Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Filament and Forest

"Filament" by Earth
"The Forest That Shelters" by Tribes of Neurot

The good folk at Neurot Recordings have repressed a 2007 tour split-7" featuring noise-ambient-collective Tribes of Neurot and guitar-drone psych-kings Earth. I've got a little Tribes, and have briefly included them here once before. I've only ever heard Earth's much-vaunted The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull (2008) - which to be honest didn't do much for me. Perhaps I should try again, because I've been recently enjoying Barn Owl's The Conjurer (2009). I think there are similarities...

I got the clear amber edition (of 500), plus the new ltd-ed Harvestman cd (#162 of 1000), and 3-band Hawkwind tribute comp from US Christmas, Minsk and Harvestman (#5, 2009). Awesome Harvestman European tour poster up now at their website!!

Side Filament
As with all 7"s of Glory, the clip is a recording of my very own vinyl slab o' noise.

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