Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sigh EP - The Angelic Process (#9, 2006)

The Angelic Process was a musical duo from Macon, GA, who mixed dark dirge drone-doom with ambient soundscrapes and blasting noisebursts. Like extreme metal genres with all the pointy spikes eroded under a gauze of sludge. Others also mix these elements up, but they were the first I'd heard. Unfortunately, the male half of the duo, K. Angylus, died last year from causes unpublicized.

"Sigh" from Sigh EP (2006)

Well, not sure what else to add to that. This is an EP, which makes it a good introduction to what can be sometimes extreme and sometimes pretty, sometimes both and sometimes experimental or even improvised sounding. Songs generally move from section to section, often abruptly, without the natural flow of post-rock or metal. I've also noticed that different records have certain songs named "Mouvement" with a subtitle - so that might be some inter-album arrangement. Supposedly, the last album is their best, and I really like the artwork, but haven't picked it up yet.

How 'bout some more music?

"Trance to the Sun" and "Mouvement: With Mouthfulls of Blood"

Official/Myspace/Purchase - /theangelicprocess
iTunes - Only the 2007 one...

Genre - Ambient Shoegaze Black Metal
Review - Rock Beast

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