Saturday, October 24, 2009

12 Golden YouTube Greats

So far, only a brief mention of Ween here, and that's insufficient. So I've dug into the crate (YouTube), and located 12 (twelve!) videos for our loyal reader to peruse. Culminating in - of course - an Astral Headspace exclusive!!

Brown Boognish
12. "She Wanted to Leave" - Stubb's, Austin, TX, 8/10/2007
(Round 2!) This was the opening song of maybe the best Ween show I've seen. Just look at that (streaming) setlist! I knew going in from the previous night's slightly more hitsville set, that this probably would be special. This is one of my favorites, and I didn't expect it at all. Much less first up!

11. Beavis & Butthead watch "Push th' Little Daisies"... and also
"Freedom of '76"... and "Can't Put My Finger On It."
(These guys got no future.)

10. "Cover It With Gas and Set It on Fire" (1992), with Muppet Viking Pigs. Which is, I think, what Ween had in mind on this one.
(Also, "The Stallion, Pt. 2" by Mr. Ed, from the same guy.)

9. "The Mollusk" (1997), with Legos!!

8. Ween's cameo in the It's Pat film (1994), including "Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese." I've never seen this movie, and today was the first time I've seen of their part. Pretty humourous... (Pat, those aren't hallucinogenic mushrooms. They're from Safeway.)

7. "I Got A Weasel," old skool home videotape. 1989, mang.

6. Offical video for "Transdermal Celebration," included on the Live in Chicago dvd (2004). I remember being fairly impressed by the professionalism at the time.

5. "Dr. Rock," from German tv 1997.
(And "She Wanted to Leave" from the same show.)

4. "The Final Alarm," from public access tv 1997.
(And "Buckingham Green" from the same show.)

3. "Birthday Boy" - Upper Darby, PA, 11/24/2007.
Great song from their first album (1990)!

2. "Buenos Tardes Amigo" - Washington, DC, 5/22/2000.
Great song from their best album (1994)!

1. "Powder Blue" - from 12 Country Golden Greats (1996). This record was released, then almost immediately recalled because they "accidentally" left the Muhammad Ali recording in this song.
So, if you weren't immediately stoked about an all-country album from Ween, you might never hear it as intended. Until now!
(Also, here's the demo with Ali.)

I can't claim those are the best Ween videos available, but a pretty decent collection for a couple hours work. Feel free to suggest others in comments... Hahaha!!!

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