneohtrix Point Never records, so this will be / was an expanded vinyl re-release of a 2xCD set that was a pared-down edition of 3 LP's. Seems sold out everywhere by now... (And as mentioned, I've already covered it extensively once before.)

Check out & download an exclusive track from the box-set, but not from any of the pre-Rifts LP's, but rather a split-cassette. I mean, I don't even know anymore...

"Blue Drive" from KGB Nights / Blue Drive (2009)

Ltd-ed of 125 tapes! I'm guessing you didn't pick that one up either. And something else... why not? Here's the other track from the OPN side of the tape - not sure if it's also on the new box-set.

"Gray-Level Objects Describing Bio Layers" from KGB Nights / Blue Drive (2009)

That is a very fitting video for that song title. Actually, it looks like "KGB Nights" appears on the new vinyl, but not the "GLODBL" one. Which means a track from KGB Man (another Daniel Lopatin group), rather than OPN? Huh.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Index of Astral MP3 Compilation Series

Because of the various issues with online storage (legitimate & otherwise), and the growing number of links to be monitored and updated - I'm setting up this free-standing post as a download & cross-reference index. Somewhat like the earlier Top 10 index and home-brew video index.

In addition to this post, I'll try to keep all the links updated in the "COMPS" section to the right. At this point the format for each comp is: Title linking to the Rapidshare download, and [vol. #] linking to the original post with tracklist & other info.

A couple of other quick notes: These collections all come from either totally legit promotional MP3's offered on the interet for download (see original posts for sources), or with the artists' permission. Also, Rapidshare will delete any files that go 30 days without download activity. If you experience any issues, post over on Facebook, since I usually overlook comments here on the blog itself for too long.

Astralnauts Are Go!!
Here's the Astral MP3 Compilation download series... so far.

2009~ Astralnauts Are Go!! vol. 1 [Download / Post]
Hey, the bitrates here aren't quite as bad as I'd remembered (just a lot of 128-192). Pretty solid first effort, with several ongoing favorite acts: BTWS, LP4, Boris, Earthless... And probably my favorite cover art. [15 tracks / 2+ hours]

Beyond the Astral Waves... vol. 2 [Download / Post]
Similar line-up as before... with some additional live stuff (Woods & Sebadoh), Psych Fest drone-rock (Black Angels, BJTM, The Asteroid No. 4), and good electronix (Caribou, Fujiya & Miyagi). [19 tracks / ~1¾ hours]

Decem per Decem
2010~ Cleansing the Headspace: vol. 3 [Download / Post]
Quick review of the tracklist would indicate fairly heavy going. This starts out with Isis, Baroness & Nadja (MBV cover), then towards the end there's Krallice, WITTR, Mastodon & Nadja (a-Ha cover). Other stuff too, with expanded weirdo excerpts. [21 tracks / ~2 hours]

Decem per Decem ~ vol. 4 [Download / Post]
If forced to pick only one of these, this just might be the one. Goes all over the place, but manages to include many blog favorites (sometimes multiply), and it keeps moving along (only one true epic). [27 tracks / ~2¼ hours]

2011~ Early through Everything... vol. 5 [Download / Post]
I hate to sound self-impressed, but I'm pretty impressed with myself. Looking back at these, I got more quality and/or interesting stuff than I thought. Anyway, #5 is about as electronical as #3 was heavy. [28 tracks / ~2½ hours]

Foreverything II / vol. 6 [Download / Post]
Coming just two weeks after Early, this was kind of a direct sequel. I might have been pushing it, drunk on the flood of free MP3's. My cyberweb detective skills were probably peaking right around the same time bands' freeshare policies were. [30 tracks / 2½+ hours]

Gongs to the Tempel
2012~ Gongs to the Tempel - vol. 7 [Download / Post]
The secret to releasing 3 blog comps in 1 year is to start early! You know this one's great because "I tried to build this one mainly around the 2011 Year End lists." What could be better?? [38 tracks / 3 hours!]

Hubble Telescope Discovers Sphinx on Pluto's Moon (vol. 8) [Download / Post]
... and following up in February. I think that "also a bunch of random other stuff" might describe this better than "Split amongst the upcoming and previous Austin Psych Fests." But maybe if you squint. Some really good music nevertheless. [46 tracks / ~3¾ hours!!]

In vveirdo veritas: vol. 9 [Download / Post]
This starts off looking like a Best of 2012, veers into a ditch of weirdness, then cruises some pop landscape, before returning home in time for the holidays. Even reined it in to [20 tracks / 1½+ hours].

2013~ Jelatinous Xube PsychmyX ~ vol. 10 [Download / Post]
What can I say? It's a bunch of people playing this year's Austin Psych Fest, so it's gotta be outta sight, right? 'Tis... [24 tracks / 2¼+ hours]

Friday, January 25, 2013

World Music - Goat (#1, 2012)

Like any rockin' party, World Music by Goat feels like it just flies past. Here's the full 37:39, which seems shorter than that by about half the length. Good times!

"Diarabi" (live) kicks off the proceedings with a sidewinding North African/Middle Eastern intro that wouldn't be out of place on this year's #3 Six Organs of Admittance record.

Title interpretation: "Diarabe mean infatuated or extreme love. Like if you can't go without someone." Maybe also a reference to "Diaraby" by Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder?

Although I've mostly focused on the hit singles and official videos in previous posts, the album frontloads the "Goat" ones - so here we are, again.

"Goatman" (live) from World Music (2012)

Title interpretation: a man of the goats? a superhero?
Recipe for instant classic: Soaring & detonating guitars, full-frontal low-end, frenzied hand-drum assault, dat chant. Mix well.

By now, Western musicians have been copping Near Eastern moves since at least The Beatles (#6, 1969). But if there's been a big resurgence of raw Afro-Funk a la Nigeria 70 (2001), I guess I've missed it. And far from shying away from any concerns about imperialistic misappropriation, Goat doubles down - weaving a ludicrous and awesome backstory about some ancient traveling witch-doctor importing Voodoo culture to their remote Swedish village.

