Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soundtrack Revival

Just a couple of unusual early-'80s OST cover tunes from some 12" EP's I picked up quite awhile ago. Used to have this first album posted via Lala, along with some other cool ltd. edition releases.

"In the Space Capsule (Love Theme)" from Hypnoticon EP (2010)

Yep, it's Hypnoticon from Teeth of the Sea (#9, 2009). Two recent posts for Rocket Recordings! I thought they were coming out with a full album this year, but haven't heard anything new since this one... This is the first cut, and they're covering Queen. Not the '70s heavy-glam watershed years, but the early-'80s soundtrack watershed years. (They also did the first Highlander.)

"In the Space Capsule (Love Theme)" from Flash Gordon OST (1980)

"Flash! Aa-ah..." Loved this movie back as a little kid. Soundtrack's really great, still. As the title suggests, this played after Flash and Dale stumble into Dr. Zarkov's rickety space capsule, which launches through the "imperial vortex," en route to the planet Mongo. And you know where that leads. Anyway, TOTS did some kind of live show playing along with the whole movie, and this one worked well enough to record.

Escape From New York
More recently, I took a chance on a 12" club-style EP of electro artists covering John Carpenter. I only barely know about the guy who remixed this cover (Bottin), but I like Carpenter's ominous synth soundtrack music.

"Escape from New York" from John Carpenter Aspect (2010)

Along with "Christine" done by Architeq (?) and "Pork Chop Express" from Sare Havlicek (??), this one's the "Escape from New York" main theme by King DJ (???) - remixed by Bottin. Yeah, well... A little interesting. None of them quite do the man justice - especially with Zombi out there in the world, or the original.

"Main Title" from Escape From New York OST (1981)


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