Thursday, March 4, 2010

Russian Memories

So, we're brought to the third sets within each trilogy, although not to a final post. I think there's one more vein to exploit in these mines. Of course!

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Russian Mind
Oneohtrix Point Never - Russian Mind (2009)

For the most part, this one is much more placid than the previous installments. They're clearly from the same source, but it just goes down smoother all around. Whether that's preferable is a matter of taste and mood. Not a downer for me - it fades into the background easier, but better than arpeggio-mageddon front to back. But only two tracks on YouTube, so maybe not everyone's favorite.

A1 "Months"
Slowly... slowly... awake. Cryogenically frozen moisture in the corner of your eyes. Tears?

A2 "Physical Memory"
Cosmic rays stream through the hull, as the retro-thrusters fire a slow-burn. The spacecraft arcs around a foreign sun. It’s amazing. Still groggy from suspended animation, your ship descends through an electric-blue methane atmosphere. You miss Earth... and feel melancholy.

A3 "Grief And Repetition"
I think there's a glitch with the airlock exhaust - it's cycling irregularly. And causing the door tones to play randomly - ajar, opening, closing, ajar, sealed, closing, interrupting, sealed...

B1 "Russian Mind"
Action packed!! Massive bubbling lava escape run to safety!

B2 "Time Decanted" (titled "Actual Air" on Rifts)
The tectonic chaos subsides, a forest of alien plant-life provides real oxygen – a chance to decompress after the day’s adventure.

B3 "Immanence"
The morning sun burns off the metheric stormclouds, and a new day rises across the horizon.

After writing all that up, it dawned on me that I think this is actually a concept album with a "story" and everything. I don't know if I ever picked up the details. So if my narrative representation overlaps with whatever it really is, that would just show effective execution. Look it up if you want, or make up your own!

Memories CD cover
Leyland Kirby - Memories Live Longer Than Dreams (2009)

Like the jump from first to second, I’ve noticed a lot more going on here after listening a few more times – especially with the background ambience. Either Kirby is expanding on the details, or two full double-albums have established the environment enough to hear beyond the surface. Still working with the same sonic palate, with a few exceptions, but my appreciation grows. Official videos are YouTub edits.

A1 "Memories Live Longer Than Dreams"
Two piano pieces, this one is more melancholy, reverbed and plinky.

A2 "Don’t Sleep I Am Not What I Seem, I’m A Very Quiet Storm"
This one is firmer, more chord-oriented, with some kind of sustain-hum ambience. And pauses...

B1 "A Longing To Be Absorbed For A While Into A Different And Beautiful World"
Possible highlight? Relatively noisy (and loud), shifts between synth layers and less peaceful tones

B2 "Days In The Wilderness"
Less than 5 minutes... what?! Experimental radio-tuning transience.

C1 "Stralauer Peninsula" [YouTube pt. 2]
Sliding sounds not used so far, but within the general mood.

D1 "We All Won That Day, Sunshine" [YouTube pt.2]
Somewhat non-descript ghostly pulse, from which marches a staccato clipped piano.

D2 "And At Dawn Armed With Glowing Patience, We Will Enter The Cities Of Glory (Stripped)"
Similar to the piano and resonant hum of the previous set's final track, with a key change and a big, Rachmaninoff-worthy chord pile-up! And a practically soaring, optimistic finale.

One (or maybe two) more coming up!!

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Memories Live Longer Than Dreams

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