Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gonna See Roky (FB)


[Posted 11/26/2011] A trilogy of Facebook posts loosely developing around the then-upcoming 3rd appearance of Roky Erickson here in Houston, TX. Starting with the young bucks...

"SOL '07" by Wooden Shjips, from 7" (2007)

[9/29/2011] For some reason, I thought I had investigated SF's Wooden Shjips... but then a cool song started playing from a Mojo mag comp - and it was this. Early on, they opened for Roky! Cool, huh?

"Lazy Bones" by Wooden Shjips, from West (2011)

I'll probably try to grab one of these albums, either of the singles collections or the regular ones.

You Don't Love Me Yet
Through the torchbearers...

"You Don't Love Me Yet" by Bongwater, from 7" (1988)

[9/30/2011] Here's a great version of a great tune. Kramer 'n' Magnuson with the "You Don't Love Me Yet" single! 1988... wow.

"The Drum" by Bongwater, from Too Much Sleep (1989)

The videos from this Shimmy-Disc era were simply bonkers.

Wooden Shjips opening
On to the headliner himself...

"Bloody Hammer" by Roky Erickson, from 2 different concerts (1980s)

[10/1/2011] THE Roky Erickson, tonite!! I never had a bloody hammer.

"Roller Coaster" by The 13th Floor Elevators, from The Psychedelic Sounds of... (1966)

Roky added yet another 13th Floor song to his Houston Continental Club repertoire!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Nineteen Ninety-One! (FB)

[Posted 11/25/2011] It's true. 1991 was a banner year for great music. And not just because I was 21, with unrestricted access to rock clubs - oh, no! On the serious tip. Can't wait to do the Top 10, 20, or 50 albums for this one!

Two years later, Sebadoh would be #7 of 1993. An often-amazingly great band...

"The Freed Pig" by Sebadoh, from Sebadoh III (1991)

[9/26/2011] It was twenty years ago this month... Wow! 1991, right? Gonna throw a few out here for awhile. First up, first off Sebadoh III:

"Gimme Indie Rock" by Sebadoh, from Gimme Indie Rock 7" (1991)

This great single was also put out the same year - banner!! Not on III, it just about says it ALL.

The new style(s) is birthed!

"Good Morning, Captain" by Slint, from Spiderland (1991)

[9/27/2011] How long since you listened to the entirety of Spiderland? Welp, that's too long... It's 1991! it's Slint!

"Breadcrumb Trail" by Slint, from Spiderland (1991)

Stunning opener! If you like that style of video, they have the album's worth on playlist, and these other guys did vids for at least "Don Aman" and "Washer."

Talk Talk 1991
Talk Talk? For reals??

"New Grass" by Talk Talk, from Laughing Stock (1991)

[9/28/2011] Another 20th re-issue coming soon: 1st US vinyl release of Talk Talk's jazzy, edgy, off-kilter avant-pop meisterwerk Laughing Stock. Videos blocked America-wise, but embedded in this recent Quietus reappraisal...

"Ascension Day" by Talk Talk, from Laughing Stock (1991)

Well, my iPad couldn't access any of these videos, but my super-powered computer can. So you get 2 tunes and the original article - bonus(es)!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Finders Keepers Quality Re-Issues (FB)

[Posted 11/23/2011] This mix series was produced to support the Finders Keepers label, following the records warehouse fire during the recent London dust-up. From Facebook, from a coupla months ago...

Make Do & Mend
[9/19/2011] A mash-up of that last tune appears on this Demdike Stare mix-cd I just received today from Boomkat. Since I have nothing better, I'll run through a couple of others... This is the mix: Boomkat link.

"The Dragon" by Vangelis, from The Dragon (1971)

[9/19/2011] I don't think any '70s Vangelis was less than Epic, but you couldn't be less than confident with the title track from 1971's "The Dragon." C'mon, seriously!

"Babylon" by Aphrodite's Child, from 666 (1972)

Keyboards and production by Vangelis. It's exactly what you think it is: an early-'70s Greek prog concept album, based on the Revelation of St. John the Divine.

Sitting Target

"Main Theme" by Stanley Myers, from Sitting Target OST (1972)

[9/20/2011] Oliver Reed, Ian McShane, and Edward Woodward, in... "Sitting Target" (1972)!! Main Theme by Stanley Myers - constantly raising the stakes, innit?

"Main theme" by Acanthus, from Le frisson des vampires (1971)

[9/21/2011] What next from Finders Keepers label? I though maybe Turkish folk-rock from Selda, or Devo-ish French new wave (music) of Visitors... But no, it's more OST! 1971 Franco-horror theme from Acanthus.

