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BBC "A to Zed" BTWS

"Before we start, if we start, I gotta know something: the things I say to you, what comes out, is that just between us... like a lawyer or a priest? Absolutely, he said. No matter what? No matter what. I watched him when he said it, I believed him. How do we start? We started when you walked in here. So then I had to laugh, HAHA! Alright, you got me! All I had was an opening. I didn't know where you'd go from there, so I couldn't be there ahead of you."

Birth EP
Whenever I load stuff onto my iPod, my car stereo resets to continue playing a 2-hour podcast of a BBC show, featuring one of Beyond the Wizards Sleeve. It's "The A-Z of Erol Alkan" from Radio 1.

When it starts (if it starts), it's gotta go:
A: Art of Noise – "Close To The Edit"
B: Beach Boys – "All I Wanna Do"
C: Can – "Vitamin C"

Apparently, the host has done a ton of A-Z shows with different musical acts.

I'm only now up to J, but it reminded me to continue my project of figuring out the puzzle of Ark.1 (2008)~~~

Track 2: "Get Ready to Fly"
Could not find original, but I actually do dig this French psychedelic-experimental band and their own song "Ready to Fly" (2008)! Which I might have originally found looking for BTWS originals...
[Edit 5/9/10: Thanks to the Anonymous comment! For pointing out what it is: re-animated The Hooterville Trolley "No Silver Bird." Awesome!!!]

Track 3: "Dig It" - re-animated Monkees "Can You Dig It?" (from the film Head, 1968). Definitely the most worthy thing by the Pre-fabs. The movie, not necessarily this particular song.

Watch at DailyMotion

Track 4: "Electric Bananas" - re-animated Electric Prunes "The Great Banana Hoax" (1967). I only have their debut LP, which is pretty goofy '60s West Coast novelty garage.

Track 5: "Aglarsa Anam Aglar" re-animated 3 Hur-el song by the same name (1976). I'd assumed this was Turkish because of their '60s and '70s history of Westernized psych-rock music.

Track 6: "Sunday Morning Sun-g" - re-animated Bill Holt's "Program 10 Part 6" (1973), sooo great!

Track 7: "Don't Cry Girl" - still no idea, Hungarian spacey rock?

Track 8: "I Swim Around" - re-animated Neu! "Hallogallo" (1972), also sooo great!

Track 9: "Bubble Burst" - re-animated Small Faces' "Don't Burst My Bubble" (1968), not at all what I was expecting!

Track 10: "A Path Through The Forest" - re-animated synonymous song by The Factory (1967), included on the Nuggets II (2001) UK compilation.

Track 11: "Light Years" - The Rolling Stones' "2,000..." (1967)

Track 12: "Red Tuesday" - couldn't find this one either. A synth song with that title by The Frank David Selection led me to Moog/sitar player Okko Becker. But that lead unearthed only unrelated oddity, like this.

Track 13: "Winter in June" - gardening tips by this guy (discussed in this interview). [Link updated 3/27/10 from this.]

Track 14: "Midas Reversed" - re-animation of The Hollies "King Midas in Reverse" (1967)...

The Fold/Ark.1

Here's the best BTWS search I could figure out, and here's the iTunes link for Erol Alkan podcast, which includes BTWS live sets. And here's more info on the podcasts.

Not much to listen to, but... Live! Spacemen 3's "Revolution" re-animated at The Green Man Festival 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list of songs.

'Get ready to fly' original is Hooterville Trolley 'No Silver Bird' available on the compilation Get Ready To Fly