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Index of Astral MP3 Compilation Series

Because of the various issues with online storage (legitimate & otherwise), and the growing number of links to be monitored and updated - I'm setting up this free-standing post as a download & cross-reference index. Somewhat like the earlier Top 10 index and home-brew video index.

In addition to this post, I'll try to keep all the links updated in the "COMPS" section to the right. At this point the format for each comp is: Title linking to the Rapidshare download, and [vol. #] linking to the original post with tracklist & other info.

A couple of other quick notes: These collections all come from either totally legit promotional MP3's offered on the interet for download (see original posts for sources), or with the artists' permission. Also, Rapidshare will delete any files that go 30 days without download activity. If you experience any issues, post over on Facebook, since I usually overlook comments here on the blog itself for too long.

Astralnauts Are Go!!
Here's the Astral MP3 Compilation download series... so far.

2009~ Astralnauts Are Go!! vol. 1 [Download / Post]
Hey, the bitrates here aren't quite as bad as I'd remembered (just a lot of 128-192). Pretty solid first effort, with several ongoing favorite acts: BTWS, LP4, Boris, Earthless... And probably my favorite cover art. [15 tracks / 2+ hours]

Beyond the Astral Waves... vol. 2 [Download / Post]
Similar line-up as before... with some additional live stuff (Woods & Sebadoh), Psych Fest drone-rock (Black Angels, BJTM, The Asteroid No. 4), and good electronix (Caribou, Fujiya & Miyagi). [19 tracks / ~1¾ hours]

Decem per Decem
2010~ Cleansing the Headspace: vol. 3 [Download / Post]
Quick review of the tracklist would indicate fairly heavy going. This starts out with Isis, Baroness & Nadja (MBV cover), then towards the end there's Krallice, WITTR, Mastodon & Nadja (a-Ha cover). Other stuff too, with expanded weirdo excerpts. [21 tracks / ~2 hours]

Decem per Decem ~ vol. 4 [Download / Post]
If forced to pick only one of these, this just might be the one. Goes all over the place, but manages to include many blog favorites (sometimes multiply), and it keeps moving along (only one true epic). [27 tracks / ~2¼ hours]

2011~ Early through Everything... vol. 5 [Download / Post]
I hate to sound self-impressed, but I'm pretty impressed with myself. Looking back at these, I got more quality and/or interesting stuff than I thought. Anyway, #5 is about as electronical as #3 was heavy. [28 tracks / ~2½ hours]

Foreverything II / vol. 6 [Download / Post]
Coming just two weeks after Early, this was kind of a direct sequel. I might have been pushing it, drunk on the flood of free MP3's. My cyberweb detective skills were probably peaking right around the same time bands' freeshare policies were. [30 tracks / 2½+ hours]

Gongs to the Tempel
2012~ Gongs to the Tempel - vol. 7 [Download / Post]
The secret to releasing 3 blog comps in 1 year is to start early! You know this one's great because "I tried to build this one mainly around the 2011 Year End lists." What could be better?? [38 tracks / 3 hours!]

Hubble Telescope Discovers Sphinx on Pluto's Moon (vol. 8) [Download / Post]
... and following up in February. I think that "also a bunch of random other stuff" might describe this better than "Split amongst the upcoming and previous Austin Psych Fests." But maybe if you squint. Some really good music nevertheless. [46 tracks / ~3¾ hours!!]

In vveirdo veritas: vol. 9 [Download / Post]
This starts off looking like a Best of 2012, veers into a ditch of weirdness, then cruises some pop landscape, before returning home in time for the holidays. Even reined it in to [20 tracks / 1½+ hours].

2013~ Jelatinous Xube PsychmyX ~ vol. 10 [Download / Post]
What can I say? It's a bunch of people playing this year's Austin Psych Fest, so it's gotta be outta sight, right? 'Tis... [24 tracks / 2¼+ hours]

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