"Goathead" (live) from World Music (2012)

Title interpretation: the godhead? a tribute to Swedish-Afro-Funk pioneers The Rolling Stones (#19, 1969), who also released an album called Goats Head Soup (1973)?

Brewed up from similar ingredients as the previous one, with maybe a more spindly lead guitar, a more chooglin' rhythm, and a stop-start breakdown. The solo drips molten slow molasses napalm into a blender set to frappé. And with a twist ending - acoustic mellow-down coda!

"Disco Fever" (live)
Title interpretation: a reference to some South Bronx shithole? an actual malady in the jungles of Sweden?

That's some classic relentless driving Afro-Funk riffs, interrupted here & there by wah-wah drops and an extended organ freak-out. As always, the vocals contend with everything else thrown out under them. [Click-thru image to GOAT-fan blogger-artist.]

"Golden Dawn" (live)
Title interpretation: reference to the 20th Century occult society? or Greek fascist party?

I don't know what that trick or effect towards the beginning is called, where the different parts' rhythms seems to race each other to get ahead and then tumble behind & back in line, but I like it. Also what's that dissonant tone in the bridge - like a chromatic diminished 13th or something?

"Let It Bleed" (live) from World Music (2012)

Title interpretation: back to ye olde Rolling Stones again? Or literally 'let it bleed?'

This was a single released before the full-length came out, or more importantly, before I'd heard of them. I'd put that on my jukebox! Scale Power-ed all the way to the drop-out... No-one expects the saxophone.

"Run to Your Mama" (live)
Title interpretation: If you're not Swedish, you probably wouldn't get the cheeky reference to Hardcore Superstar... I'm not judging - just here to help.

I think that break has a little "War Pigs" DNA, am I right?
Lay it down + Belt it out = PROFIT!

Guess what I literally just learned while searching for the image above. There's a whole non-album B-side tune floating out there: "The Sun, The Moon!!" (The only place I've found it for download is on the iTune single for "Goatman.")

"Goatlord" (live)
Title interpretation: Lord of the goats? a goat who is also a lord?

Drone out with tha pump organ. Niceness all the way around - with a super-overdriven lead guitar from outta nowhere. But no-one expects the pump organ!

"Det som aldrig förändras / Diarabi" live) from World Music (2012)

Title interpretation: Swedish for "what never changes." Duh.

Sweet video, sweet song(s). Nice step-up to full accompaniment with the now-riffing pump, and the transition back into the intro as the outro. Like a veritable Ouroboros of awesome!

Might I take a moment to point out that Rocket Recordings have been killing it for a few years now? Nice job (again) on this one! I mean, check out (or listen to, or escucha) this playlist... - GOAT- The World Music Mixtape by PNKSLM

Also this exclusive Goatmix, via the label blog (w/ tracklist)... There's also a recent, similar BBC6 mix as well.

BTW, I was just kidding about "Run to Your Mama." Not joking about the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Nigeria 70 or Black Sabbath though.

Genre - Voodoo-delic Afro-Funk
Official/blog -
Location - Korpilombolo, Sweden

Review - The Quietus
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Forced Exposure

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Assault on The Vault of The Ancient Bonglords

The Linus Pauling is selling Assault on The Vault of The Ancient Bonglords 3xCD + the titular Druids & Demons module (#3 Archival, 2012) on the internet. Limited Edition of 100, expanded by popular demand from the original 55.

Head on over to ***CD Baby*** as fast as you possibly can!

Linus Pauling Quartet - Drunkest Man by audibletreats

I liked these CDbaby descriptors of LP4...

Genres You Will Love
Rock: Psychedelic
Moods: Featuring Guitar
Metal/Punk: Stoner Metal
Recommended if You Like
Black Sabbath
Monster Magnet
The Butthole Surfers

Here's what I said about it before:
3xCD career retrospective from "probably my favorite active hometown heroes." Some super-fan might quibble (more rarities! less debut!)... To which others might argue, "Shut up, their debut was your #9 album of 1995... Idiot!"

New album page up at the LP4 blog.

Linus Pauling Quartet - Southern Pine by audibletreats

Check out some more historical Linus writing at my original post about the AOVOABL release in-store show (one of the #3 Live Shows of 2012).

Oh and while I was on Soundcloud, I found this super-recent live recording from Charlie Naked, 12/22/2012 with OlympusMONS: Winter Solstice live. Downloadable as 3 parts (_1_/_2_/_3_)...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Post-Rock Indonesia

This is a map of Indonesia:

Along the lines of the ritual Drone/Ambient scene of Finland and the depressive Black Metal of Iran, we must now add the modern Post-Rock of Indonesia. This post will be part exploration & part map resource, lots of information & links densely packed in - with a minimum of embedded images & videos.

Thanks to Keith Henderson’s list on Aural Innovation's 2012 staff picks, I was lead to the 4 free-download compilations offered by Post Rock Indonesia:
Hope & Dreams [download].
Last Home, Indonesia! [download].
Solitude [download].
and Destination [download].

Henderson specifically mentions the bands Little Space Donkey & Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun, so let's start off with them - and then the primary compilation that he listed. And on & on...

"Anumerta" from Dreamer's Manifesto EP (2011)

I found some info about the Jakarta band Little Space Donkey. The primary result was that most of their songs appear on their latest EP Dreamer's Manifesto, "released in Bandcamp on May 2011." (A free download link located on their Tumblr!) Also that the tune "Eleven Brave Warriors on That Field," was included on Volume 2 of the Beyond The Sky comp released by Invasi Record, a netlabel out of Bandung, Indonesia. Free Invasi releases are still available at The Archive.

Their first EP, Collection of Songs That We Will Never Play Live, Ever (2010, on follows Rule #21 of Black Metal to a tee.
101 Rules of Black Metal

21. Make sure your album goes out of print about 3 years after its release... so it becomes 'cult'.

Anyway, here's a super-new video: "Save Your Youth from the Early Nervous" - which appears to be from an even earlier EP... We're Halfway There (2009???). LSD are also on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Under the big bright yellow sun - time is near by utbbys Postrock

And then there's Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun, from Bandung. You can stream or buy Painting of Life (2012) from Bandcamp.

