Monday, May 10, 2010

The Owl's Map

Got a package from Ghost Box.

"Scarlet Ceremony" from The Owl's Map (2006)

Filled in a blank with The Owl's Map (2006), second CD from Belbury Poly (between #4, 2004 and #17, 2009). It's got the usual mix of Belbury radiophonic soundscapes, but "Scarlet Ceremony" is up to something hauntingly different.

"Hocusing for Beginners" from Other Channels (2008)

Since I haven't really covered The Advisory Circle as much, I might come back later with a dedicated post on this, his/their first full album. Consider this a bonus track! (Bonus bonus info: debut EP is reissued on vinyl, and main guy has a blog/podcast...)

Other Channels

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