Sunday, October 4, 2009

Recoiling Back in Horror

Hope you like Butthole Surfers! Texas' premiere punk-junk, art-damage, weirdcore, drug-fueled gypsy band of weirdos. Here's a collection of rarities and compilation tracks, focusing of course on the mid- to late-'80s creative peak (and what's on YouTube).

Fair warning: everything here is potentially Not Safe For Work
, offensive, bizarre, psychosis-inducing, and awesome.

"Boiled Dove" from Giorno Poetry Systems' compilation, Smack My Crack (1987, OOP).

"Flame Grape," one of two Buttholes songs on their own Latino Bugger Veil collection, A Texas Trip (1987, OOP).

And since I couldn't find "All Day" anywhere, here are young and crazy Gibby and Daniel Johnston - apparently, a dvd bonus feature on The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2005).

"The Legless Eye," Touch & Go's God's Favorite Dog (1986, OOP).

And an unembeddable "Eindhoven Chicken Masque" from the same compilation.

Alex Winter's "Entering Texas" (1988), I think from Impact vhs mag. Ends up as a video for {rocket flying past screaming crescent moon}, a.k.a. "Fast," from that year's Hairway to Steven album.

Aptly-named instrumental epic, "Psychedelic Jam" [later p.s.y.], from official video Blind Eye Sees All (1985/2002).

Back in 1986, when listening to a cassette grab of anonymous songs from KTRU, I never thought I'd be posting this on the internet:
"Moving to Florida" - live in Zagreb, Croatia - April 2009

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