I also found the earlier "Song Before Sunset" and even earlier live "Journey to Never Ending Road." Here's the H&D comp song played live & recent. Lots more on YouTube, and they're on Facebook and Twitter as well.

In general, a good place to search for some (but definitely not all) of this music is on the official Kanal PostRockIndonesia on YouTube.

Hope & Dreams - V/A (2012)
Information ~ Stream ~ direct Download

So this was the actual (free) compilation album that Henderson listed as one of his tops among 2012. I'm just going straight down the tracklist - links flying everywhere, maybe a video or two for something special. Feel free to listen to the comp, download whatever, and click around!

01. BOW (Burial Of World) – "Welcome"

Hahaha! I honestly didn't intend to start off embedding the first video. I'll try to restrain myself. But the slideshow brings up a point that I wanted to make: the Indonesian archipelago looks beautiful & exotic. So far most everything I've heard from these albums is both much better and much less exotic & distinctly Indonesian than I'd expected. Everyone seems to know the Post-Rock formula(e) and stick to it, to a surprisingly consistent degree. About the only angle I could go with might be that a lot is in the style of Mono, from Japan (whom Burial of World cover), rather than say Tortoise or Maserati - but that feels like a stretch.

Ok, back to BOW - nice tune. They've got a work in progress on Soundcloud, and a 2012 live "Shoki" for free download. Here's a YouTube search for further exploration.

02. Angina (New Dehli, India) - "Come On, Run!"

Already we're beyond the borders! (The comps will get less & less Indonesia-centric as we progress...) Based on all the disconnected links from Indian Bands Hub, they've either renamed or broken up. MySpace is still up, though - looks like we might now be dealing with Anuragi instead. Direct download for Angina's Lost in Reverie mini-album (2010). There's at least one more release, but it all just got too confusing.

03. Sepatu Usang - "Today Is Sunday"

From Malang, East Java - I think the only MLK samples, and a counter-example of Indonesiatic musical influence. Specifically in the live instrumentation on this jam and on that one. Here's a studio "Small Friend," possibly from their free-download album Jumprit Singit (2011)?

[Edit 1/23: Also found downloads at Sepatu Usang Reverbnation!]

04. Cuacamendung – "Realized"

Straight outta Samarinda! They also do a cover (maybe of This Will Destroy You?). Check out their Soundcloud page with a few free songs. Here are a couple of those live: "Laugh Is The New Cry" and "11:11pm."

[Edit 1/23: Same with Cuaca Mendung Reverbnation!]

05. Scenic - "Fakeness Around Us" (and live)

East Jakarta troop - not much out there, but check out Soundcloud with D/L's. Well, someone made a cool video for "Fallen Angel." There are apparently other singles out there... somewhere.

06. My Violainé Morning - "The Downtown Lights"

This band seems to have quite the robust internet presence - including their official website, with its own Downloads section. Plus their own Soundcloud page (also w/ some downloads) and YouTube channel... (and various songs around on YouTube.) Their 2011 album, Next Episode of This World , is even up on Amazon. Nice job!

07. Little Space Donkey - "Anumerta" (live)

08. Watch The Clouds – "Nope"

Any other information on these guys? Nope.

09. Distorsi Alam Timur – "Pray"

Of the two MySpace options, I'm going with this one. And here's a live set at the Backyard Cafe in Kemang, Jakarta.

10. Asphoria - "Living in a World of Atrocity" (demo)

This band from Bogor maintains an extensive Soundcloud, YouTube channel, and their own blog. Looks like an official video for "A Day That I'm No Good At"... I'm starting to suspect this is not actually a post-rock band.

11. Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun - "Time Is Near" [see above]

12. Others - "I Life at the Messy World"

Hey, I've noticed that I like this one - it has stood out from the pack! Here new comers metal band with post-rock influence from surabaya. Looks like valid download links might be the The Sirens Sound. Not very much more, so I'll wrap up this comp (only 3 to go!) with "Intro," "If There's No Tomorrow" (EPIC!), Others' Facebook, and MySpace.

Last Home, Indonesia! - V/A (2012)
Information ~ Stream (SC) ~ Stream (BC) ~ direct Download

Quite a bit shorter tracklist, so I'm going to continue with that approach for now.
<*Band descriptions from id-postrock translated by Google & me!>

01. Heima - "December"
<*The band that I think is oriented with the icelandic music like Sigur ros... it's that cold-coooooold.....!>

Not Icelandic, no - they're from Jakarta. Couple of relevant YouTube channels to scope, if interested: Heima-001 and Heima-002. There's also Facebook and MySpace. Couple of versions of that one song at Soundcloud. Single-song direct download link here.

02. Suara Hati - "Dream in Mine"
<*Solo, besides famous in its rock music scene.. it also stores the genre the band is post-rock/instrumental and one of them is Suara Hati.>

03. My Violainé Morning - "Color of condensed vapour in the sky"
<*Derived from Bandung armed with shoegazing instrumental music rock.Yupss!!! it's My Violaine Morning! I think successful band released the album "The next episode of the world" which was released by the Japanese label called "Happy Prince" who had released God Is An Astronaut's album.>

04. Stupidzero - "Anomalia dan Keyakinan"
<*This is what I say has been driving the music scene. glitchy Instrumental rock / noise from northern Sumatra to be exact. >

"Tiga Kali Lebih Tenang" by Stupidzero, from totalfeedback vol 6

"Sumatra." Just two tracks at Soundcloud. Check out a live cover of "Heart-Shaped Box," which is where I think that video footage comes from. I dig this band's vibe, mang... There's also a Facebook.

Stumbled across GRUNGEE JUMPING! #2: Indonesian Raw and Noise Compilations (2012) during my search. It does appear you can both stream & download from Reverbnation - so check that out too!

[Edit 1/23: Also found Stupidzero Reverbnation with downloads!]

