Sunday, March 28, 2010

21st c. Krautwerks

Lie in Light
I've put a couple of Cloudland Canyon videos up, usually to illustrate what's happening now in Krautrock. I figured it was time for their own post, because Lie in Light (2008) is a really cool album. Plus of the main duo, half is actually German! And the other from Brooklyn... which is not so unusual in a modern band really.

"Krautwerk" from Lie in Light (2008)

Fantastic song. If that doesn't hook you, then theses aren't the droids you're looking for. But anyway, I always include that song so there needs to be more. How about the whole album?

Regardless, I still made some more videos, because I couldn't believe there were only a couple out there from the record. Just some highlights...

"White Woman" from Lie in Light (2008)

Second song lays out a bed of electronic drone, with a little Velvet John Cale string scrapings, while a hip chant to the lady of the spheres detaches completely. Then "You & I" changes again, with hypnotic pulsations and a leisurely motorik rhythm.

"Heme" from Lie in Light (2008)

After a pure synth space-drone, "Heme" brings another floating, burbling drone intro - which settles into a nice melody. A heavy-lidded beat, wah guitar, and German vocals complete the blissed-out but mellow picture. It's like riding a magic carpet in slow motion on some exotic hookah-delivered substance.

"Lie in Light" from Lie in Light (2008)

Cloudland produce one more massive droning soundscape for the title track, before "Mothlight Part 1" again switches gears. Reverbed guitar, distorted vocals, it's almost like a Woods ballad.

"Krautwerk" [live] - May 9, 2008 - Chicago, IL

With the late, great Jerry Fuchs on drums - whose live drumwork in Maserati was posted earlier in the ongoing Krautstorm.

And here's a single, epic track released all on its own - a collaboration with Lichens: "Exterminating Angel" (2007).

Exterminating Angel

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