Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wood-land Wood works Stone...

Following up the #5 spot on the impromptu Top 10 Drone/Ambient of 2009... and prior to that, the Ltd. Ed. frenzy post. But per the link at the very bottom here, it looks like they might have re-pressed. Lucky you, for it is Stone Circle by Wood-land!!

"This Is Our Richness" from Stone Circle (2009)

I think that's an official video, maybe not. Found this one on the year-end segment from the writer of the ecstatic Foxy Digitalis review (10/10). I'm not 100% positive about "best psych album of the year! Maybe even best psych album ever?!" But definitely the best droning rustical-mystery psychedelic noise-ambient album in recent memory - for sure. Since no samples anywhere to preview, I thought I'd make some myself!

"Rippling through Time" and "Return to Lost Cottage"
from Stone Circle (2009)

I'm going to ripple backwards through the album, starting towards the end of the 20 tracks. Most everything here is a little spooky, a lotta weird, like a midnight seance in the woods - on another planet. Seems like more of an experimental collective than a "band," so most stuff doesn't sound too much like the rest, but it's got a mainly dark and haunting vibe. Sometimes it fades into the woodwork, then something will jump out and catch you offguard.

"Stone Circle" and "Spirit Bridge" from Stone Circle (2009)

Stone Circle was recently OOP, with a ltd.-ed. of 100 cd's. But like I say, they either found some more or made a 2nd pressing (very last link at bottom). You can freely download remixes of their entire 1st cd, as Home (rebuilt) (2009). So that's worth checking out. Still haven't found the original 2008 OOP-ltd.-ed. (50!) un-remixed Installation release.

"Towhee (Deadfolk REMIX)" and "Temple Dust.IN THE LIGHT"
from Stone Circle (2009)

There's a remix, of more of a "song" type track. The second one mentions a temple, and there's something spiritual going on with these guys. "The Vessels of the House of the Forest" codename, there's a track on Home named after a verse in Psalms (from The Bible), and "John 14:27" just plopped there on the cd insert. That verse? "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

Stone Circle

Genre - Haunted Forest of Lo-Fi Psychedelia
Official/Myspace -
Location - Penn's Woods, Pennsylvania

Review - Foxy Digitalis
Download/Lala - N/A
Purchase - InstallSound (looks like it's re-issued)

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