05. Roommate - "Megumi on fire"
<*The band's music embraced alternative / indie but slightly spiced elements of post-rock...>

06. Musikari - "Hujan Tropis"
<*This hails from outside Samarinda. enlivening the Borneo music scene post-rock / instrumental in my Indonesia. So the band has a good following when they see themselves going consistently...>

07. Strangenoisemaker - "Welcome Home"
<*From jogja with music instrumental / electronic / ambient, Strangenoisemaker is an instrumental / electronic unit in jogja which also helped to enliven the indie scene in sana. though it was a vacuum... but, we must wait for the best works of them :) >

From Yogyakarta. I found a random MBV cover, a Blur cover & some others on MySpace.

And that's it for Last Home, Indonesia!

SEA Compilation: Solitude - V/A (2012)
Information ~ Stream ~ direct Download

Here we're going well beyond Indonesia, around into the region & the Philippines... I'm thinking "SEA" actually means "South East Asia," although Indonesia has been part of a few thalassocracies, most notably the Srivijaya and Majapahit empires. In which case, things should start speeding up now.

Solitude tracklist:

01. Hon Narongrit - "Raining in Summer" (Thailand)

Official video to kick this one off! Check out their Bandcamp, Pure Volume and YouTube channel. Someone else (or the same: ช่องของ) has put up "Night Life."

02. Damn Dirty Apes - "E Minor Bells" (Malaysia)

Are those dudes at Rudyard's? These guys had Valve State Dreams (2002), Ape Kill Ape (2004) and appear on the very recent Mull; Debauch to Kuala Lumpor (component three) comp (2012). Albums maybe here. O yeah, and MySpace. You're probably better off just hitting this YouTube search actually.

03. Sound of Silence - "Waiting" (Indonesia)

I think this is the correct S.o.S.: "Jakarta Frustasi." And if so, then Soundcloud! And maybe ever here... If you believe Facebook, looks like new songs are going to Reverbnation.

04. Paint The Sky Red - "Like Flowers In Ultraviolet" (Singapore)

I'm a big fan of having your own Bandcamp - it's almost as good as having free downloads. They've also got a YouTube channel, and here's a couple of live videos. Stil not entirely sure what TVsessions is/are, but it's shown up quite a bit. So good for them!

[Edit 1/23: Finally located their Soundcloud with a downloadable live-set, plus two tracks!]

05. As The City Sleeps - "Out of C" (Philippines)

Soundcloud (multiple downloads)... Facebook... YouTube channel.

06. A Slow in Dance - "Back to The Brightside" (Indonesia)

Not entirely sure how this band name works, but they do have the Bandcamp - with free downloads!! Also check out the earlier album "We Hate This, But We Need To Survive."

07. Slow Shutter - "Empty My Brain" (Thailand)

I'm only seeing 1 track on Bandcamp, but I'll leave the link here for future reference... Also with the YouTube channel: ช่องของ (love Thai writing).

08. Arajua - "Sky" (Singapore)

Thought we might have covered this group already, but not so. Another of the Bandcamp singles, with more tracks at Soundcloud (including some other relevant music). You'll probably find more with this YouTube search than without.

09. Time Keeper - "Walk in Time" (Vietnam)

I've gotten the impression this Saigon duo's big hit was "Get One." They're on both Bandcamp and Soundcloud (the 2 main songs, both downloadable). I think "Medley Album" was some kinda preview-promo-teaser... Here's a translated article & something else.

10. tide/edit - "Status" (Philippines)

I don't know why, but I'm glad there's a Filipino band/artist going by 'time/edit'. They have the official site, the Bandcamp site (w/ free 2011 demo), song "Return," and a bunch of others around YouTube.

11. Away the Ways - "5 o'clock" (Thailand)

Start with the 2-songle Bandcamp, they have some YouTube channel, and here's one more live video.

12. Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun - "Threshold" (Indonesia)

We've already covered these guys, but I don't think I linked to this YouTube search. Hit it!

13. Silent Scenery - "Twilight Pulse" (Malaysia)

Or the comp version? Yeah, they got Soundcloud, and MySpace, and the YouTube channel. Pretty cool - plenty to explore!

[Edit 1/23: Found their Reverbnation page with few downloads...]

14. Angina - "Lost in Reverie" (India)

I got Arajua confused with Angina and Anuraji. Totally different!

15. The Metaphor - "Rebirth" [live] (Malaysia)

"When We Were Once Lost" from their YouTube channel, and there's another related channel. They have Facebook and MySpace and a related Soundcloud.

16. Monochrome - "Gray Sky Manila" [live] (Philippines)

Check out band info on Castpel - first time I've heard of it! Other than YouTube results, results, results... there's always Facebook.

Wait, wait, wait. "Between Tranquility and Impending Death" is billed as: Monochrome x Garapata (vs.?). Which is also posted on their FB, and apparently this Garapata [fictional character]... well, "garapata is a tick."

17. Robot - "Lying on Earth" [live] (Indonesia)

The band's name: Robot. Explore the extensive Soundcloud (with significant D/L's)... Also, Facebook and MySpace still. From FB, "Download our latest EP Between Earth and The Sky (2011): Link"

18. Anechois - "Your Absence Is Permanent" [live] (Singapore)

Lotsa webbing for the last one here - an official URL (Bandcamp) & a bountiful Soundcloud... An official YouTube channel. I wanna check out this Baybeats Festival in Singapore. YouTube poster Nurmaisha Ghani calls this Best song ever! More TVsessions & a general YouTube search.

One final globe-trotting compilation to go!

Destination - V/A (2012)
Information ~ Stream ~ direct Download

We're now heading well beyond Indonesia itself, southeast Asia even, and into The World...

1. Qibe - "Pulau Dewata" (Jakarta)

At lease we're starting in Indonesia. Shorter entries as we finish up... Free songs on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, this official YouTube playlist, from their official YouTube channel.

2. Astralia - "Glacial" (Barcelona, España)

You'd think from Australia, but not even close. Like that one! Free music on Bandcamp, Soundcloud... and some stuff around YouTube search.

