Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Three Who Would Folk

Yesterday, on our way out of Pekin, I stopped by the other record store, Rock of Ages. I got the "lost pallet" Queens of the Stone Age (1998), Pink Floyd's Relics (1971, another high-school cassette classic), and they had John Fahey's The Yellow Princess (1969)! Which I'd been meaning to buy for quite awhile...

So, here's the third in an ongoing series of genre-sampling trios: this time, it's for Folk. First up is John Fahey, American Primitivist and raga-folk cult icon - and 35th greatest guitarist of all time. Then a bit of Gary Higgins, whose early roots-hippy promise was sidelined by some combination of drugs, prison, and real life. And finally, Lal and Mike Waterson with some deep British folk - featuring Richard Thompson (#19) on guitar.

"The Yellow Princess" and
"View (East from the Top of the Riggs Road/B&O Trestle)"
John Fahey (Western US)
The Yellow Princess (1969)
Also available: "Dance of the Inhabitants of the Palace of
King Philip XIV of Spain
" [live]

"Thicker Than A Smokey"
Gary Higgins (Eastern US)
Red Hash (1973/2005)
Courtesy of Drag City Records
Also available: "Cuckoo"

"Bright Phoebus"
Lal and Mike Waterson (UK)
Bright Phoebus (1972)
Also available: "Child Among the Weeds," "To Make You Stay"

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