Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Open up a CAN of kraut (FB)

[Posted 12/4/2011] O Can, you so awesome...

"One More Night" by Can, from Ege Bamyasi (1972)

[10/25/2011] Did some talkin' about Can over the weekend, so I'm gonna post this and then some solo stuff over the next few... "One More Night" from Ege Bamyasi! (Astral's #4 of 1972)

"Thool" by Datenverarbeiter vs. Jaki Liebezeit, from Givt sessions (2006)

[10/26/2011] Let's start at the back. Lots of good stuff from the Givt sessions, between Datenverarbeiter vs Jaki Leibezeit (Can drummer), but I settled on this unreleased one. Search for more, or download from emusic.com!

Also on iTunes - plus Givt Return (2007).

"Gormenghast Drift" by Irmin Schmidt, from Impossible Holidays (1992)

[10/27/2011] Lil' avant-jazzy piano-forte from Can founder (and keyboardist) Irmin Schmidt. Ghormenghast Drift...

"Träum Mal Wieder" by Holger Czukay, from Der Osten ist Rot (1984)

[10/28/2011] I actually have a recent 2x10" double-EP of remixes from (Can mastermind) Holger Czukay '80s material, called "Dream Again." I believe this is the best original of the lot... Semi-titlesque!

Never could find anything good for guitarist Michael Karoli - so here's another CAN tune!

"Mother Sky" by Can, from Soundtracks (1970)

According to Wikipedia:
In March 2005, Q magazine placed "Mother Sky" at number 48 in its list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Patti Smith (FB)

[Posted 12/3/2011] I think I put all of these up before going out of town for a weekend. It's all about Patti!

"Land" by Patti Smith, from Horses (1975)

[10/21/2011] Nice Grantland article on Patti Smith's Horses (1975) - if you like that reading thing (or Patti). Nothing for a coupla days, so bonus "posts" meow...
And here's where this gets meaningful for punk, because the implication of "Land," and by extension the rest of Horses, is that this this stuff was in the music all along. Early rock was always in league with ecstasy and violence, even when the lyrics suggested otherwise. A cheesy party track like "Land of 1000 Dances" concealed pathways to self-escape worthy of Rimbaud.

"Free Money" by Patti Smith, from Horses (1975)

[10/21/2011] Free Money from the PSG!

"Friction" by Television, from Marquee Moon (1977)

[10/21/2011] Always seemed like T.V. And Patti inspired each other, vocally at least. This is one of my (many) favorite Television songs...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Naurorthern Borealights (FB)

[Posted 12/2/2011] Now we're getting somewhat back to naturally-occurring theme series. This time it's... well, I'll let the first chapter/post explain.

"Under Fur Moon" by Grumbling Fur, from Furrier (2011)

[10/16/2011] Gonna do a quick run through the Aurora Borealis label, they seem worthy. Newest is super-group Grumbling Fur. With people from Æthenor, Guapo, Circle, etc... Seems like something worth getting!!

"Sommaren Är Här / Orb Of The Woods" by Grumbling Fur, from Furrier (2011)

O yeah, I'm getting this one. Most definitely!

I just like to say "Caveman Battle Doom." There: I admitted it.

"Satsumo" by Conan, from Horseback Battle Hammer EP (2010)

[10/17/2011] Super-super-heavy Caveman Battle Doom from England's Conan... "Satsumo" from the Horseback Battle Hammer EP. Doom rides with Conan!!

"Reincarnate" by Murmuüre, from Murmuüre (2010)

Here's another label-mate. This time it's esoteric-ambient-folk-maybe-sometimes-Black-Metal, from France.

The Haxan Cloak (detail)
Guitars - no guitars - guitars - no guitars - guitars - no... Repeat until it starts to lose all meaning.

"The Seventh Goodbye" by Ben Nash, from The Seventh Goodbye (2008)

[10/18/2011] Ben Nash brings the acoustic raga drone, with a lil' free skronk. Title track from The Seventh Goodbye, on Aurora Borealis...

