Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In A Dark Tongue - Harvestman (#5, 2009)

Harvestman's In A Dark Tongue, subject of the premiere Cover Art post! One of the solo side projects from Steve von Till, of Neurosis. He calls it Heathen Psych, and it's mystical earth-ritual dark ambient guitar music.

"Karlsteine" from In A Dark Tongue (2009)

I put together videos for quite a few of the songs, while my internet was disconnected. Feel free to browse around, there's good music afoot.

"Birch-Wood Bower" and "Music of the Dark Torrent" from
In A Dark Tongue (2009)

Someone else did a song: "Headless Staves of Poets!" And the one after that comes from back in the early days: "The Hawk of Achill."

"Carved in Aspen" and "Light Cycle" from In A Dark Tongue (2009)

Psych guitar solo noise project ambience, and one of the albums I listened to the most in 2009.

In A Dark Tongue
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Genre - Mystical Pagan Dark Ambient
Location - Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Review - Stoner Rock

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