O wait!! I can do that exact thing right here.

"Utan Utan" by Selda Bağcan, from Selda (1976)

Selda, as you may have heard, is a Turkish national treasure.

"V.I.S.I.T.O.R.S." by Visitors, from Visitors (1981)

Visitors have no such reputation - sorry... Whatta difference 5 years and a few kilometres can make!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Champs de la Française (FB)

Serge Gainsbourg, besuited
[Posted 11/22/2011] And now comes the triumvirate of major French dudes from '70s avant-pop and soundtrack and album louche. GO!!

"Cannabis" by Serge Gainsbourg, from Cannabis OST (1970)

[9/16/2011] So, what next?? Howsabout France? If so, we must start - and possibly end - with Le Serge. Father of Charlotte, subject of a new biopic, et cetera... Howsabout "Cannabis?"

"Bonnie and Clyde" by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, from 1968 single

Gainsbourg: Vie héroïque (2010) will be playing the Museum of Fine Arts-Houston the weekend of 12/18!

Jean-Claude Vannier
The genius accompanist!

"L`enfant au Royaume des Mouches" by Jean-Claude Vannier, from L`enfant au Royaume des Mouches OST (1972)

[9/17/2011] Jean-Claude Vannier, often heard en compagnie de Gainsbourg. Like the previous tune, this one is also from a soundtrack. Groovy!

"La girafe au ballon" (c. 1968) by Jean-Claude Vannier, from Electro rapide (2011)

From a new rarities collection, just out last month on Finders Keepers (more on them in 1 post).

Jean-Pierre Massiera
The many guises of...

"L'étrange Msr. Whinster" by Horrific Child, from L'étrange Msr. Whinster (1976)

[9/18/2011] And finally, Jean-Pierre Massiera - in the guise of Horrific Child - with the title track from the weirdo-gonzo "L'étrange Msr. Whinster." Mid-'70s gnarl!

"Love Like This (Human Egg)" by Jean-Pierre Massiera, from Psychoses Discoïd (1976-1981) (1976)

From a J-PM disco comp on Mucho Gusto.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black Angels Live! (FB)

[Posted 11/20/2011] Another series that went down three-in-a-row. Pre-mo lead-up for The Black Angels local show in Houston, with 2 openers. All got videos on Facebook, plus one more each here.

Spindrift opened up first. Unfortunately, I missed them - because live shows start way too early nowadays. Why, in my youth, headliners wouldn't take the stage until...

"Theme from Drifter's Pass" by Spindrift, from Classic Soundtracks, Vol. 1 (2011)

[9/13/2011] One month from today: Spindrift! Dead Meadow!! The Black Angels!!! in Houston, TX. Here's the first of those. "Drifter's Pass" from this year's Classic Soundtracks, Vol. 1 - they do kinda Spaghetti Western styles...

"Adavan Diazapan" by Spindrift, from Songs of the Ancient Age (2007)

Now I'm really sorry I missed them! I believe I might have also missed them opening for Dandy Warhols last time, due to last-minute food poisoning.

Dead Meadow
I have a couple of Dead Meadow records somewhere... They've done a bunch of different styles through the years. I think they might have even started out as DC Hardcore. Something like that.

"That Old Temple" by Dead Meadow, from Three Kings (2010)

[9/14/2011] I think you see where this is going... Dead Meadow, with "That Old Temple" from their last one (I think). I've only really listened to some earlier records. Planning to see 'em here in 1 month less 1 day!

"At Her Open Door" by Dead Meadow, from Feathers (2005)

I think this is my favorite album of theirs, that I've heard. Dreamy.

The Black Angels
And finally The Black Angels. Great show, and it was the best sound I've heard for them, after a few attempts!

"Ronettes" by The Black Angels, from Phosgene Nightmare (RSD 2011)

[9/15/2011] From this year's RSD 10" EP... They should have called it "Nicöttes" or "For All Tomorrow's Ronnies." But here's The Black Angels doing "Ronettes." Drooooone!!

"Telephone" by The Black Angels, from Phosphene Dream (2010)

I like the last album quite a bit (#32, 2010). The RSD 10" collects rarities and stuff, and is well worth it!

Friday, September 9, 2011

New and Blackened (FB)

[Posted 11/18/2011] This is what happens when two of the biggest USBM acts are releasing good new albums within a month of each other - I forget to post a 3rd for the series. (Or maybe Moon Wiring Club was supposed to fit somehow into this theme?)

Also, more Black Metal New Release real soon!!

"Abraxas Connexus" by Absu, from Abzu (2011)

[9/9/2011] Let's kick off the weekend with some brand new Texas blackened thrash... ABSU! "Abraxas Connexus" from upcoming album Abzu (2nd of trilogy!), releasing early-October, iirc.