"In Memoriam" by The Haxan Cloak, from The Haxan Cloak (2011)

No other Ben Nash tracks to embed, so how about someone else again? This is definitely one kind of thing that I like - in a different way than the rest of the above(s). You can here more on this Klang MixCloud.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Jamdom (FB)

[Posted 12/1/2011] Another Facebook 2-parter! I'd really love to catch a live set by Barn Owl (#11, 2010). But here's a decent substitute:

Barn Owl - Live @ Shea Stadium by LiveatSheaStadium

[10/13/2011] Some essential space-desert-guitar-drone-psyc​hedelia, live & recent. Barn Owl, Live At Shea Stadium!! (... the new one, not the old Beatles-Clash-Mets venue.)

Woodsman - Live @ Shea Stadium by LiveatSheaStadium

Check that out! Some of which was earlier this year, the other half of which is from 2010. I got to see Woodsman at Austin Psych Fest, and I recommend doing the same...

gimme Ed Hall night long
So yeah, another two-parter here... but at least the finale is the legendary Ed Hall (story of, the)!

"Leave Me Alone" by Ed Hall, from Motherscratcher (#2, 1993)

[10/20/2011] Random greatness from Ed Hall! 1993, buddha...

Ed Hall live, Missoula, MT - 9/11/1995

I believe I put up flyers in Bloomington for the Muncie, IN, show on this tour. Was one of a few people attending, and got to hang out with the band afterwards. They were such a great band! [Parts 2, three, pt. 4, five, and 6.]

Friday, October 7, 2011

Festivalgoersdammerung (FB)

Enter the Occult World
[Posted 11/30/2011] Here's some acts I saw at some festivals at some point.

"Swamp Heron Blues" from Cult of Dom Keller, from Swamp Heron Blues (2011??)

[10/7/2011] Finally, "Swamp Heron Blues!" New one from Cult of Dom Keller coming... soon-ish?

"This Is How It Feels To Live Your Life Dead" by Cult of Dom Keller, from EP3 (2011)

Not before EP3 (out now) - available from The Committee to Keep Music Evil. Keep up with CODK on Facebook, where they are very active. Also, at Bandcamp o' course.

The Entrance Band
I didn't realize The Entrance Band was on Ecstatic Peace! records.

"Silence on a Crowded Train" by The Entrance Band, live 1/15/2009

[10/10/2011] Caught these cats at our local Free Press Summer Fest a year or two ago... 'Twas groovy!

"Lookout!" by The Entrance Band, from The Entrance Band (2009)

The dreaded hippies!!

Indian Jewelry
More Austin-Texas-Houston Psych(edelia)!

"You on the Run" by The Black Angels, from Directions To See A Ghost (2008)

[10/14/2011] Never saw a Hofner 12-string before The Black Angels played this tune, after which there were Hofner basses everywhere! Good show...

This was obviously posted after returning from The Black Angels/Dead Meadow show, let's add a bonus tune from someone else - but also from The Black Angels' Austin Pysch Fest of this year...

Indian Jewelry live, from Austin Psych Fest 4 (2011)

Houston's own noisemakers, from the official Psych Fest channel on YouTube.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bordering on the Mainstream (FB)

Stridulum EP
[11/29/2011] These two are somewhat 'in there.' In that they don't fit so much with the other 'out there' content (even moreso than Miles Davis)... Also, both are some kind of official videos, which is rare enough with the Astral.

"Vessel" by Zola Jesus, from Conatus (2011)

[10/6/2011] New vid from new album from Souixsish goth majordomo, Zola Jesus... it's just like right now.

"Night" by Zola Jesus, from Stridulum EP (2010)

Did I ever put this on a blog comp yet? I'd meant to. O yeah, it's on Vol. 5... okay.

It's What I'm Thinking
The other one is Damon Gough, et cetera.

