Saturday, May 22, 2010

Le voyage de Alps

Le voyage
Really enjoying the new album from The Alps (#9, 2008), Le voyage (2010). Available for full streaming preview via Soundcloud on its Type Records page. Type has pretty much their entire discography up for streaming...

The Alps' Le voyage (2010)

Also recently up at the label's site, a new awesome-looking podcast mix: "Summer Trips" from The Alps!! Includes some Agitation Free, Yoko Ono, George Harrison, a couple from Ashra, Japanese psych-rock from both Flower Travelin' Band and Les Rallizes Denudes, a Broadcast track, and an "Unknown Song" from The Pink Floyd...

The Alps' "Summer Trips" Typecast (2010)

Download button works for this single-file .mp3 smash-n-grab.

Band quote!
"All three of us are voracious record buyers so this mix could easily have gone in a number of different directions depending on our moods. As it stands, I feel like we’ve hit a good number of the touchstones that connect our tastes and predilections when we get together to make records – 70s psychedelic music from Germany and Japan, Fluxus-era experimentation, Classical Indian music re–interpreted, Spiritual Jazz, pastoral British folk rock, and soundtrack music.

Without discussing it, we did our best not to rely on tracks (of any given genre) that have been overly cited – even amongst ourselves. Not with an obscurist’s mind but in the hope of putting things together in a way that feels fresh and not just rehash."

Summer Trips

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