"Circles of the Oath" by Absu, from Abzu (2011)

Seeing Absu live was a life-altering experience, although I must admit Immortal blew the place up. I really like this new album a lot. Not quite as sprawling as Absu (#2 Metal Next 10, 2009), but real meaty.

Celestial Lineage
I believe that Celestial Lineage is a return to form for Wolves in the Throne Room. It's always hard to tell at first, because you have to wander through the dank catacombs and climb through the grasping roots a number of times to learn the ways...

"Astral Blood" by Wolves in the Throne Room, from Celestial Lineage (2011)

[10/9/2011] Relatively trad for the Cascadian ambient USBM squad, Wolves in the Throne Room. New album sounds good from what I've heard so far!

"Thuja Magus Imperium" by WITTR, from Celestial Lineage (2011)

As introductory as a 12-minute opening track can be. This was the pre-release promo "single," but I think the album had been leaked (or maybe released) by the time I was originally posting. This tune gives you most of the stuff that WITTR is all about.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ye Olde Britishisms (FB)

Gnod / White Hills
[Posted 11/16/2011] Next up, our world tour of missed Astral Facebook posts takes us to England and etcetera... Plus a bonus 4th artist for this series!!

"Vatican" by Gnod, from INGNODWETRUST (2011)

[9/8/2011] Now we're gonna get noisy... GNOD - from their Buttholesque, Catholic-tinged "ingnodwetrust" LP - it's "Vatican!" One of 2 long sides of intensity. Enjoy!!

"Untitled II" by, from Gnod (2009)

Gnod are sweet! Definitely keep up with the InGnodWeTrust tumblr, and occasionally their SoundCloud. Also, might wanna check out this MixCloud thing.

A Spare Tabby
Moon Wiring somehow wedge some more modern hip-hop breakbeat stylings into their hauntological Ghost Boxism.

"Queen of Puddings" by Moon Wiring Club from A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding (2010)

[9/9/2011] Confusing English electronic music! I must admit to being a bit confused still... The Moon Wiring Club is the beatboxiest of the Ghost Box hauntological stable. The "Queen of Puddings!!"

"Slumberwick Dreams" by Moon Wiring Club from A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding (2010)

This is the only album I have from MWC, but last year they put out a good internet EP (FREE, #3b) and some cool mixes (also free, #6b).

Lunar Dunes live
I don't know nuffin' else about these chaps. One day, I hope to do... Sorry!

"The Todal Gleeps" by Lunar Dunes, from From Above (2011)

[9/11/2011] Here's some contemporary space-Kraut-jazz from Lunar Dunes. They're Liverpudlian, share a gtr/keys member with Cornershop, and I actually had to research that much. Lotsa good tunes on here, and a new one out this year... I like song title: "The Todal Gleeps."

"Pharaoh's Dream" by Lunar Dunes, from Galaxsea (2011)

This new current-year album seems to lean more towards the world-lounge axis, especially with additional singer and harp. So I picked a more rockin' tune for here.

The Amorphous Androgynous
The Amorphous Androgynous has a good mix CD series going on, called A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble something-something (#35, 2010).

"The Galaxial Pharmaceutical" by The Amorphous Androgynous, from The Isness (2002)

[9/23/2011] Missed a day. Here's a good one from the first album Future Sound of London released as The Amorphous Androgynous. In England... in the U.S., it was still billed as FSOL. That would be "The Isness."

Check out much more HERE.

"Papua New Guinea" by Future Sound of London [original, 1991]

Man, there are a lot of remixes of this track! This is "Trance"? More info here...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Chilean Sea Chanteys (FB)

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane
[Posted 11/15/2011] You've heard about this Facebook reclamation project? Well, this is where the 3-way theme series all began. Three days, mang, three days! In a row, about contemps Chile, Sudamérica!

"In Margaritas With David Icke" by The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane, from the s/t (2010)

[9/5/2011] I think it's gonna happen... a mini-run on Chilean hippy-psych from the eternal NOW! First up: "In Margaritas with David Icke" by The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane. DIG!!

"Grio's Wisdom" by The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane, from the s/t (2010)

This scene puts out records, but so far I haven't really figured out a way to get ahold of them. But I would definitely buy something from TPSJ!

At first I think this band's name was Folkazoid - which it is not...

"VI, III, II, I" by Föllakzoid, from s/t EP (2011)

[9/6/2011] Krauty grooves and krauty name, but it's really more Chilean longform psych. Föllakzoid, to be exact... Enjoy!

