Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trinity = Triad x Infinity

Awhile back, I got a couple of pretty swell cd's from our pals at Neurot Recordings. Here's lots more info...

Hawkwind Triad
First up! A 3-way tribute compilation Hawkwind Triad (2010), celebrating the forefathers of space rock, Hawkwind (#4, 1973). Although I'm a big fan of Harvestman (#5, 2009) - see below - U.S. Christmas wins it here by staying pretty true to the root.

"Master of the Universe" by U.S. Christmas (2010)

Very nice opening cut - here's the Hawkwind original. As I hope I've mentioned, Hawkwind was innovative and influential in seriously numerous areas: stoner rock (mixing metal, catchy riffs and speed), space rock (blending psychedelics, sci-fi, metal and electronics), avant/free music (including electronics, wild saxophone, repetitive drones, live dancers and spoken word), etc... But some of their songs hit the trifecta - and this is one of those!

I don't know too much about U.S. Christmas, but they've been around awhile and have an upcoming album on Neurot. They've got that Hawkwind spirit, though. USX also did this cover of "Orgone Accumulator" [original, live].

"Children of the Sun" by Minsk (2010)

Another band I know very little about is Minsk. I've heard they were good, almost went to their last show here, but wasn't willing to make the solo trek. Having never listened to them... Generally, their covers here didn't do much for me - I like the psych outros much more than the main parts. This one's different, since it's on the quieter acoustic side (here's the Hawkwind).

"The Watcher" by Harvestman (2010)

Okay, on to Harvestman - a definite personal favorite! I had a video for "Magnu" all made up, because it's such a great song. But then I realized that this was the only Lemmy Kilminster song on the tribute - so I had to. Had to! Also this tune bridges the space between Uatu and Orgasmatron. Here's the Hawkwind original live [and also a Motörhead version, from 1977]. Lemmy played bass with Hawkwind, wrote their biggest hit, was booted out for being too greasy or something, and formed Motörhead (named after one of his Hawkwind b-sides).

Anyway, this Harvestman differs significantly from the previous stuff. Mainly, it's everything that comes from Hawkwind - the vocals, the drums, and the riffs... As opposed to the woodlands psychedelic guitar ambient mysticism before. Kind of odd to have used the Harvestman label (since Steve von Till also issues stuff under his own name). I'm thinking is more the fact of acknowledging the Hawkwind influence on Harvestman, rather than just a branding excercise. (hehe) However...

"Harvestmesse" and "Trinity" from Trinity (2010)

At the same time, Harvestman was releasing a ltd. ed. (of 1,000) cd of Trinity (2010). Weirdly enough, it's something like the soundtrack to the Italian horror movie H2Odio (2006) - in English, Hate2O. And here's a trailer, with music.

Trinity is more in line with previous instrumental Harvestman works, and actually features a few tracks originally from Lashing the Rye (#2, Drone/Ambient 2005), including "March to Loch Barren" and "Amongst the Heather." The latter a special fan favorite from the debut.

"Don't Play with Water" and "Dead Flowers" from Trinity (2010)

But I decided to run up some videos from non-Lashing tracks, although that still leaves out great material like his re-interpretation of the old folkie "Sheep-Crook and Black Dog," and "Melleadh."

"Melleadh" from Trinity (2010) and Lashing the Rye (2005)

Ehhh, or not. Somehow all my previous Harvestman digging hadn't turned that up... Bonus!!

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