3. Master Theory - "Alena And Her Quiet Thoughts" (Prague, Czech Republic)

Some tunes at either Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

4. Eyes Like Mirrors - "Meadows Breathe Beneathe Mountains" (Johannesburg, South Africa)

These guys have a Tumblr! There's a n-y-p EP on Bandcamp, and 1 tune on Soundcloud. I also found "An Untold Introduction" to a mystery Demo (2008). I see they also make music under the name Lemuria sometimes: single's out on their Bandcamp.

Tumblr brings news of another free netlabel comp: Mine All Mine Two Hundred (2011) [D/L @ B/C] from Mine All Mine! Records in Madison, Wisc.

5. 6LA8 - "Our Dog Eat Dog World of Heroic News Reporting" (Karachi, Pakistan)

Quite a bit more synthtastic than usual. Lotsa links, so here they are: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, official YouTube channel or this YouTube playlist, The Sirens Sound and Prog Archives.

6. Helios - "In Everything Was Given" (Portland, Oregon, USA)

I actually own an album by this guy: Eingya (2006) on Type Records. Seems to have been self-releasing since Unleft (2010)?

Here's the official label site wit a Free Music section. There's stuff on Soundcloud, and also YouTube album-playlist. The dude's got an official Vimeo channel, which covers all of his various music projects.

7. Willshare - "Anger of Forsaken" [live] (Bangkok, Thailand)

The same one tune streaming at Bandcamp or Soundcloud - for which there's an official video, from their YouTube channel (along with live stuff). Also a recent video teaser for the comp track's upcoming official video, I guess...

8. A Shelter in the Desert - "It's Raining" (Ciudad de México, Mexico)

Getting closer to my neighborhood here... A 2012 album on Bandcamp (free D/L link), and some more on Soundcloud.

9. Fuentes - "July Wish" (Jakarta)

Originally I could only find that one's A-side on Soundcloud. The song "Mola Mola" (new version) is probably them too. But then a big break came (from, and I found the Facebook & an apparent YouTube channel.

10. Love From Bombs - "Cracovia" (Poland +Palermo +Chile)

Most info I found on this international project kept leading me back to the Tiny Voices netlabel - on Soundcloud & with blog. So peep that!

11. This Patch of Sky - "With Morning Comes Hope" (Eugene, OR)

U.S.A. They have an official website, a Bandcamp, and a Soundcloud. Here's a general YouTube search.

12. The Allstar Project - "Light for a Thousand Night" (Leiria, Portugal)

Lotsa links, so here they are: official, Soundcloud, MySpace, official YouTube channel, The Sirens Sound and Prog Archives. They're even on Amazon MP3!

Maybe more information than you needed/wanted...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Dom Keller Are Kickstartin' It!

The Cult of Dom Keller (#12 of 2012, #15 of 2011 & part of #4 Live, APF 2011) needs your help, via Kickstarter!!
THE CULT OF DOM KELLER call upon our brothers and sisters to help us fund the promotion of our new album & tour.

Deadline is FEBRUARY 18TH, target is £2,500 (USD $4,000), minimum is £1, and available # of each reward is limited.

Apparently, there's a full album (?) coming out in March (??)... and CODK is playing this year's Austin Psych Fest (again). I'm hoping for a Houston show. I kinda get the impression they're not simply rolling in dough - thus the Kickstarter!!

"Secret sound 5 (shake the ghosts from my head)" from Secret Sounds EP (2012)

Here's an earlier CODK post with a bunch of other videos & info.
So, with this mission statement in mind, we have put together a collection of rewards exclusive to Kickstarter, to thank your for your unerring support.

This is true. Many of the donation rewards are very intriguing: "Neil CODK will draw a cartoon of you" (£10), "online game of chess with Jimmy CODK" (£10), "private garment-request snaps" (£15), "CODK dog-walking service" (£25, UK only)...

But I'm focusing in on one in particular:
Pledge of £20 of more
Kickstart only Exclusive RARE CD of unreleased tracks album + Download of the new album.

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013
Add £3 to ship outside the UK
Per Dom Keller FB, we're talking stuff like: "Kayhole blues," "Leave this world behind," "Feed me," maybe "Sleepwalk in Tenchicolor" or "Armageddon Monk Chant" (live 2010), and whatever else... The possibilities are numerous!

"Heavy and Dead" [live] from Leicester, England (03/18/2012)

Please help The Cult of Dom Keller release an album, come the the USA, maybe play my hometown, and get me some rare CODK trax! By donating to their Kickstarter.

This is a call to arms!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Whenever someone crosses me (or a friend just disagrees about something minor), I occasionally react with at least the thought of "you're one of them."

"My War" by Black Flag, from My War (1983)

A recent invocation of this reminded me of this SPIN profile of QOTSA John Homme...

O yeah, and also after-hours laser tag with the crew.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Top 20 Albums of 1969

Nineteen-sixty-nine was an important year, mainly because I was born then. And man first went to the moon - in April, when the moonpeople gave Hawkwind the secret of Space Rock. But also enough good music along all streams (main-, out- & otherwise) to bump the list up to a Top 20. [twenty...]

Lotsa ground to cover, so let's get rollin'! [rollin'...]

#1 The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground

"What Goes On" from The Velvet Underground (1969)
"Beginning to See the Light" from The Velvet Underground (1969)

Genre - Underground/Experimental
Unofficial -
Myspace -
Location - New York City, NY

Review - Sputnik Music
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

Easily one of my favorite albums of all time, as mentioned already in the VU discography post. Touching all the regular Velvet bases, but with extra-consistent tunefulness. You get your lovely/grimy voyeurism, like "Candy Says" and "Some Kinda Love." The origins of quasi-nonreligious gospel, the original counter-culture non-anti-Jesus song, "I'm Set Free" & others. Uh... "Pale Blue Eyes." And the sweet, short ones toward the end: Mo's "After Hours" and Lou's "That's the Story of My Life." Hey, that's the whole record! Start all over.