"Oxidising Hexagons" film by Tom Fitzgerald, music by Badly Drawn Boy and Andy Votel, from It's What I'm Thinking (Part One: Photographing Snowflakes) (2010)

[10/15/2011] I'm not so much a fan of Badly Drawn Boy, he's fine for what he does. But this is how to try him out - amidst hauntology concrète and filmloric collage... with Andy Votel, and some brief nudity.

"The Shining" by Badly Drawn Boy, from The Hour of Bewilderbeast (2000)

Old skool BDB.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Upcoming & Live (FB)

Sabre Cat v. Yeti
[Posted 11/28/2011] These are three technically-unrelated Facebook posts, that can now be collected as all leading up to live shows that I will (have) attend(ed) in person.

"Deathbound" by Mastodon, from Crack the Skye b-side (2009)

[10/4/2011] Later this month: Mastodon!! I hope they bring puppets...

"Black Tongue" by Mastodon, from The Hunter (2011)

So yeah, they were good. One thing I noticed is that their playing-togetherness was really out there. A lot of metal seems like everyone's playing the same song, more than with one another. Reinforces my theory that Mastodon are currently going for the post-stoner-psych-metal Allman Bros.

"Bring Me Darkness" by Black Tusk, from Set the Dial (2011)

No puppets, but they did being Black Tusk - and they were almost as good!

White Bicycles CD
I solo'ed this one, but ran into Poopy Lungstuffing there anyway.

"Dark Globe" by Syd Barrett, from The Madcap Laughs (1970)

[10/8/2011] I mean, does anyone NOT cover "Dark Globe?" Going to see Joe Boyd with Robyn Hitchcock tonight... probably hear some Syd tune(s) played by prime acolyte #1.

Actually only "Bike" on the setlist.

"I Can Hear the Grass Grow" by The Move (1967)


"Chinese White" by Incredible String Band, from The 5000 Spirits, or The Layers of the Onion (1967)


Just Keep Eating LP
Another Texas legend comes to toon, right around the corner - 12/9!!

"Cheese Plug" by Scratch Acid, from Just Keep Eating (1986)

[10/11/2011] The funkier side of... Scratch Acid. Dance party!! Also touring through town (Houston) later this year, on a re-re-reunion. Tix!

"El Espectro" by Scratch Acid, from Scratch Acid EP (1984)

Casa so grande!

"Mary Had A Little Drug Problem" by Scratch Acid, from Berserker (1986)


Monday, October 3, 2011

Various Multi-Part Mega-Suites (FB)

Alpha Centauri
[Posted 11/27/2011] Sometimes a tune or video just cannot be contained by the usual 3, 5, or even 10 or 12 minutes. And at that point, it bursts the seams of YouTube, the internets, and reality itself! Like, say, a Tangerine Dream...

"Rubycon, Part 1" by Tangerine Dream, from Rubycon (1976)

[10/3/2011] Pretty awesome images to go with pretty awesome soundz! "Rubycon 1" SPACE-ACe-Ace-ace-a...

Also, here's "Part 2 (part 1)" - right.

"Ricochet" [part 1] by Tangerine Dream, from Ricochet (1975)

Great live album! Here's Part 2/2.

Miles 1983
Miles Davis, with the jazz and all? o yeah.

"Star People" [part 1] by Miles Davis, from Star People (1983)

[10/5/2011] What is it with this place and looong tunes, mang? I've decided to explore the '80s Miles Davis, so I put this on order: Star People (1983)... 1/2 the title track!

Also, here's Part 2 of 2 - right off!

"Yesternow" by Miles Davis, from A Tribute to Jack Johnson (1971)

With YouTube's new capacity levels, that's the whole tune. So I'll give you a component part: "Willie Nelson [insert 2]" - from The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions boxset (2003).

Zombi live
Super-duper live footage of great band, Zombi!

Zombi live [part 1] from Paris, 10/21/2011

[10/24/2011] Five parts of live Zombi! 2011... Yeah!!

Plus, parts two & three & four & five. Rock on!

"Surface to Air" live [part 1] from Chicago, 4/28/2007

I don't think there's any subsequent parts, but that's not gonna prevent me from posting this up. Again?