Friday, May 14, 2010

Time and Space v.2

Here I was, going to do my third in a series of callbacks to recent posts. This time to talk about the exclusive Rough Trade bonus CD for The Time and Space Machine's latest (plus extras). Which ends up leading back to his Set Phazer to Stun blog - lo and behold, he's linked back to me!! Wow, righteous.

As you can also find on TTASM's official site, the Rough Trade bonus CD's tracklist is well worth the effort of picking up that version - still available from Rough Trade.

01. "Tomorrow Never Knows" (edit) – Junior Parker
02. "Fire and Water" – A Time + Space Machine Edit
03. "Tales Of Brave Ulysses" – Rotary Connection
04. "Cedars" – A Time + Space Machine Edit
05. "Tiger" – Brian Auger
06. "Ego Trip" - Ultimate Spinach
07. "Ma Mari Huana" – The Sub

08. "Koi Basti" - Anonymous

09. "Pulsar" – A Time + Space Machine Edit
10. "Stoned Out Of It" - John Fitch and Associates
11. "Hombre" – A Time + Space Machine Edit
12. "Baby I Need You" – Curiosity Shoppe
13. "Road To Nowhere" – Version
14. "A Meditation Mass Pt 1" – Yatha Sidra
15. "Fly" – JK and Co
16. Bernard Fevre – "New From Future" (The Time and Space Machine mix)

Excellent! But that's not all... Back to the blog, and we find even more Time and Space Machine mixes for FREE download!

Art of Noise #8
The Line Of Best Fit Top 10 mixtape (March 19, 2010) is particularly great, and also has the benefit of separated tracks! Even downloadable individually, with right-click Save As... Link to "Download All Tracks as .ZIP" is below song selections & comments by Norris.

01. Serge Gainsbourg: "La Horse"

02. Dungen: "Satt Att Se"
03. Beck: "Sunday Morning"
04. Donovan: "Wear Your Love Like Heaven"
05. The Girls: "Here I Am In Love Again"
06. Lee Dorsey: "Ya Ya"

07. Todd Rundgren: "I Saw The Light"

08. Jacques Dutronc: "Le Responcible"
09. Protein Bros: "Drainpipe"
10. Marsha Hunt: "Walk On Guilded Splinters"

Wow! From this blog post, you are lead through a hazy, psychedelic forest to Beats In Space. "DOWNLOAD>" it while it's still there!

1. The Aliens - "The Sunlamp Show" (Disco Bloodbath Remix)
I'm not sure that I got this, but O well...

The Time & Space Machine guest mix:
2. Intro
3. Alice In Wonderland Cast Recording - "The Alice Theme"
4. - "Hombre" (A T&SM Edit)

5. Klaus Doldinger - "Sitar Beat"

6. Circus - "Norwegian Wood"
7. - "Big Wheel" (A T&SM vs Cherrystones Edit)
8. Johnny Harris - "Give Peace A Chance"
9. Alan Hawkshaw - "Rumplestiltskin"
10. Captain Beefheart - "Zig Zag Wanderer"
11. The Time & Space Machine - "You Are The One"
12. - "Fire & Water" (A T&SM Edit)
13. - "Jersey Thursday" (A T&SM Edit)
14. The Time & Space Machine - "Trip Sideways"
15. The Time & Space Machine - "Set Phazer To Stun"
16. Doves - "Jetstream" (T&SM Mix)

Norris at NasH
From this post, you can track down a live DJ event with a gigantic garage-to-mod-to-freakbeat-to-club setlist (2h 12m) - including The Sonics, Wynder K Frog, The Kinks, Shocking Blue, The Rattles, The Sir Douglas Quintet, Shadows Of Night, The Action, The Human Beinz, The Easybeats, The Calliope, The Remains, Primal Scream, Nightwriters, LCD Soundsystem, Lemon Interupt (Underworld), The Shortwave Set, some songs from other mixes here, BTWS remixes for Findlay Brown and Franz Ferdinand. And some others...

Also the more dance-oriented Data Transmission podcast (083)... For registering, you can download this:

01. Space – "Carry On, Turn Me On" (Time and Space Machine Mix)
02. Edison – "Dynamite"
03. Ecce – "Control" (Pharao Black Magic Crash Course Mix)
04. Sorcerer – "Chemise" (Time and Space Machine Mix)
05. Severed Heads – "Greater Reward"
06. Lil’ Wolf – "Deliver Me"
07. Cumbia De La Casa – "Crackhouse Cumbia"
07. Sorcerer – "Algorhythms"
08. The Time and Space Machine – "Mushroom Family"

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