Gotta note here that 1969 was also the year of the recording of two major live releases. First, the super-great two-part 1969: Velvet Underground Live with Lou Reed (#3, 1974): here's Vol. 1, and there's Vol. 2! Also the much more recent official box-set Bootleg Series, Volume 1: The Quine Tapes (2001), taped by Robert Quine himself in St. Louis & San Francisco. It's out on vinyl now, but I've already got the CD's - and it's like 5 million USD (or something).

#2 Bayou Country, Green River, & Willie and the Poor Boys - Creedence Clearwater Revival

"Keep On Chooglin'" from Bayou Country (1969)
"Wrote A Song for Everyone" from Green River (1969)
"Fortunate Son" from Willie and the Poor Boys (1969)

Genre - American Rock & Roll
Unofficial -
Location - Bay Area, CA, USA

Review - Rolling Stone
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

Holy shit! What a year for CCR... Three albums, with a mess of super-hits & eventual classics - including "Born on the Bayou," "Bootleg," "Good Golly Miss Molly", "Proud Mary" (from Bayou Country), "Green River," "Commotion," "Bad Moon Rising," "Lodi" (Green River), "Down on the Corner" and "The Midnight Special" (Willie and the Poor Boys).

I don't think about Creedence too much anymore these days, but there's no denying that they owned 1969.

#3 Oar - Alexander 'Skip' Spence

"Little Hands" from Oar (1969)
"Cripple Creek" from Oar (1969)

Genre - Dark Folk Magick
Wikipedia -
Location - S.F., CA

Review - Mark's Record Reviews
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

I just did a Skip Spence post a couple months ago. This record is the one to have! Didn't necessarily expect it to rise so high. But there's just so much real feeling put into it - it is honest and good. And it's not all jaunty fun times. Song titles like "Weighted Down (The Prison Song)" and "Broken Heart" set the tone, but there are a few smiles here & there. And then finally the outlandish, weird and amazing "Grey/Afro."

Here's a full-album playlist, from the top. It's all good.

#4 The Stooges - The Stooges

"1969" from The Stooges (1969)
"No Fun" from The Stooges (1969)

Genre - Proto-Punk Garage-Rock
Official -
Myspace -
Location - Ann Arbor, MI

Review - Treble Zine
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

Long before the #2 Album of 1973, the Dum Dum Boys hooked up with the ex-VU John Cale to produce their unprecedential debut. What was it? Something almost too new? The riff, the vibe, the sound of not-happenin' youth!! Far from a "Real Cool Time," they were simply "Not Right." Suburban ne'er-do-well misfit rock.

1969 was a year for epic workouts, but The Stooges put theirs (the droner-downer "We Will Fall") right in the middle, rather than the beginning or end. Some folks never learn...

#5 Live/Dead & Aoxomoxoa - Grateful Dead

"Dark Star" from Live/Dead (1969)
"St. Stephen" from Aoxomoxoa (1969)

Genre - Haight-Ashbury Psych-Jams
Official -
Myspace -
Location - San Francisco, CA

Review - Rolling Stone (Lenny Kaye, 1970)
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

Groovy good times from your #1 of 1972 party band! Live/Dead's kinda more live-in-the-studio, but crackling with talent & youth. (Needless to say, a much different youth than The Stooges.) There's an 8-minute track called "Feedback." Pigpen raves up the scene with "Turn On Your Lovelight." I'm loving this full-album gig on YouTube.

Aoxomoxoa was the first Grateful Dead that I owned. Unlike Live/Dead, I can't say it's top-shelf official Dead - but interesting for '60s afficionados. Of course there's the original versions of "St. Stephen" [linked above] and "China Cat Sunflower." Jammy jammin' on "Doin' That Rag" and "Cosmic Charlie." Y'know, like et cetera, man.

Psychedelic cover by Rick Griffin. Album in full.

#6 Abbey Road, Yellow Submarine OST, "Get Back/Don't Let Me Down," "The Ballad of John and Yoko/Old Brown Shoe," and "Something/Come Together" - The Beatles
Electronic Sound - George Harrison
Unfinished Music No. 2: Life with the Lions - John Lennon

"I Want You (She's So Heavy)" from Abbey Road (1969)
"It's All Too Much" from Yellow Submarine OST (1969)
"Don't Let Me Down," B-side from single (1969)
"Old Brown Shoe," B-side from single (1969)
Electronic Sound (1969) by George Harrison
Life with the Lions (1969) by John Lennon

Genre - Last Days of an Empire
Official -
Myspace -
Location - Liverpool, England

Review - Pitchfork
Download - The Beatles on iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

You might know this group from my #9 Free Internet Album of 2010... or maybe the #2 Album of 1966. Sure Abbey Road is good, we've all heard it - I'm not complaining. But I wanna talk about soundtracks!

Yellow Submarine is no Magical Mystery Tour OST (1967), mainly because they supplemented with George Martin's orchestration rather than proven hit singles. But still - ask your average Beatles fan to name what's here, and I'm betting only on the title song. George gets two organ-drone jams: "It's All Too Much" [linked above] and "Only A Northern Song!" Plus sing-a-ding-alongs "All Together Now," "Hey Bulldog," and "All You Need Is Love" (which seemed to end up on like 1 album per year down the stretch). Now that's a collection!

I could talk about the Beatles a long time, but will wrap it up. The 1969 singles are great on both sides, and George & John's Zapple records are worth checking out. The full audio is at the links under the Abbey Road cover.

#7 Led Zeppelin I & II - Led Zeppelin

"Communication Breakdown" from Led Zeppelin I (1969)
"Heartbreaker / Livin' Lovin' Wreck (She's A Woman)" from Led Zeppelin II (1969)

Genre - Proto-Hard-Rock-Blues-Folk
Official -
Myspace -
Location - Birmingham, England

Review - Mark Prindle
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

I've managed to continue liking Led Zeppelin well beyond my 'Zep phase.' This was just the beginning, but that's a pretty mighty opening one-two punch.

Check out the opening Led Zep entry in recent Grantland series on the 'winners' history of Rock & Roll.