"Trees" [live] by Föllakzoid, from 2011

These guys have a few releases, apparently all self-titled.

The Holydrug Couple
Holydrug or Holy Drug? Ainchent or Ancient? I just, can't...

"Ainchent Land" by The Holydrug Couple, from Ancient Land EP (2011)

[9/7/2011] Final chapter in the trilogy of Chile-gy: The Holydrug Couple with "Ainchent Land" [sic]. Featuring a Dutch-countryside-by-train video, which seems to be a speciality [sic]... Very Floydian!
[clearly a different video than originally posted]

"Long Rain" by The Holydrug Couple, from Awe (2011)

I believe Holydrug have like 3 releases so far this year. Awesome...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

North American Psychedelics (FB)

[Posted 11/14/2011] Continuing with more from the Astral Facebook archives, way back from Sept 2011...

"In Circles" by Woodsman, from Mystic Places EP (2011)

[9/4/2011] Caught these guys at Austin Psych Fest, and I keep digging them more & more. Woodsman, from Denver. 2 guitars + 2 drums... Psych!! This is promo tune off soon-to-be-upcoming EP.

"Parallel Minds" by Woodsman, from Mystic Places EP (2011)

Newest video from the new EP that I'm still awaiting big-time.

Quest for Fire
Yo, Canada!

"The Greatest Hits By God" by Quest for Fire, from Lights from Paradise (2010)

[9/24/2011] Looks like another busy day... so here's some Canadian psych-jams. From last year's Quest for Fire album. Just learnt that the guitarist/singer had been Black Mountain's roadie beforehand. Weird!

"Strange Waves" by Quest for Fire, from Quest for Fire (2009)

From the debut release, both available from Tee Pee Records, with the nice roster and the low low prices.

Sun City Girl
This is where things get really weird... and super-extended.

"Ghost Ghat Trespass / Sussmeier" by Sun City Girls, from 330,003 Crossdressers from Beyond The Rig Veda (1996)

[9/25/2011] Sundaysundaysunday! so let's go deep... Sun City Girls w/ Eyvind Kang (#8, 2007), from 1996, and it's "Ghost Ghat Trespass/Sussmeier!!!"

"Napoleon & Josephine" by Sun City Girls, from 2-sided 7" (1992)

Ahh, yes, I remember this from KTRU. I believe it was my first real exposure to Sun City Girls.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Facebook Backsliding - Scando (FB)

[Posted 11/13/2011] A couple of months ago, I got sick of my computer/internet not working and decided to post about 1 song per day on Facebook. That's as far as I was willing and able to go via iPad.

For those who missed all that, I'll be reposting the songs over here - usually gathered into some kinda theme. This post is Weird Scandinavia of the 21st Century! For those who followed along the first time, I'll try to include some extras to make the blogwise catch-up worthwhile.

The first post was...

"På Grön Kvist" by BlandBladen, from I Grévens Tid (2003)

[09/03/2011] While we all wait for my (brand new) computer to regain net access, I'll just try FB-linking to random web music. Daily? Here's Swede psych-prog from Blandbladen: "På Grön Kvist" - nice...

"I Afton Trans" by BlandBladen, from I Grévens Tid (2003)

You'll find a few of the original tunes are on Soundweave's Summer Psych compilation. Just a hint - because it's great! These bands love the long jams, and are perfectly willing to throw in their traditional musics as well as electro magicks, or jazzy space-out whatevers. You can hear these and more on the band's SoundCloud.

Pewt'r Sessions 1
On to Denmark!

"Gelassenheit" by Causa Sui, from Pewt'r Sessions 2 (2011)

[09/10/2011] Not gonna chase down another series of OOP ltd-ed vinyl after the fact... I'll just hope for CD's again. Danish jam masters Causa Sui go all Czukay-Macero on some live tapes with Sunburned Hand Of The Man dude - thus "Pewt'r Sessions."

"Streams of Gratitude" by Causa Sui, from Pewt'r Sessions 1 (2011)

Nice 'n' laidback. They finally released the collected Summer Sessions (#15, non-Metal 2009) on CD, so I expect they'll also do for these two vinyl EP editions.

Hindu whatnow?

"Kaneh Bosm" by Hidria Spacefolk, from Symbiosis (2002)

[09/12/2011] A bit more Scando-space-psych... This time it's "Kaneh Bosm" by Hidria Spacefolk, from Finland. All-release jukebox on website, link shown in YouTube description. Explore too please!

"Terra Hidria" by Hidria Spacefolk, from Symbiosis (2002)

Given the free listening, and Flash-enabled internet connection, I'll definitely be checking these guys out. Whoa, Finlandia...