Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Smashing Adventures on the
Epic Quest for Badgerlore

I do realize that I've mentioned Badgerlore a few times without much clarification, and that they're not a household name. It's the even more loose, experimental/improvisational guitar thing from Ben Chasney (Six Organs of Admittance), Rob Fisk (former of Deerhoof), Tom Carter (of Charalambides), and occasionally others.

Since there are a few Badgerlore videos, I figured I'd do a quick supplement to the RTZ post from yesterday. Here are some things, just to clarify... (Album titles link to various reviews.)

"Goodnight, Sweet Rabbits" from
We Are All Hopeful Farmers, We Are All Scared Rabbits (2007)

"The Crops That You Tend" from
We Are All Hopeful Farmers, We Are All Scared Rabbits (2007)

"Stone Stick Earth Brick" from Stories for Owls (2005)

So, there it is. Even more earthy and 'free.' Takes some getting used to, I suppose - the third one kinda reminds me a bit of some Jandek.

There's also a series of videos from a Davis, CA show with a two-man line-up: part 1, part 2, and part 3. A little dark, but that's Chasney on the right and I believe Tom Carter on the left/lead. (Unless there's more than one woolly, bearded dude possibly involved... Nah!!)

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