#8 The Yellow Princess - John Fahey

"The Yellow Princess/View (East from the Top of the Riggs Road/B&O Trestle)" from The Yellow Princess (1969)
"Dances of the Inhabitants of the Invisible City of Bladensburg" from The Yellow Princess (1969)

Genre - American Primitivism
Official -
Myspace -
Location - Itinerant Bard

Review - Dusted Magazine
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

John Fahey was pretty clearly an excellent guitarist well before this record, but around this time (the late-'60s), it sounds like Fahey's finding all-new wings, stretching out, and flying into a different horizon. A couple tunes in the middle go a bit more experimental: "March! For Martin Luther King" (with drums!) and "The Singing Bridge Of Memphis, Tennessee" (with noise). Definitely check out the main links up above, because they are masterful. A high level of quality all the way through the uplifting close, "Commemorative Transfiguration and Communion at Magruder Park."

As good an introduction to Fahey as any I know, which is also to say as good an intro into the world of solo acoustic guitar explorers of all times.

#9 In A Silent Way - Miles Davis

"Shhh / Peaceful" (Side 1) from In A Silent Way (1969)
"In A Silent Way / It's About That Time" (Side 2) from In A Silent Way (1969)

Genre - Jazz Fusion
Official -
Location - recorded in NYC, NY

Review - Stylus Magazine
Download - Amazon (Complete Sessions), iTunes (Complete)
Purchase - Amazon

So far, my favorite jazzbo has really only appeared here from the #7 Album of 1974 - but there's more to him than that! Best not to think of this album in terms of its immediate descendent Bitches Brew (1970). The gravity of that fusion monolith is far too strong. This is where the roof comes off - Miles Davis, Teo Macero, John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul. I'm a complete outsider looking in on Jazz (much like with Black Metal), but that's a murderer's row of jazzmen - and it's all because of records like this.

#10 Ummagumma & More OST - Pink Floyd

"Careful with That Axe, Eugene" [live] from Ummagumma (1969)
"The Narrow Way" [Dave] from Ummagumma (1969)
"Ibiza Bar" from More OST (1969)
"Moonhead" from BBC mooncast (1969)

Genre - Progressive Hippie
Official -
Myspace -
Location - London, U.K.

Review - Paste Magazine
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

I've literally avoided adding the obvious Pink Floyd records to the Top 10's, but this set is suitably weirdo. (Could've probably wedged in the 1972 Live at Pompeii film, but maybe I'll do an All-Time Rock Films list someday.) And really the first/live disc is what's best about Ummagumma. Rog's "Grandchester Meadows" into "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In a Cave and Grooving with a Pict" is between passable & funny. (For some reason I always imagine a pick-axe, but no.) And I'm glad they did something (else) as weird as doing four solo sets - but the first four live-band tunes are sufficient.

The More soundtrack was one of the first more 'obscure' Pink Floyd albums that I branched out into. Kinda like with Yellow Submarine, even people who have Piper & Saucerful don't necessarily tend to venture out this far. It's got some hilariously outrageously rocking tunes, and some mellow folky stuff, and y'know... it's a Pink Floyd soundtrack. I like it myself.

Hey, look! The full Ummagumma! ... and full More!

#11 Five Leaves Left - Nick Drake

"Time Has Told Me" from Five Leaves Left (1969)
"River Man" from Five Leaves Left (1969)

Genre - Folk sophistiqué
Unofficial -
Myspace -
Location - Tanworth-in-Arden, England

Review - BBC Music
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

If liking Nick Drake's pretty, sad, doomed, romantic folksongs makes me any less of a man, then so be it! So many questions... How does the utter lack of balance between acoustic delicacy and assertive accompaniment work so well? You can clearly hear the underlying solo versions, but then Drake and the other parts tug back & forth for control. Although the music's sometimes jazzy, it's most jazz-like at the dynamic arrangement level. O yeah, and this was his debut album.

As always, the whole album's worth a full listen.

#12 Nashville Skyline - Bob Dylan
The Band - The Band

"Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You" from Nashville Skyline (1969)
"King Harvest (Has Surely Come)" from The Band (1969)

Genre - Proto-Americana
Official -
Myspace -
Location - Upstate New York

Review - Sputnik Music
Download Bob Dylan - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase Bob Dylan - Amazon
Download The Band - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase The Band - Amazon

Bob Dylan was in the Top 10's for 1966 albums, for 1988 albums, and (with The Band) 1974 records... plus my 2009 live shows. Much respect.

Maybe it's the country style, maybe it's Dylan's voice, but I don't come back to this one all too often. Opens nicely with "Girl from the North Country" ("she once was a true love of mine"). Giddy-up with "Nashville Skyline Rag" - settle down with "Lay Lady Lay." Yeah?

The 2nd song on The Band's self-titled is also a rag, so you know they're in sync. Big hits, with "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and "Up On Cripple Creek." I'll always go back to The Last Waltz movie (1978) when I can.

#13 Phallus Dei - Amon Düül II
Psychedelic Underground - Amon Düül I

"Kanaan" from Phallus Dei (1969)
"Luzifers Ghilom" from Phallus Dei (1969)

Genre - Krautrock
Official -
Myspace -
Location - München, Deutschland

Review - Prog Archives
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

I have a feeling things are getting real weird now. There were at least two Amon Düül bands, which each grew out of some kind of musical/cultural collective/commune. Amon Düül (I) stuck with the original, more improvisational project. Their 1969 debut record was called Psychedelic Underground (in full).

Being kinda generic commune drum-circle jamming, it's nowhere near the bugged-out classic that is Phallus Dei, Amon Düül II's own debut. Probably the main founding document of Krautrock, given that CAN's project was somewhat more sui generis. This one's got all the guitar heroics, rumbling rhythm sections, abrupt stop-start breakdowns, and bizarre vocalizations that comprised (and also haunted) Krautrock for another decade. Definitely check out Side 2, the epic title track!

#14 The Gilded Palace of Sin - The Flying Burrito Brothers

"Christine's Tune" from The Gilded Palace of Sin (1969)
"Hot Burrito #1" from The Gilded Palace of Sin (1969)

Genre - Proto-Country-Rock
Unofficial -
Location - Los Angeles, CA

Review - Scott's Rock and Soul Album Reviews
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

Some Byrds, plus Gram Parsons, and one giant outsider stab at creating a new hybrid genre of American music. Pretty good job, guys!

I like to think about hypothetical counterfactuals. What if The Beatles and The Stooges swapped fame & influence levels? What if John Fahey had gotten as popular as CCR for a couple of years? What if the Flying Burrito Brothers had taken off like (instead of) The Eagles? Personally, me? I like "Sin City" better than anything by The Eagles. But that's just me... "On the thirty-first floor, a gold plated door won't keep out the Lord's burning rain."

#15 Mutantes - Os Mutantes

"Fuga No. II" from Mutantes (1969)
"Não Vá Se Perder Por Aí" from Mutantes (1969)

Genre - Mutant Tropicália
Official -
Myspace -
Location - São Paulo, Brasil

Review - Rising Storm
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

Os Mutantes are super-fun! ("Os" is like the Portuguese "los.") Until they get all weird & creepy, which they manage also to do very well. Talent! Spirit!


#16 What We Did on our Holidays, Unhalfbricking, Liege & Lief - Fairport Convention

"Fotheringay" from What We Did on our Holidays (1969)
"Autopsy" from Unhalfbricking (1969)
"Tam Lin" from Liege & Lief (1969)

Genre - British Folk Lore
Official -
Location - London, England

Review - Robert Christgau
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

I used to listen to a couple of these for a fairly short time before I actually gained a greater appreciation for various folk musics. I don't think I went into this list thinking "Fairport Convention," although 1969 was also their Creedencesque year. Still don't have too much to say... Sandy Denny had a very nice voice?

Complete What We Did on our Holidays (playlist).
Complete Unhalfbricking (playlist).
Complete Liege & Lief (playlist).

#17 Monster Movie - Can

"Father Cannot Yell" from Monster Movie (1969)
"Yoo Do Right" from Monster Movie (1969)

Genre - Krautrock
Official -
Myspace -
Location - Cologne, Germany

Review - Stylus Magazine
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

Later Can is better Can... like #4 of 1972, #1 of 1973, #2 of 1974, and #2 Repertoire of 2012, better.

This was with Malcolm Mooney, their original American vocalist. The two epics linked up there are the major classics from this, CAN's debut. The other two are "Mary, Mary So Contrary" and the groovier Morricone-Kraut of "Outside My Door."

#18 An Electric Storm - White Noise

"Love Without Sound" from An Electric Storm (1969)
"The Black Mass: An Electric Storm in Hell" from An Electric Storm (1969)

Genre - Radiophonic Proto-Hauntology
Wikipedia -
Location - London, UK

Review - Head Heritage
Download - iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

Delia Derbyshire!!

"Although... not initially commercially successful for Island, it has over the years proved to be a cult classic, going on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide, namechecked by contemporary artists like The Orb and Julian Cope, influencing contemporary acts such as Broadcast, Add N to (X), and Secret Chiefs 3."

That's some wildness!

#19 Let It Bleed - The Rolling Stones

"Gimme Shelter" from Let It Bleed (1969)
"Monkey Man" from Let It Bleed (1969)

Genre - Meat & Potatoes R&R
Official - (Greil Marcus, 1969)
Myspace -
Location - London, England, U.K.

Review - Rolling Stone
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

Not a huge fan, but I can't deny that this album is better than The Shaggs.

#20 Philosophy of the World - The Shaggs

"My Pal Foot Foot" from Philosophy of the World (1969)
"Why Do I Feel?" from Philosophy of the World (1969)

Genre - Proto-proto-proto-proto-prototype
Wikipedia -
Location - Fremont, NH

Review - Alt-Music(
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon

If for no other reason than inspiring the Austin band called Foot Foot, which then inspired the great Pong tune "Foot Foot"... But for other influences as well. The whole shebang!

O, the insanity!! The Shaggs' origin story, per Wikipedia:
The conceptual beginning of The Shaggs came from Austin Wiggin, Jr.'s mother. During Austin's youth she had predicted during a palmreading that he would marry a strawberry blonde woman, that he would have two sons after she had died, and that his daughters would form a popular music group. The first two predictions came true, so Austin set about making the third come true. Austin withdrew his daughters from school, bought them instruments, and arranged for them to receive music and vocal lessons.

Some notes about omissions...

Three major artists of the '60s already had hit collections out by 1969, which I deemed ineligible for inclusion: Jimi Hendrix Smash Hits, Buffalo Springfield Retrospective, and Donovan's Greatest Hits. Smash Hits might have made it - that was my first Hendrix album, and the only place I've owned the still-one-of-my-faves "Stone Free."

Trout Mask Replica, Hot Rats, Uncle Meat... Probably some legitimate contenders in here, but I've just never locked in with either Captain Beefheart or Frank Zappa. But I can still link to "Peaches en Regalia " and "Moonlight on Vermont."

The Soft Parade was probably the only real chance for The Doors to get listified (in an expansion year). Unlike with Led Zep, my 'Doors phase' was fairly short and ended abruptly and completely. This one's a pretty weird album though, with the crazy arrangements & horn charts & all. Even during my 'Who phase,' I never really took to Tommy at all... meh.

I've literally never owned a Soft Machine album, which is something I've always intended to rectify. So Volume Two is out. And I've never even heard Isaac Hayes' Hot Buttered Soul, which is supposed to be one of the greatest albums of all time. Maybe one day... (Until then, have a 1995 video... and how am I not going to link to "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic?")

Here are some 'classic' albums that I just wasn't feeling - some now, some never: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Young), Songs from a Room (Cohen), At San Quentin (Cash), Space Oddity (Bowie), and Kick Out The Jams (MC5).

Finally, here are some 'other' albums that I've still never got ahold of, but could imagine they might've fit in: Moondog (Moondog), Scott 3 & Scott 4 (Walker), Clouds (Mitchell), and Happy Sad (Tim Buckley). I dunno... Are they any good? Did I forget anything at all??